Letter of the Week Crafts

This was one of the activities I do with Everett for his preschool but I guess it looked so fun that all 5 kids make these with us! Brooke didn’t want me to take pictures of hers so I didn’t.

Sierra’s A is for Alligator:

Payson’s A is for Alligator:

Ember’s A is for Alligator:

Everett’s A is for Alligator:

Sierra’s B is for Bee:

Payson’s B is for Bee:

Everett’s B is for Bee:

Sierra’s C is for Cat:

Payson’s C is for Cat:

Ember’s C is for Cat:

Everett’s C is for Cat:

They wanted to put their cats on the white board the day we made them:

Everett’s D is for Dog:

And some pictures during craft time: