Driving to Washington to Visit Jeena!

This was forever ago now… but it feels like last week! I wanted to go to Jeena’s baby shower. At first the plan was for me to go with just the littlest kids. Part of that reason was because Brooke had a church thing on Saturday that she was desperate to go to. At the very last minute the church thing was cancelled due to the fires and heavy smoke in the air and literally the day before leaving for Washington it was decided that Allan and the other three kids would come with me!

In some ways that was great… being with Allan, not having to do the road trip alone. I thought it would be good.
In other ways it was horrible, and I’ll get to that through this post!!

So the trip started off pretty well! The kids were excited to go to Washington and have a road trip. Ember and Everett fell asleep and took naps and all seemed promising.
(Oh and this first picture is how Allan entertained Everett while I ran around getting everything ready the morning we left!)

I was looking and looking for healthy options for restaurant food during our trip but it was hard finding things. By the time we got to this town with a McDonald’s Everett had been screaming in the car so much that I was about to have a nervous breakdown. We kept looking for better food options and were debating stopping at a store to put something together but with the constant crying from the back seat I snapped and was like, “Let’s just do McDonald’s!!”

We had brought lunch for everyone else which we all ate in the car (sandwiches) so I took the little kids in to get them happy meals and the big kids stayed outside to play with Allan instead of being stuck sitting at a McDonald’s table.

Surprisingly Everett was repulsed by the hamburger meat. Not surprisingly he devoured the fries and freaked out with joy over his happy meal toy. It was pretty darn cute!

We were running late but I couldn’t force myself to get everyone in the car just yet. I let Everett hang out outside with everyone for another 15 minutes in hopes that he wouldn’t hate the car so much when it was time to drive again.

This is how/where I change his diaper when we’re on errands. haha

This parking lot had this cool little area that the kids loved. Rocks to climb on and gorgeous weather = win.

In this next picture Payson’s making a weird face… if you see him doing that (which you will frequently nowadays) it’s because he’s pretending to be “Jake.” Jake is a character he made up who is silly. It’s Payson’s favorite thing to play with his siblings. He’s silly and dumb and can’t do anything and the kids help him and teach him. Jake does a certain face most of the time (shown in the pic) and says a dull, “Uuuuh.” sound in response to everything. Payson’s definitely the clown in our family. We’re all constantly laughing with him.

Everett spotted a bird that landed nearby and was tickled over that. He kept doing his bird sign language sign (he used to do the fingers pinching together but now he’s shortened it to just curving his pointer finger) and started doing chirping sounds. I love that he loves animals!

So….. fast forward a bazillion hours and we’re in Washington. Everett cried and cried and cried and guess what. CRIED the rest of the way. It was traumatic. I feel my anxiety rising just remembering it!!! It was SO bad. I now despise the car. lol

So anyway we finally get to Bellingham to our hotel and we go in and there are no vacancies! Not only that the hotel staff tells Allan there are no vacancies anywhere in the city or nearby cities!

I was originally going to sleep at Jeena’s house with the little two and I think about doing that but it’s now midnight and I don’t want to wake her up PLUS my phone died and I don’t have her number memorized. So I can’t even go sleep with the littlest kids. We’re sitting in the car with five kids and nowhere to sleep and Everett is STILL crying and we’re looking at another two hour drive to a city far enough away to find a vacant hotel.

This sucks.

So, WHY were all the hotels full? Well, there was a big storm in Washington that day and the power had gone out for so many people and they’d flocked to the hotels for power!

And why didn’t Allan and I have a reservation when we always have reservations.
Well, the night before leaving we’d got online to book a room and there were rooms available but our internet wasn’t working!

Allan was calling around and around trying to find a vacancy.

He was having no luck. By this time I said we should just drive to somewhere a couple hours away but we should eat in Bellingham first because the kids were starving and wanted a break from the car. So we settled on eating at Denny’s and then heading a couple hours away to a hotel.

Allan called more places trying to find a hotel.

Kids have no concept of things going wrong. All they know is dad is on the phone a lot right now, but we’re having dinner at a fun restaurant at 1am, and we’re going to a hotel! Funnest night ever!

Once finally finding a hotel only an hour and a half away in Issaquah Allan cheered up!

