The Very Normal Little Parts of Life

DISHES. D I S H E S. Dishes, dishes, dishes, and more and more and more dishes.  photo 264eresized_zps6f893d3b.jpg

Baby playing. Baby toys.  photo 272eresized_zps11be6586.jpg photo 279eresized_zps7cbc87aa.jpg photo 281eresized_zpsf9e8bcf0.jpg

Paper, markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue, scraps… all day every day.  photo 285eresized_zpsb37bb3f0.jpg photo 287eresized_zps1caf67b5.jpg

Binkies. Lots of binkies. Mostly giraffe Wubbunubs but also some lone binkies.  photo 304eresized_zps86b3afd7.jpg photo 318eresized_zps3db9f35a.jpg

Brooke’s school decides to start charging for bus rides. $1 each. So we now drop off and pick up exclusively. This day was a roooough day so we got Taco Bell before heading to the school. We got there early and Sierra and Payson sat on the grass outside the school eating their tacos.  photo 327eresized_zps1e92f42f.jpg photo 333eresized_zps1e9cdcb0.jpg

Grabby baby hands. Everett’s in the lunge-for-everything-he-sees phase. Doesn’t matter what it is, where it is, he wants it!  photo 344eresized_zpsa35d289e.jpg

First Day of Homeschool 2014

 photo 299eresized_zps105fa383.jpg photo 322eresized_zpsa0de1d61.jpg photo 331eresized_zpsd7d0bdb0.jpg photo 339eresized_zps2c764333.jpg

Brooke arrived home on the bus right as we were taking these.  photo 357eresized_zpsa4b64fe1.jpg

She wanted some time with her baby brother.  photo 370e2resized_zpsb57e0900.jpg photo 378e2resized_zps5cda36c0.jpg photo 383bwresized_zps610a0ba7.jpg photo 391eresized_zpsc0d945bc.jpg

Back inside Ember played with her lamb pillow set.  photo 422eresized_zps313c8500.jpg photo 434bwresized_zps44269cd9.jpg

And Everett cried and cried and cried so finally I stuck him in a box by me at the sink so I could get a load of dishes done. This weirdo kid LOVES being in boxes! haha  photo 003eresized_zpsc317f06e.jpg

I managed to get dinner ready… I think this was one of the first real dinners I made in our new rentals.  photo 016eresized_zps23b35e1f.jpg

And I stared at our new view and felt really happy.  photo 020eresized_zpsf9065492.jpg

Brooke’s First Day of School!

Brooke was so excited! She wasn’t nervous this time around to start school! We looked around a bit, paid for her lunches, met her teacher, and then she was off to class!
I’m so proud of her and how brave she is being… this is her fourth school she’s attended in 2014. I can’t wait until we move to our forever home (hopefully next year) and she feels secure and stable in her school situation!  photo blog01_zps0467f9fc.jpg

Gah, isn’t she so gorgeous?! photo blog02_zps21781444.jpg photo blog03_zps55d6b5c0.jpg

Last Days of School, Teacher Pictures!

 photo 018eresized_zpsc82f6110.jpg photo 024eresized_zps099692af.jpg photo 012e2resized_zpse7c7904d.jpg

For memory’s sake:
Everett was very sick and on antibiotics for an ear infection during that last bit of school and I didn’t want to go into the school if I didn’t absolutely have to… to avoid him being exposed to germs. So I sent the point and shoot camera with Brooke and she got all of these photos taken. She took Sierra and Payson’s and had a fellow classmate take one of her and her teacher. I’m so happy to have these pictures and proud of Brooke for responsibly taking them!

Brooklyn’s Rendezvous Project!

Brooklyn’s big project at the end of the year was to make a presentation about an event in Colorado’s history. They had a list to choose from and Brooke chose the rendezvous. I’d never even heard about it before though it was such a big thing in the early 1800s! She taught me a lot about it.

I was stressed out of my mind the week she was making her project from other things going on but decided to help her out a lot anyway. I spent quite a few hours and even more dollars on this presentation and diagram with her but it was worth it because she was so proud.
I wish I could have given her more attention about the finished product but sadly I wasn’t as involved or attentive as I should’ve been. It’s a busy, chaotic time in our lives and I suck at giving quality attention to the older kids when the little kids are stressing me out. I need to work on that a lot!  photo 049eresized_zps89713e3a.jpg

I randomly remembered to take a couple of snaps of the work in progress diagram and I’m glad I did because it’s fun to look back now on the process!  photo 051eresized_zpse17dcda7.jpg

The finished product!
 photo blog05_zps4e792ac5.jpg

Honestly I’m so proud of Brooke and how seriously she took her project!! I need to bring it up again tomorrow and tell her about how proud I am and maybe even let her present it again. She had wanted me to buy candy for her to pass out to her classmates when they answered questions right at the end of the presentation and I never remembered to buy candy. Maybe I’ll give her some to pass out to her siblings when they answer the questions!  photo blog06_zps2f0faa3e.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsde710c82.jpg

I’m making myself sound like a much worse mother than I am about this! haha. I was involved and gave her attention. It’s just as a mother of five and having your attention pulled in that many directions, it feels like far less than I would like to give!  photo 079eresized_zps9ba3ce52.jpg

Payson’s End of the Year Poster

Payson was sent home with a big paper to fill out about his school year. We were supposed to glue it to a big poster board and add some photos from the school year, too.
We had a lot of fun doing this. I glued on the pictures but Payson filled it all out on his own and decorated it all by himself! He was really into it!  photo 094eresized_zps97c96d41.jpg photo 097eresized_zpsc9950a89.jpg photo 103eresized_zpsf585ee14.jpg

Brooke’s Fun Run

Brooke had her fun run and I decided to go. I really hate going to school events for the most part. I love going to school events and experiencing them, being with my school aged kids and watching the fun. I just don’t like doing it with a baby. I’m excited that next year Everett will be older and it’ll be easier. But then again, harder for some reasons.

