New Boots for Toe Walking Sierra

There is so very much I could say about Sierra and her toe walking. Without basically typing a novel, though, I don’t think I can explain things well.

I’ll do a summary of what’s been going on just in case anyone is curious.

-Sierra has walked on her toes since she very first started walking.

-I didn’t think much of it, and neither did her doctors, until last year.

-Last year we (her doctor and me) decided it’d be a good idea to do some testing and see some specialists to make sure it wasn’t something like autism or cerebral palsy. Even though we highly doubted it was either of those based on everything else about Sierra.

-We had quite the adventure visiting the orthopaedist and then a neurologist and finally an occupational therapist and all three said there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.

-Her toe walking is definitely idiopathic (habitual) toe walking.

-It was decided that we could take her to physical therapy for exercises to stretch her tendons but we could also just wait it out and see if she outgrew it.

-We opted for waiting it out because our insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy and at $200 a pop every week we’d be broke in no time.

-We did start/have done stretching with her at home.

-A few months ago I noticed Sierra’s toe walking was getting worse. She was up way higher on her toes and she was getting more clumsy because of it. She can no longer stand in place on flat feet without stumbling around or getting back up on her toes right away. When she does stand flat she opens her legs wide and her toes pointed way out.

-SOOOOO I started googling and researching everything I could on toe walking and treatments and all of that and have decided to go ahead and see the physical therapist. With things getting worse I just don’t know that Sierra’s going to outgrow her toe walking. Some kids do and others don’t.

With that said, we’re going to wait until January because of the way our insurance is set up. And because I don’t want to be going to physical therapy appointments every week with a newborn. lol

In the meantime, we got Sierra some sturdy boots that so far have kept her walking fairly flat while she wears them! She can get up on her toes but it’s not as easy so at least half the time she’s walking flat. That’ll help stretch her out just a bit before all the physical therapy and potential braces of next year.
If you’re really curious you can read more about idiopathic toe walking at these sites:
Mayo Clinic
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Dr. Foot

Toe Walking Sierra Visits the Neurologist

My mom and sister went back to Washington last night. This morning I woke up and everything seemed so quiet and mellow and lonely.
I was actually a little bit glad that Sierra had a neurologist appointment today just because it took my mind off of having no adults in the house again.

I spent the morning google mapping, making phone calls, bathing children, getting a bag ready with snacks and diapers and a bottle full of rice milk.

2 hours before her appointment we all headed for the car. No carseats. All the carseats are in Allan’s car.
Oh great.
How fun.
I should’ve known at that second that it was a bad omen. But I didn’t.

I went into my garage and retrieved Payson’s old infant carrier along with an extra upright carseat we have for Sierra.
I didn’t have a seat for Brooklyn and I wasn’t sure of the laws. I texted my friend, Jordan, who told me she thought Brooklyn was plenty old enough to ride without a booster. I texted chacha (love that!) and I guess the law is you don’t need a booster after the age of 5.

But being the paranoid mom I decided we’d stop at Babies R Us for a booster.

It was around 1 at this time and I hadn’t eaten a single bite of anything and I was pretty darn hungry. I also realized that though the kids had a decent breakfast it was now passed lunch time!
So we drove through at McDonald’s. Which we’ve eaten way too many times this week! And I forgot to order something for myself. Oh well.

Sierra got mad when we got to the Babies R Us parking lot because I took a bite out of one of the chicken nuggets before giving them their happy meals. She ended up throwing a fit and throwing her nuggets onto the street.

While in Babies R Us Payson screamed, Brooklyn whined and Sierra wandered. I stressed out and tried to hurry.

Brooklyn’s new booster has flowers on it which she thought was pretty darn special.

I picked up a baby carrier while I was there so that I could have something to contain Payson in at Sierra’s appointment.

By the time we got through with Babies R Us shopping, it was ten minutes to Sierra’s appointment and we were 15 minutes away. *sigh*

So we did end up getting to the office five minutes late. Which sucks! I hate being late!

We walked in… it was a place we’d never been to (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) and seeing the bright colors, toys and movie playing, Payson decided this was the perfect place to scream hysterically.

Which he does really well.

As I held a writhing, screeching toddler I started to fill out paperwork, paid a copay and pretended to hear what the receptionist was telling me.
The girls sat happily glued to the television set.

I gave Payson a bottle near the end of the paperwork. The bottle was new and leaked EVERYWHERE. I cleaned up with baby wipes but Payson’s clothes were just too saturated to be saved.
He went without pants for the rest of the appointment.

