A little bit of plant progress:

Everett has his popsicle sticks while the kids color in their plant books.

So Everett hasn’t napped daily since he turned one and started getting all his teeth. He has 20 teeth now. He’s in so much pain when teething he refuses to nap and the only way I can get him to sleep is while driving (sometimes) or in the ergo (sometimes).

It hurts my back to carry him any way so I might as well do it this way.

Ooooh this was a happy day! I got my new camera strap in the mail!!

Look at all ’em clips! You guys! How cool are the clips?! How did I ever live without this camera strap!?

When Allan got home from work we went to Hauser Lake. Or is it Lake Hauser?

Sierra’s Dreams Come True

There are several places here in Idaho that offer horse back riding lessons. Problem is choosing one! We’re nervous about the choice so we haven’t signed Sierra up yet. She’s dying to start, though!

In our neighborhood lots of people own horses. We pass them on our walk. This one day the horses spotted us and came galloping over! I told the kids, “This is a very specific way they’re acting. I bet you anything one of our neighbor’s fed these horses something recently.”

Sure enough mere minutes later our neighbors two houses down came walking up with their kids and told us how they’ve been feeding the horses carrots!

My kids weren’t very happy that we’re thoughtful neighbors who don’t feed our neighbor’s horses without permission, they wanted to feed the horses carrots but I said no. I said, if you want to feed them the grass and weeds they’re eating from where they are that’s totally fine since they’ll eat those anyway.

The owner of the horses came out after we’d been there a few minutes and called the horses over. I think he was pissed that people may be feeding his horses. I told Allan I felt so terrible and like I wanted to yell to him, “We didn’t do it!! We’re not giving them anything they can’t eat by themselves! Please don’t think I’m thoughtless about your animals!”
Allan said it wasn’t a big deal. It bothers me still. haha

Mini Greenhouse Gardens From Target

The Target dollar spot always gets me around back to school time. I load my cart up with that stuff. I noticed these little greenhouses and normally wouldn’t give them a second glance but for some reason thought it’d be fun and grabbed four. We set them up the next day.

Everett kept climbing on the table to see. And would get upset when I’d take his treasures from him.

The greenhouses looked cute in the windowsill above the kitchen sink.

Everett was being ridiculous that day. He was whining to be held and I’d pick him up and then two second later he’d flop toward the ground. It was killing my back. I’d put him back down and he’d freak out and scream and cry to be picked up. Then I’d pick him up and after a couple seconds he’d flop toward the ground again :/

I bought many of those blank books from the dollar spot. Many. The kids each got one to start recording their plant growing process. That was the best idea because they took their books seriously and wrote in them every day after watering their plants and now their books are complete and so fun to read together!

I changed into comfier clothes and put my hair up to wear Everett since holding him wasn’t working on my hips. My poor back and hips πŸ™

We draw on the white board a lot.

This is what happens when you’re baking something and notice a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the oven and think, oh I’ll just grab it quickly with this oven mit. And you’re using one of those stupid Wal-Mart decor oven mits from Christmas.

I mentioned in that post about Everett’s new high chair that the base can be used as a high chair on its own, here’s a photo of that:

This was Everett’s first time playing with play-doh. He liked it a lot.

Brooke was drawing cute scenes on the white board πŸ™‚

Having Fun on Twin Lakes

This trip was kinda funny. We wanted to take our kids to do something fun but I was convinced it’d be horrible with Everett. I knew Everett would like the water but I worried about how he’d react to having to wear a life jacket and being on the boat. I almost didn’t want to go!

Once we got there I quickly changed my mind. It was going so smoothly and everyone was having a blast. We found a kinda horrible spot to stop and swim (it was jagged rocky) but were having fun anyway.

But after about three minutes it went bad. Everett decided that the floaty toy was super fun but more fun would be diving into the water without it. He spent the rest of the time we were there trying to climb out. And he could climb out! I was surprised by how easy it was for him to get his feet up out of the water and start climbing out of that thing.

We decided to go somewhere else with more of a shore. I took a group picture first. Notice Everett trying to climb out of the floaty?

