Lyla Would Love it If She Was Included

Lyla does not enjoy being the only kid not going to school. She watches her older siblings like a hawk and any time they do anything, she wants to do it. She wants to pick out clothes and get dressed up and do her hair in the mornings before school. She wants to bring a backpack every time we leave. “I’m not a baby, I’m a big girl!” she tells me often. So as much as possible we include her in things.

The only problem is when we get to school and she watches the older kids walk down the hall off to their classes she gets upset when she has to go back to the car. “But I have to go to Lyla’s school. I have my backpack! Bye mom! Hug, hug, kiss, kiss!” AF9I8409efbblogAF9I8420efbblogAF9I8424efbblogAF9I8427efbblog

Curriculum Day!

I got Ember and Everett’s curriculum from the school today and then went home and went through all our home school books to make piles to use this year.

Honestly I’m not feeling it a bit. I’ve been dreading school starting back up. I despise the public school curriculum, despise being chained by it and it’s killed every last bit of love for teaching I had. I am going to put Ember in regular public school next year and I’ll still home school Everett but that’s it. I hate this.

LOVE my kiddos and will try my best but it’s just nothing that fits in with my personality or strengths. I really miss homeschooling where it was really homeschooling and not teaching my kids with public school books 🙁

You might ask why we go this route and simply: we live in a state where I’m not allowed to home school freely but there are other benefits to living here. So yes this schooling part of it is very sad but I’ve gained something else. There are costs to every choice we make and homeschooling was the cost I paid for our location. I’m thankful to live where I live and I’m sad to not be able to home school how I want to home school… there are room for mixed emotions in life.AF9I7284e3blogshareAF9I7292efbblogshare

School Picnic and Performance!

Today was Sierra, Payson, and Ember’s bring your own picnic and watch the kids perform event. They passed out awards, had all the grade levels perform songs, dances, poems, and play instruments, and also passed out the kids’ yearbooks to sign.


The school passed out popsicles.


I snapped a few pictures during the performances, they’re weird on the blog just because I blurred out everyone else’s faces. But my kiddos show. haha

After all the school kids performed it was time to get yearbooks and just hang out. The kids had fun playing around the school grounds.


Sierra and Ember showed me where their part of the school art projects were.


And then Sierra, Payson, and Ember showed me their art work in the building.


It was such a fun time. I had wished it was after school so Brooklyn could have been there but she didn’t mind missing it anyway she said. I missed her being there, though.

Here was a group shot I took before we went home. I love that the three kids who went to the school this last year have their yearbooks in hand 🙂



Brooke’s Last Day of School Picnic!

For the last day of school families could come have a picnic with the students. I took the kids and some food and we sat out burning to death in the heat. haha. But it was fun! I got to meet Brooke’s best friend and her family and the kids got popsicles at the end so it was practically the best day of their lives 😉

After the picnic we got to go say goodbye to Brooke’s teacher and visit the book fair.

It was the last day of the book fair and the sale was buy one get one free so we got a bunch of books 🙂
As if the day wasn’t fun enough we got ice cream cones before going home! Geez! Now that’s how you do a last day of school!

Brooke’s First Day at Antelope Trails!

After so much talking and considering Brooke starts school again here in Colorado. This is a month ago now so she’s adjusted and everything is going great!! I wish so much I would’ve taken the time to research more last November and moved her into this school rather than homeschooling. Her other school, The Da Vinci Academy was horrible. The worst school I’ve ever been to (for a million reasons) and it was critical that we get her out of there.  photo 443eresized_zps8gg8c3mw.jpg photo 444eresized_zps7gczqck3.jpg

Late to School

We were running late to school that day.  photo 126eresized_zpsbc1c8c32.jpg

Since we were late despite my best efforts I took a picture before heading into the school to sign Brooke in.  photo 142eresized_zps36eac54c.jpg

Ember hurt herself on the way back to the car so we bandaged her up once home.  photo 146eresized_zps24293d7c.jpg photo 154eresized_zps3b3655f4.jpg photo 158eresized_zpsb1fc2c22.jpg photo 159eresized_zps7ea80ade.jpg

Sometimes we do formal school first thing but most of the time we ease into it. We started our day off with a game of Tenzi this day.  photo 168eresized_zps48359b34.jpg photo 175cloneeresized_zps97df10c0.jpg

Everett had fun watching from my lap.  photo 177eresized_zps522314cf.jpg

And by watching I mean lunging for the dice. ha  photo 182eresized_zpse5f019d7.jpg

Everett doesn’t crawl just yet but can get anywhere in the room he wants to by rolling.  photo 189eresized_zps4a32005f.jpg photo 193eresized_zps3adb7066.jpg photo 194eresized_zps6d4946e7.jpg

I put my camera under the table set up with the timer to take these. Everett LOVES cameras so went for it.  photo 195eresized_zps9931fc23.jpg

Later in the day I did a little twist do in Ember’s hair. And she took it out immediately. Thanks, Ember.  photo 200eresized_zps84c63254.jpg

Cleaned up the kitchen! photo 009eresized_zps4311a491.jpg

Tuckered out after a long day!  photo 001eresized_zpsf9c0fc6c.jpg photo 002eresized_zpse8232c4b.jpg