We drove to Issaquah and got the hotel. They told us all five kids couldn’t stay there so Allan went and got the hotel room with only two of the kids and I took the other three in at a different time so they wouldn’t know. lol! Like, seriously you’re going to tell us we can’t sleep three in a bed?! Normally we’re strict rule followers but not that night!!

It was super rainy in Issaquah the next morning!

We scrounged up a weird food combination and fed the kids in the car.

Payson was goofing off in the parking lot (pretending to be Jake) and fell and got his pants soaked.

I did my makeup in the car as Allan drove, trying to save time.

So by the time I got to Jeena’s shower I was an hour late. I was so frustrated! There were a million other things that happened on this trip to ruin things but I don’t even remember them all! And I didn’t take one picture at the shower! I did steal this one of Ember and Audrey playing from Jeena’s friend Justyne. Justyne is Jeena’s best friend and threw the shower. Her power was out that day but she did a great job! I was impressed. She took this picture of our daughters playing together. Ember is so social and was in love with Audrey.

So then after seeing my family for about an hour we had to go home!! Can you believe that? It was such a psycho trip!

Stopping for gas on the way home.

This was a moment when Ember asked if we could roll her window down so her baby could stick her head out. Um, NO. haha

The weather that weekend didn’t disappoint. Sunny sometimes, smoky sometimes, windy and rainy and stormy sometimes… all the feels.


Flying to Washington for Jeena’s Wedding

I think this was Ember’s third time flying since she was born. We went to Washington for a visit when she was 4 months old. We went to Texas for my BIL’s wedding when she was almost one. And then this time!

She didn’t remember her other flights so it was all a brand new experience for her. Leading up to the flight when I’d tell her about it I could tell she didn’t quite believe me that we were actually going to go on an airplane way up high in the sky.  photo 001eresized_zps96a07b26.jpg

The day of she was talking about it all morning. She kept talking about our airplane and how we’d “fly, fly, fly, up, up, up, high in the clouds.”  photo 006eresized_zpsaf36c21c.jpg

When I pointed out our airplane through the window it got more real and she was jumping up and down talking about it. It was fun for me to watch her so excited!  photo 010eresized_zps4d7290ac.jpg

Near out gate there was this little play area for little kids. There were three little girls playing there when we first arrived and Ember wouldn’t go near it until they left. She was feeling extra shy that day with so many strangers talking to her throughout the airport!  photo 009eresized_zps85807de3.jpg

Once the little girls left for their flight she ran over to play, stopping only to make sure I was right behind her!  photo 012eresized_zpsdbdeb46b.jpg

I was bummed to find out we didn’t get a window seat. I wanted her to be able to watch as we lifted off and then see the clouds. From her seat in the middle of the row (I was on the aisle) she couldn’t see out the window at all 🙁
That didn’t stop her excitement, though! She was really happy about buckling her seat belt, most especially about buckling her baby in!
 photo 015eresized_zps436f8098.jpg photo 017eresized_zpsec02c8e8.jpg

On the flight she was really well behaved. We played with her toys (her baby doll and some my little ponies), she colored and played with stickers. She played with her wallet with some old store cards I kept for her, and some coins. She played with the iPod a teensy bit but mostly she just wanted to play with her tray table, seat belt, the books in the pocket of the seat in front of her, and everything else on the plane. The seat belt was her very favorite and since the captain said there was going to be turbulence (there was literally none) the seat belt sign was on almost the entire flight and she was forced to keep it on. That’s the only part she didn’t love but besides simply taking it on and off fifty bazillion times, she didn’t throw a fit or whine about it or anything.  photo IMG_5537eresized_zps02eff08d.jpg

The flight was relatively short and soon we found ourselves in the much-more-confusing airport in Seattle!
I finally figured out that I had to take an elevator to the subway.  photo 020eresized_zps042caa7c.jpg

And then another elevator.  photo 023eresized_zps4eece14d.jpg

I had some trouble getting in touch with my mom since she was in her car and in Washington you can’t talk on your cell phone while driving. We’d text each other but she didn’t check her phone often so there was a lot of standing around waiting for communication. It turns out in the end she had gone to departures to pick us up and I was at the arrivals pickup place. She drove around to where I was and about an hour after the plane landed we were together!