The problem with Twin Lakes is most of the good shore was privately owned. We found many lovely beaches that would’ve been perfect but, they were all owend. Darn.

When we were motoring slowly the kids asked if they could hang over the side of the boat. We let them and they hung from the boat for a long time! Lots of kicking and splashing and laughing.

Payson is our goofiest kid. He is constantly doing the craziest faces and cracking us all up.

And then Allan caught this guy!!

Which didn’t impress Everett.

But the rest of us were impressed and excited!

We were all cheering and excited and surprised. No one, even Allan, expected him to catch a big largemouth while fishing with a crowd of people surrounding him!

Everett still not impressed.

Everett mellowing out with some booby.

Another fish!

Part of Everett’s problem is he wanted to be up by Allan and messing with all the fishing stuff. That’s not a good place for a destructive, wild toddler. I did let him walk around up there for a while, he didn’t want me to hold his hand at first but realizing it was the only way I’d let him up there, he eventually let me.

After searching unsuccessfully for a good shore we finally decided to just swim off the side of the boat.

After swimming and getting the kids bundled in towels Allan fished a little bit more before we headed home.

On a Saturday

Everett won’t let me put him down for one second today.

Finally somewhat happy when eating lunch.

Allan takes Sierra and Ember fishing. It was supposed to be Ember’s turn (Allan took Payson the week before) but we knew Ember alone on the boat probably wasn’t the best idea. She likes the boat but we knew she’d get bored just fishing so he brought her BFF, Sierra!

I was really tired that day and Everett was super clingy. I didn’t take pictures or do anything special. I did snap one last picture that day of Everett’s dinner mess. Annie’s gluten-free macaroni cheese is not something Everett likes. Can’t blame him, it tastes like crap.

My Daughters

The kids needed a couple more t-shirts each. We hit up Wal-Mart and to my surprise the girls wanted matching shirts! I happily obliged. Then they wanted pictures in their matching shirts! What?? Is this my lucky day? Yep.

Oh my gosh they’re so pretty! I love having daughters! β™₯
If I posted that publicly I’d have morons ask me, “But what about sons??” haha, um, DUH I love my sons. Geez. You know people can love something and profess love for it without then naming every other thing they love? haha

We were all outside having fun. Everett picked this dandelion and happily brought it to me! SO SWEET!!

Going to the Temple and Setting Off Fireworks on July 5th!

We had planned on setting off the fireworks we bought the night of the 4th but it was super late by the time we got home from seeing the fireworks in Coeur d’Alene (the traffic was INSANE) that we ended up waiting until the next night. My mom and Milo went back to Washington that morning and since we didn’t get ready for church in time we decided to go see the Spokane temple that morning instead.

We took some family pictures. We had intended the whole experience to be spiritual and bonding as a family. Allan and I thought we’d say a prayer together with the kids in the grass by the temple and it’d be this special thing. Turns out there were a lot of wasps, it was really hot, there were people around, and it wasn’t that special. lol! I mean, it was fine. Just not magical by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe we’ll come back some day when it’s cooler outside!

We took some pictures of our oldest daughters by the temple. I took this one of Brooklyn and Allan took the one of Sierra. At the same time actually πŸ™‚

It was a challenge getting Ember to not pick the flowers! She only ended up picking one part of one before I told her that we couldn’t, luckily!

Once we got home we had lunch. Burritos. Payson and Everett just had the inside of the burritos since I don’t have gluten-free tortillas. I haven’t been able to find them here in Idaho.

Then it was time to set up for our personal fireworks show! The Utes didn’t stand a chance!

We did poppers and sparklers first.

And now the moment Allan was waiting for! Using the tanks to attack the Utes! (The Utes are the BYU cougars’ rivals)

I ended up having to buckle Everett into his chair because he wouldn’t stay sitting. He kept running to the fireworks! :/

One thing Everett will do when he’s upset about being buckled anywhere is throw his binky repeatedly. He did that a couple times that night. I usually don’t let him suck on it after it hits the ground but Payson was there to quickly save his baby brother. Gross. There’s been tons of bird poop on that driveway. *sigh*

Sometimes when my kids are all lined up together I think, I made all those humans.

