Lyla in Ember’s Shoes

One of my favorite things about hand me downs is getting to see my adorable little baby, toddler, or kid in adorable clothes or shoes AND have little memories pop up of their older sibling in those same shoes or clothes 🙂

Lyla is fitting into Ember’s old shoes and Lyla, like Ember, is obsessed with shoes so it’s been just extra, extra fun. AND Ember loves seeing Lyla in all her old stuff so she is tickled about it all, too. And she and Lyla have such a sweet relationship.

Speaking of Ember… here she is with one of her favorite foods on earth: a nutella sandwich. Can you tell she is happy about it?

Brother likes to swing, too!

Everett always sits with Lyla while she watches her preschool songs show. He loves that show, too! I brought his Paw Patrol couch in for him to sit on but he also found out that this is fun:

And Lyla didn’t mind a bit! She loved it. But she didn’t nap that day and was soooo cranky all afternoon. But at least there are these cute pictures to show for it! 🙂

Lipstick Boy

This is getting ridiculous. Everett has ruined almost all of my makeup.
I mean, he’s so cute I can barely stand it AND the fact that Lyla saw me with the camera tonight and came running over to smile is melting my heart into a big pile of goo. But I need to not have all my makeup destroyed. Yeah I only wear mascara 95% of the time but I still really like to have that other makeup for the times I DO wear it and I especially don’t want it just straight up ruined!
So I guess I need to buy Everett his own makeup!

When Everett puts on makeup and then admires himself in the mirror he immediately shouts, “Rar!” to his reflection and busts up laughing so hard and says, “I’m a CLOWN!”

At 17 Months Old, Lyla Gets a Swing!

This girl will NOT sleep. She wants me to be holding her and breastfeeding her to sleep always and even with doing that she often times will NOT sleep. BUT she loves, loves, loves watching a youtube video of preschool songs once a day and I realized that there was a small chance she’d fall asleep to it if she had a chair that held her in and swung her… soothing.
I bought a cheapy portable swing at Target that just happened to be on clearance! And she fits! And it works!!