We rushed over to Jeena’s venue for the rehearsal. It went well, Ember was super shy from basically nonstop meeting of strangers at this point. But she did really well.
We went to my dad’s restaurant in Arlington for a group dinner. That was fun.
Lots of other stuff happened but I’m getting tired of writing so I’m skipping forward to the morning of Jeena’s wedding! (Friday)  photo 026eresized_zps2f94b142.jpg

I took that picture to remind myself to write down in her scrapbook about how when we got back to the bedroom we were staying in she looked panicked toward the door and anxiously told me, “Shut the door, mommy! Don’t let them see my bum!!”

I don’t have hardly any pictures of the wedding day since I was my sister’s maid of honor and pretty occupied! haha
My mom did snap this of me comforting Ember in the afternoon. Ember handled things so well for as shy as she is but I could tell she was reaching her breaking point. Some mommy time (we took a five minute walk alone together outside) really helped her feel more secure! She didn’t really leave my side most of the day (she was pretty helpful, too!) but just having so many new people talking to her was getting overwhelming.  photo 028eresized_zpsee92cf98.jpg photo 029eresized_zps414e8e8c.jpg photo 031eresized_zpsebb69b25.jpg

The iPod kept her busy for a short while. (This was when we were watching Jeena get ready!)  photo 038eresized_zps9407c9b5.jpg

I’ll maybe talk more about the wedding when I have wedding pictures to share. For now I’m skipping ahead to the flight home!  photo 042eresized_zpsc7a7d69c.jpg

It was a late afternoon flight and Ember was pretty hungry so we shared a McDonald’s meal.  photo 049eresized_zps2bde32b1.jpg

I spotted this sign and asked Ember for a picture. She was happy as a clam because she knew we were going home to see Allan and the other kids!!  photo 054ecropresized_zpscdba3930.jpg

Waiting at our gate.  photo 060e2resized_zpsa70e0caf.jpg photo 074eresized_zpsadfeeed5.jpg photo 077eresized_zps0434ad62.jpg

Ember kept putting two of her chicken nuggets in front of her eyes to be silly.  photo 079eresized_zps30c069e6.jpg

So then I joined her.  photo 080eresized_zps24e4a4f8.jpg photo 081eresized_zps4a6b6e6b.jpg

Once we were being boarded we thought we were getting on the plane but for some reason we ended up waiting in the passageway for a while.  photo 086eresized_zpsea932a0b.jpg

Ember was visibly excited to be going home. haha!  photo 087eresized_zpsf07622e7.jpg

This time Ember got the window seat!!! I was SO happy about it and so was she!  photo 096eresized_zps9eba8e23.jpg

Except when we got to our seats another couple was sitting in them and I told them they were ours and they acted so confused.

Then the woman of the couple sat right next to me and had her arm in MY seat space the WHOLE time!!  photo 098eresized_zps2f80f22d.jpg

Ember was unaware of all of this 😉  photo IMG_5573eresized_zps060cae61.jpg

My mom had sent a HUGE suitcase full of Christmas presents with me. She’d never shipped them because for the past 8 months we’ve told her we’re moving close (which we’re still trying to do!) and shipping is expensive. Since I was there and had no bags of my own to check I took them all back with us. SO, Allan had to park and come in to get us because I couldn’t carry everything to the car myself!

He and the kids were walking toward us when I spotted them. I ran over a bit and hid with Ember (who was giggling like CRAZY because she’d caught a glimpse and was excited to jump out and surprise daddy!) and when they walked past where we were we jumped out and said, hi! Everyone was really excited to be reunited… it felt like Christmas 🙂  photo 112eresized_zps9daad577.jpg

Allan showed Ember how to hold onto the suitcase for a ride and she loved that.  photo 116eresized_zps6248f8c8.jpg photo 123eresized_zps09d09b6a.jpg photo 125eresized_zps6d515231.jpg

I was 100% exhausted once we got home and ate (pizza) but the kids knew about the gifts coming so we did that before bed!  photo 129eresized_zps292f2cdd.jpg

Brooklyn was cracking me up with her excited faces! haha  photo 131eresized_zps616668df.jpg photo 135eresized_zpsd32f7dc0.jpg

Ember’s really obsessed with dishes, food, and anything cooking or kitchen related so all of the new play food and tea sets my mom sent were a HUGE hit.  photo 136eresized_zps6dabb9eb.jpg

Sierra’s old bike helmet has never fit her so my mom had bought her a new one.  photo 143eresized_zps299a4297.jpg