We got there early and had to wait a while before Brooke’s class came out. When Brooke and Ember saw each other there was a pretty darn cute reunion.  photo 256eresized_zpsc2dff154.jpg

Brooke sat in line with her class. She’s in the back.  photo 263eresized_zps58f4d3bd.jpg

Here she is being adorable!  photo 268eresized_zps43583be0.jpg photo 276eresized_zps4e006082.jpg photo 280eresized_zps6c0c0d3d.jpg photo 289eresized_zps4005840b.jpg

Posing for a picture with her friends. And thanks to the mom who took this picture from the other side I have a copy of their faces! haha!  photo 292eresized_zps79394ee7.jpg

I thought this next part looked so fun!  photo 297eresized_zps213f9374.jpg  photo 302eresized_zpsf68d86f5.jpg photo 305eresized_zps1f62a3fb.jpg photo 312eresized_zpsf318cc21.jpg

Ember and I were watching from the sidewalk as they finished the last lap.  photo 321eresized_zps7ab03040.jpg

When they lined back up with their classes I let Ember go sit in the field with Brooke. She freaking loved it and so did Brooke! ♥  photo 330eresized_zps22173bdd.jpg photo blog08_zpse0763ff2.jpgI didn’t go to the other kids’ fun runs even though I wanted to. It was just too much with Everett in tow.
I did ask about their experience and also about how many laps they did: Brooke did 7 laps.
Sierra did 10.
Payson did 5.

Target for Teacher Gifts!

I took the three youngest kids to Target to pick up some little end-of-the-year teacher gifts. We went with cute little buckets with some candy and a gift card. Easy.

I also got Payson some new sandals since he needed some.  photo 530eresized_zps7c036fb5.jpg photo 532eresized_zpsa7a42269.jpg photo 538eresized_zps867e8783.jpg

So before I settled on just getting candy and gift cards for the kids’ teachers I was looking for a gift to be more personal. I couldn’t find anything I liked and asked Payson what he thought we should get his teacher. What does she like? I asked. He spots some rubber bands and says, “My teacher has rubber bands, she likes these!”  photo 546eresized_zps7a6560db.jpg

I took pictures of the kids to include in the teacher gifts. I took one of them smiling and one of them holding a paper and printed both. I wanted to have them write something with permanent marker on the white space but in the end we ran out of time and I just included the picture of them smiling. Except I think I accidentally maybe used the one of them holding the white paper and just left them blank. Embarrassing and weird. Oops. haha  photo 591eresized_zps6520d785.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsc9dfe3bc.jpg photo 580eresized_zpse427c30a.jpg

Ember was really excited about getting her picture taken with the paper. How could I say no?  photo 584eresized_zps669e4fc3.jpg

Payson’s Class Has a Q&U Wedding!

Payson’s teacher does a wedding between the letters Q and U every year. Seriously how freaking cute and clever and awesome is that?! See why I love her so much?!

She invites the parents (with a cute email invitation!) and has cake and everything!
I only took one picture (I meant to take more but didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony with my noisy camera!) but I did film the whole thing. Payson got to be the one to carry the U!

When we got to his class he ran over with a huge grin on his face. He really loves me (haha, duh) and gets really insecure when I leave him at school on any day so to see me at school was super exciting for him. He hugged me so tight and wanted to sit on my lap and kept a tight hold on me. I was immediately nervous realizing he was going to be sad and maybe cry (he’s a cryer!) when it was time to line up and be in the wedding!
And that’s what happened! When it was time for them to go in the hall and line up for the wedding procession he started crying! I told him, “Oh no, Payson, don’t cry or they’re not going to want me to come to school and I won’t be able to see your fun things anymore! I’m so excited to watch you in the wedding. I’ll wait here and watch you when you come in and you give me your best smiles, okay?”
That worked like a charm and he stopped crying and went and got in place.
The rest is on film so I won’t talk about it. He did seem a bit sad and fragile during the wedding and kept giving me these sad looks. It was cute, though! haha

Onto pictures.
The first is when we first got there. He was SO SO SO excited to have me and his little sister and brother there!  photo 203eresized_zps015c63c3.jpg

Just before it was his turn to walk down the aisle!  photo 204eresized_zps177fa59c.jpg

After the wedding he ran immediately back to us and hugged us and fawned over Everett. So sweet.  photo 208eresized_zpsa89ce356.jpg

We got some wedding cake after that. Well, Payson and Ember had some. And capri sun. Oh and Payson’s teacher makes sure that everything in the class is gluten free so Payson can have whatever the other kids are having!! Isn’t that amazing?! How freaking sweet. His kindergarten teacher in Arizona had me bring him something separate for each occasion and for daily snack AND I had to bring in snacks for the class sometimes, too!! SO stupid. I don’t mind bringing Payson his own snacks (I still do here in CO but they have each parent send only their child a snack) but for me to provide Payson with every single snack item for daily snack time AND holidays and birthdays AND then to bring in snacks for the entire class as well, when Payson NEVER got snacks the rest of the class got… was kinda crazy! haha