A heads up!

Hey guys, I don’t have internet at my aparment (I MOVED!) so this blog is going to be quiet for just a bit, hopefully only a few days, right?! I have been making frequent youtube videos though! Check that out on my channel here: My youtube videos.

I haven’t remembered to take many photos this stressful week but I have filmed a bunch. I’m so excited to be done moving and settled in. Moving is really intense. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed!

Here are some photos from a month ago when we thought we were still staying in our house! haha

The simplest, fun day!

Lyla got ahold of Ember’s nutella sandwich!

If Ember isn’t around one of Everett’s favorite foods in the world is a peanut butter sandwich. If Ember is around asking for nutella, he wants nutella too!

Even though it’s a chilly spring the kids still play outside every day!

Back inside.

This is actually the next day but look at Brooklyn’s bruise from archery!