The girls got lipglosses and nailpolishes.  photo 146eresized_zps15364ff0.jpg photo 149eresized_zps276b5f76.jpg

Allan took pictures for me while I handed out gifts. We wouldn’t have typically taken photos but of course we wanted to show grandma 😉
 photo 152eresized_zpsde13d43f.jpg

Group photo! The cutting board Allan’s holding is a gift my stepdad MADE for me. I love it so much!! It’s gorgeous and I really can’t believe how amazing it is in quality and appearance and how long it must’ve taken him!  photo 157eresized_zps04a2149f.jpg

Payson posed like this and begged me to go get my camera. (I’d put it away)  photo 166eresized_zps6f0c4b46.jpg

Oh and Brooklyn and Payson got birthday cards, too! They both had birthdays this summer.  photo 171eresized_zps07ec36e6.jpg

Road Trip to Washington! The Last Day Driving Home!

The last day!

Here’s the first post.

We started off from our hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The little two kids were screaming bloody murder over the sun in their eyes. Oh my gosh. I finally found a place to pull over and tie Payson’s blanket up to block it. Photobucket

They were happy kiddos then!


We went straight to Salt Lake City. Well, we stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks and whatnot.

We stopped at the Salt Lake City airport to pick up Allan. He was there dropping off his rental car. We stopped at a few places in the state to look at houses and rentals and then we headed home. Photobucket

But then the kids were super hungry so we stopped for lunch. We got a pizza. Then we had to get chili and a baked potato for Payson because he can’t have gluten. Then Brooklyn wanted a taco instead. So we brought all the food to Del Taco and ate outside there! Photobucket

Some seagulls came at the end of our meal and my kids were really happy when I let them throw the pizza crusts to them. I don’t know if that’s an ok thing to do? But we did it. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember spent most of the time there running away and trying to get into the building. Toddlers are a lot of work! PhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson was refusing to eat (after spending time with grandma who spoiled him he wouldn’t eat ANY food! Just wanted sweets) so we finally got him to eat his chili by bribing him with fries. Allan was making this extreme face to show how excited he was that Payson was eating! PhotobucketPhotobucket

While the older girls went potty before we left I let Ember play a claw machine game. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Hours later we stopped at a gas station and the kids got snacks. Photobucket

Payson wore this bucket on his head most of the drive home! When Allan took it off to put him in bed there was a sweaty circle mark around his entire head! Photobucket

The last picture I took. We drove straight home and the kids didn’t get out of the car again. We got home suuuuper late. We got the kids in bed and pretty much went and passed out in bed ourselves! Photobucket


Road Trip to Washington! The Drive Home

Because the flat tire had lost us an entire day and the road trip took twice as long as I expected we only got three full days in Washington. Everyone was really sad when we had to pack up and leave Saturday morning at 6am.

Friday night I started to feel really sick and by Saturday morning it was at its peak. I don’t know what the heck kind of cold/flu it was but it was the worst I’ve ever had! I felt legitimately worried for myself driving home! Every time I stood up I felt like I was going to faint and everything hurt. My head to my toes… so sore. Add in a headache, sleep deprivation, and the sore throat, coughing, and sneezing. Wow, was I sick!

But I absolutely had to leave because Allan was in Utah waiting for me to pick him up (he’d flown there from Arizona for some job interviews) and he had to get home by Sunday night in order to get to work Monday morning!

This was the miserable view as we left Washington. I have to admit driving from there into the beautiful weather of Idaho and Utah was nice! Photobucket

We stopped at a McDonald’s for a late breakfast, early lunch in Yakima, WA. This is when I was the worst. I could barely walk I was so dizzy. I think I had a severe fever because I was shaking/shivering uncontrollably and couldn’t get warm at all even with the heater blasting me. Then I finally bought some tylenol and took two and within ten minutes started sweating (pouring sweat) and felt SO hot.