I heaved a sigh of relief when the receptionist stopped talking and said I could go sit down and they’d call Sierra in a few minutes.
I sat down and glanced from the paperwork to my children- back and forth the entire wait.

They called Sierra back and I attempted to carry the clipboard, Payson, the backpack carrier (which I hadn’t figured out yet), my camera (yes I’m way stupid), my purse, and Payson’s bottle. It wasn’t pretty.
We got to that place where they weigh the child and check their height and blood pressure.

This is where Brooklyn started in with the whining.
“Why does Sierra get to stand on that? I want to check my weight. How tall am I? Why does Sierra get to do that? When is it my turn? I want it to be MY visit! It’s not fair! I want to try that! I want to stand on that! I want a sticker with my name on it! I want to take my shoes off! Why isn’t it my turn?! Why can’t I do it? Is my turn tomorrow? Am I next? Mommy! Mommy I want to do it next! Mooommmmmyyyy! Mommmy I want to talk to the doctor! Can I check my feet? Mommy! I’m walking on my toes too!! I can stand straight! I want to sit there! I want to sit with Sierra! I want my crackers! I’m thirsty! I’m SO thirsty! I can’t waaaaaait until after! Mommy I’m too thirsty to wait until after! Mom? Mom? Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!

And on and on and on. She literally did not stop talking for 2 hours. In that awful whiny voice. Oh my gosh it was horrible. I tried the sternest look I could muster, whispered threats, timeouts in the waiting room, she was just gone. There was no returning to the land of sweet for Miss Brooklyn.

And Sierra during all of this? Listening and following directions. Like an angel.

And Payson? Screaming. Whining. Kicking. Squirming. Being as wretched as he possibly could.

There was a point where I swear I couldn’t go on another second. It was too much. I was completely losing it… too many things to carry, too many children to deal with, too much information, too much paperwork.

I was cursing myself for bringing all the things I brought and I was cursing myself for not bringing enough!

We finished the height/weight/blood pressure test and were sent back to the waiting room. You read that right. All that stress was just dealing with Brooklyn and Payson in the hallway! 30 minutes in and I was so wanting to go home.

I called Allan to vent about not having paid babysitters. I vowed to never take all three children to a doctor’s appointment again. Poor man got an earful.

After a while they called us back. I picked up all of our stuff (better organized with the extra fifteen minutes of waiting) and headed to the exam room.

Sierra was so cute during her exam. Her big eyes fixed on the doctor, trying her best to do exactly what the doctor wanted her to.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn sat sulking. Payson screamed. Brooklyn got into my diaper bag. Payson started kicking. Brooklyn started whining. Payson drooled in my hair. Brooklyn spilled crackers and then stepped on them. I feel Payson’s diaper get awfully warm. Brooklyn turns on a loud toy right when the doctor speaks. Payson threw his binky on the floor.

Brooklyn and Payson are both whining as loud as they can.

Intermittently there is crying.

Oh and that carrier I bought? It lasted for all of five minutes before Payson decided it was the worst place on Earth.

After what seemed like an eternity the hellish appointment was over. I was ready to cry from joy at the thought of going home.

But life isn’t that simple. Never for me, anyway.

We had to do blood work and x-rays today. Ugh.

So back to the waiting room we went. Payson’s diaper was bulging at the seems with piss even though I’d changed him twice in the last hour and a half.
Luckily I brought an extra diaper.
After a quick visit to the ladies room we all sat down to watch some monkey movie while we waited. I stared vacantly ahead while the kids were transfixed to the screen. Well, the kids minus Payson… he was running full speed around the waiting room. Stopping only to give huge grins to each and every person also waiting.

They finally called Sierra’s name for her blood to be taken. I gathered our stuff, called the girls over and picked up Payson. And I smelled something pretty darn bad.
As if this visit hasn’t been fun enough Payson has crapped. And at a perfect time, when we really needed to be getting Sierra’s blood drawn right then.

I embarrassedly told the technician that he had a dirty diaper but I’d just wait to change him until after because I knew they needed to keep the people in order.

And then she told me that if it’s the child’s first time having blood drawn the child must sit on the parent’s lap. Makes sense. Not to mention I wanted to be holding and comforting Sierra. Which meant Brooklyn had to hold Payson.

Sierra getting her blood drawn went well. She is such an angel and very brave and had no idea what was going to happen so she sat there smiling and talking and watching the needle go in…. and then she cried and said, “that hurt me” and my heart broke.

And then the technician asked what color of bandage she wanted and she immediately said, “orange” (the girl is SO decisive). They didn’t have orange so she picked pink. Then she got to pick a toy. The lady opened a drawer and Sierra immediately grabbed a stuffed blue bear (did I mention decisive?).