Everett had LOVED the fireworks we’d seen the night before in Coeur d’Alene so I figured he’d like these too. He did! But the funniest thing happened each time a noisier firework went off, he’d reflexively close his eyes. He did it each time! It was so cute and made the rest of us giggle.

I typically don’t have as many photos of the older girls because I don’t want to pester them but I told them to smile for a picture but they had a better idea!

Ember was scared of the fireworks! She refused to come any closer than this chair set up by the car on the driveway! It was so cute and yet sad because I wanted to sit with her but had to hold Everett instead! She had fun, she just wanted to be at a safe distance! πŸ˜‰

All five kids had a really hard time staying in their chairs. They really wanted to be close. Ember always waited until the fireworks were dead or not burning because she was scared.

Lots of tank wars were had. Each kid got one and chose a partner to aim their tanks toward. I don’t remember who won each battle, I’m sure my kids do. lol

By this point Everett was pissed being locked in a chair.

So I took him out and tried to hold him but he just squirmed and squirmed and whined and cried. Fun times with toddler.

When there were no lit fireworks I’d let Everett wander a little bit in hopes that he’d stop screaming. Payson was sitting right next to me during the fireworks and having the time of his life. He LOVES fireworks.

Brooke was nice enough to hold Everett for a little while and walk around with him to try to entertain him without letting him run wild.

And that’s it. It was a really fun day!!

Our 4th of July!

We were supposed to go to Washington for the 4th of July but this is when my back was severely injured and driving was one of the most painful things for me to do. Just a twenty minute trip to the store had me nearly in tears by the time I got home. That short time in the would have me laying on the couch with an ice pack when I got home. I couldn’t imagine how I’d survive a 6 hour drive to Washington and another 6 hour drive home!
So I told my mom we weren’t coming and not long after she called me and asked if she and Milo could come to our house. I said yeah! That’d work so much better! Me and the family tidied up Sierra and Ember’s room where they’d be staying, washed the linens and stuff, and waited around excitedly to see grandma and papa Milo!

They got here the night before Independence Day and we hung out and I didn’t take pictures… I pulled my camera out for the first time the next day when we went to Coeur d’Alene to see the parade.

You can tell from the pictures, it was hot that day! We went without enough supplies. We should’ve brought sunscreen, hats, more water, and maybe an umbrella or something. haha! It was bright, it was warm, but it was fun!

Because we’d planned on spending three days in Washington we had no food for the weekend! We stopped at Wal-Mart before going home and ate lunch at Subway and bought a bunch of food for that evening!

Once home Payson played Zelda.

And Milo started on a fruit salad while Ember watched πŸ™‚

Me, my mom, and the girls all started a game of My Little Pony Monopoly.

I went in the kitchen to help Milo a bit and Everett fell asleep in his high chair! He’s never done that and hasn’t done it since!

The girls were so cute playing Monopoly with grandma! (I stopped playing about this time)

I asked the girls to smile for a picture and Ember stopped was she was doing and flashed me this:

And I laughed my butt off. And then took a couple more pictures πŸ™‚

Sierra had lost her tooth the night before!

Allan helped Payson play Zelda. They had a lot of fun together.

And then once it got dark and very late we headed back to Coeur d’Alene to see the fireworks! They set them off at 10pm over the lake!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the fireworks because I was just really enjoying watching them. This is the best fireworks I’ve had in years! It was awesome!

The Things We Did on July 3rd

The kids enjoyed having their dad back πŸ™‚

I made yogurt for breakfast.

Β Everett was clingy.

Everett climbed.

Everett played with popsicle sticks and an empty M&Ms container.

Everett miraculously fell asleep as he breastfed.

I held Everett a LOT. He likes me πŸ™‚

Ember was working outside with Allan and got stung by a wasp! It’s a huge story and I’ll do a separate post on it!

We went to Wal-Mart.

Everett wasn’t happy about shopping.

This was the next morning, the 4th. We did a bit of school work.

I enjoyed being with Allan after missing him so much!

Everett, Everett, Everett.