All was right in the world for my kids though. They were overly excited about getting happy meals! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The next time we stopped was at the Arrowhead Travel Plaza in Oregon. It’s a really nice road stop! Photobucket

Sierra was starting to cry because when I took the picture the three other kids showed their pez dispensers and she realized she left hers in the car and felt left out. Photobucket

They were all loving the stuffed animals there. Photobucket

The older girls got ice cream so I got the little kids a smoothie to share. Photobucket

I bought them some little activity books and they showed them off… Photobucket

Then it was back on the road with some new fun things to do. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We made it to Idaho. Photobucket

I couldn’t find Payson and Ember’s sweaters in the giant piles of stuff crammed in my car so Payson wore one of Sierra’s and Ember wore a shirt of mine. Photobucket

We stopped and stayed at a motel in Twin Falls. It was cheap and it was a dump. Oh boy was it cheap for a reason! It was the worst motel I’ve ever stayed at. Yuck. Photobucket

Road Trip to Washington! Schuh Farms Pumpkin Patch

My sister drove up from her house the next day to go to a pumpkin farm with me and all of our kids. (She has two kids, Ellie and Ian, who are Sierra and Payson’s ages)

My kids were crazy excited to go to the pumpkin farm! PhotobucketPhotobucket

Ok so my sister said to look very serious, so I did. Then I saw when I uploaded that she had this great smile! haha, I look dumb. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I had them do a serious face. Photobucket

I got him this pumpkin. We still have it, he loves it. (The other kids got pumpkins too) PhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson was throwing a bit of a fit over not being allowed free access to touch everything in the shop there. PhotobucketPhotobucket

And then Ember was crying over not being allowed to do something (I can’t remember what) and Payson attempted to comfort her. Though it appeared that he was strangling her. He wasn’t 😉 Photobucket

Brooklyn rushed over to comfort Ember. Thinking Payson had been strangling her. PhotobucketPhotobucket

My kids both feared and loved this guy. PhotobucketPhotobucket

They had a bunch of animals. My sister and I didn’t know if the kids were supposed to feed the chickens. But we figured… um, it was ok? I don’t know. (There was a lot of food there for the animals… food you could buy, food in a basket… I still don’t know what we were and weren’t allowed to do.) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketMy mom’s husband and his daughter got there so we headed over to the pumpkin field. PhotobucketPhotobucket

There was this play area with a truck made into a slide and a play house and stuff. My kids loved that! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketThere was a Wizard of Oz display. Sierra was the only of my children who wanted to have her picture taken over there. Photobucket

My goodness do I love my Sierra! Photobucket

Brooklyn kept getting so pissed at the mere mention of photos so I didn’t bother to even ask her to be in them. haha Photobucket

Sierra asked me to take a picture of her going down the slide on her feet. Photobucket

Kelly and I thought we should attempt a big cousins group shot. It went as well as I expect a photoshoot with 6 kids in a play area to go 😉 PhotobucketPhotobucket


Milo, my mom’s husband, and my sister tried to get the kids to smile. Photobucket

And succeeded in getting these AWESOME expressions. I love these. haha PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Payson and my nephew, Ian, are close in age and both love superheroes. Especially Spiderman. We put them on this cool tree and had them pose. Photobucket

We told them to pose like Spiderman. Poor Ian felt nervous about being balanced on a tree branch like that. PhotobucketPhotobucket

And then we went home! Photobucket

Road Trip to Washington! Visiting Aunt Kelly

Despite the title, I don’t actually have pictures of my older sister, Kelly, in this post! I forgot to snap some once she met up with us.

First thing we did that day was bathe my children. They were dirty! PhotobucketPhotobucket

On this trip I bathed all three younger kids together and then Brooklyn would go after. It just saved me time and energy to do it that way! Photobucket

We met my sister at this frozen yogurt place. My mom paid for us all. It was SO freaking good! Photobucket

We went to my sister’s house and hung out and had pizza (I LOVE seeing my sister) and then later on, at home the next day, my mom spent some time cuddling with Payson on the couch. My mom was feeling really yucky that day. Turns out she had this really bad cold/flu virus! Photobucket

Road Trip to Washington! Hanging Out with Family

So we didn’t do a whole lot in Washington. Mostly we hung out at my mom’s house. The kids got lots of great time with her, their grandpa and their aunts and uncles. I didn’t take a lot of pictures while there because I just generally don’t take pictures of others besides my kids. I feel awkward.