Then I took Payson from Brooklyn. Payson had been trying to escape from her and whining the whole time.
Brooklyn had Payson’s poop on her and had a breakdown because of that. Can’t say I blame her for that, really.

I took the kids to the car to clean up Brooklyn and Payson. I’d only brought 3 diapers from home for the 2 hour appointment. Thank freaking goodness I’d bought some large sized g-diapers today!!!

Then we had to go back in and wait to be called in for x-rays.
The girls returned to staring at the TV and Payson returned to running at full speed around the waiting room. And once again smiling at everyone he saw.

When it was time for x-rays Payson was pissed at being taken away from the waiting room. Actually probably more pissed that he was being carried and not let free to run.

I distracted him from his tantrum by looking at these marble displays they had along the hall.

In the x-ray room Brooklyn resumed her whining over how not fair it was that Sierra was getting all the attention.

Sierra sweetly followed directions and looked so so cute up on the table waiting for the pictures of her tummy.

Brooklyn whined as they did the x-rays. I swear you could feel the jealousy in the room. Brooklyn views doctor’s appointments as a similar experience to Disneyland rides. No I’m not joking.

And so she whined and whined. All the way up until I pulled out my camera and said, “I’m going to take a picture of you crying and show it to daddy and what do you think he’s going to think?”

Sierra’s x-rays were done and she got a sticker and then the x-ray techinician gave her two more to give to Brooklyn and Payson even though clearly they deserved no stickers.

I gathered my children and headed, exhausted and overjoyed to be done, to my car.

And now that you’ve pretty much experienced the whole visit with me I’ll let you know what was earned from it.
No clear understanding of what might be going on with Sierra. But some tests that will come back with some answers that hopefully cross off a few things it may be.
Appointments to schedule with physical and occupational therapy. A checkup in 2 months to go over her muscles and tendons and talk about the results.

So… getting some answers. The doctor is leaning towards it just being a habitual thing that is causing the tendons to tighten which then makes it painful to walk flat which furthers the cycle:

She walks on her toes> her tendons tighten> it’s painful to walk flat> she walks on her toes> repeat.

If this is the case the physical therapy will take care of it. If this isn’t the case the tests should reveal what it is.

And that my dear friends who’ve read this entire thing, is Sierra’s visit to the neurologist. Unfortunately it was a part one segment. lol

I asked the foot doctor..

We spent 5 hours and 45 minutes doing the doctor thing yesterday. 3 hours of those were spent in the car. Payson was really good at letting me know he really hated that. My ears will never be the same.

I got to the doctor 15 minutes early. I felt really happy about that because it was downtown and I’ve never driven downtown Phoenix and I navigated the one ways and the no turn zones like a pro. 3 years ago I would’ve collapsed into a ball and wept upon finding out I had to drive downtown alone. I used to be afraid of getting lost. Weird. Now I am never afraid of getting lost. It seems really silly that I ever was afraid. lol

I was called up to the check-in desk after a while and the receptionist informed me that my appointment was actually 2 hours later. I called her on that. I made the appointment for early in the day to avoid rush hour so I know for a fact she was wrong. I ALSO had got a call the day before from them with the time.
While she fiddled on the computer and then went to talk to the doctor I checked my voicemail and sure enough- I had the right time.

They couldn’t squeeze me in so I had to wait. Instead of staying in the tiny waiting room, I took the kids out to eat at McDonald’s.

Payson tried a french fry for the first time. I didn’t have an extra two hours worth of food for him. He eats a lot. So- to keep him munching I let him snack on fries. What kind of mother have I become?

They were telling each other secrets and cracking each other up. It was really cute.

We finished lunch up in 45 minutes and headed back to the office. I let the kids play on the bottom floor of the building for an hour.

After I was thoroughly bored of sitting there we headed back up to the waiting room. It was another 15 minutes there. The kids kept themselves busy, though.

Back in the waiting room Brooklyn took Payson on some laps around the chairs. The room was empty so I didn’t mind.

Sierra did so good during her appointment. She tried her hardest to follow instructions perfectly. She’s such a good kid. It was really fun for me to have the whole day devoted to her. Even though it was to see if something was wrong with her feet, I could tell she loved the attention- she’s the typical middle child- neglected. I need to spend some extra special time with my little Sierra.

The official diagnosis on her paperwork: toe walking.
Cracks me up.
She is totally fine, by the way. The doctor said she’d grow out of it and not to worry about it.

A nurse watched Brooklyn and Payson while I went with Sierra to the x-ray room. The nurse let Brooklyn color.
And then we got to go home! Yay.