My mom made the kids some great meals while we were there. It was awesome not cooking for five days!! Photobucket

A picture of Brooklyn, just because she was so cute. Photobucket

My mom bought Ember this outfit. Photobucket

We went to Fred Meyer because I needed some things. Toothbrushes, diapers, and deodorant mostly. That’s my younger brother, Kyle, with the kids. They adored him! Photobucket

My mom loves coloring with the grandkids. My kids colored a whole lot. And when the kids weren’t, the adults were! Photobucket

This was probably only half of the coloring pages my mom printed for the kids! Photobucket

Ember and my younger sister, Jeena. Photobucket

I LOVE this picture of my kids with their grandparents sleeping! Photobucket

Road Trip to Washington! Day 4 of Driving

So I showered in the morning and boy did that feel good! Photobucket

The kids outside our hotel in Kennewick, Washington. Photobucket

The first time I’d done my makeup that week! Photobucket

We made it to Seattle right at rush hour. Photobucket

We sat in traffic for a very, very long time. Especially from just north of Seattle to Everett. Wow. Payson and Ember cried almost the entire time. PhotobucketPhotobucket

We got to my mom’s and a lot of family was there. My mom and her husband and my step brother and sister. My grandparents and my aunt and my little sister and her boyfriend. My kids were a bit overwhelmed. Ember sat there looking from face to face for a lot of the evening. haha

My aunt was holding Ember at one point and bundled her up in this blanket. Photobucket

Ember starting to just come out of her shell; getting used to all the new faces. Photobucket

Road Trip to Washington! Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

In all the planning ahead of time this was the place I most wanted to visit. I love hearing about the people that came across the states. I had a really good time there, I really liked it. And my kids really liked it!! A lot! Brooklyn and Sierra asked a hundred questions and read all the little displays and everything. It was so, so awesome. PhotobucketPhotobucket

It was cute, to me, that my kids wanted to take pictures “with” all the “people” on display. Photobucket

Up until this part of the trip I’d let Ember walk everywhere we’d gone. But this day I was really tired and left her in the stroller while in the museum. I knew she run around like crazy touching everything! Photobucket

Payson was insistent that I get a picture of him doing a Spiderman pose with the girls. Photobucket

I had intended on being in many more of the pictures with my kids but just didn’t manage. Oh well. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

This was the view out of the back window. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The attention to detail was awesome. I was impressed. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We left to go look at the wagons outside. My kids were running around crazy burning off energy. They ran up and down these stairs just for the sake of running up and down stairs. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Ember kept climbing up on there and then reaching for me to get her down. She did that a dozen times. Photobucket

The kids weren’t happy with me asking them for a group shot but they did oblige. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Dirty bum! PhotobucketPhotobucket

And that was that! 🙂 Photobucket(I can’t remember exactly why Brooklyn was mad but I think it was because I didn’t let her run off ahead where I couldn’t see her!)

Road Trip to Washington! Day 3 of Driving.

So in Boise the hotel we were at is called the Best Western Lodge. It was awesome! My favorite hotel of the trip. Photobucket

I had originally planned on getting up early and getting to the tire place the second they opened but it didn’t work out that way. Photobucket

We had an awesome, leisurely breakfast together. PhotobucketPhotobucket

We went to Les Schwab to get new tires. It took an hour and a half and while there my kids had a lot of fun playing with toys. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Brooklyn read a book. Photobucket

Ember ran wild. Playing hide and seek with whomever was willing. PhotobucketPhotobucket

My germophobe self just had to let go after the 5th time Ember laid down on the ground. The motto for the trip became, wash hands right before eating and just ignore the dirt the rest of the time! haha Photobucket

We went back to the hotel to check out. All the kids had to help me carry stuff back to the car to reload. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I try to let Ember walk as much as possible. But she was running wild too much so I asked her to help me push the stroller to the car. That kept her right by me. I’m so smart. Photobucket

We got everything loaded and the DVD player set up and oh boy was I happy about it all. The wretchedness of the first two days were replaced by happily zoned out kiddos. PhotobucketPhotobucket

The first time I’d looked back in my rear view mirrors and been met with four quiet, happy children! PhotobucketPhotobucket

We made much better progress with the DVD players. Suddenly Payson’s previous need to pee or poop SO BAAAAAAAAAAAD was only every three or four hours rather than every half hour! 😛

During a breastfeeding stop) PhotobucketPhotobucket

She was drinking my powerade. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

We drove with only stops for food and breastfeeding once or twice until we got to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center . (Photos in another post) Photobucket

After an awesome time there we just drove on into the night until we got to the next hotel. PhotobucketPhotobucket