Around the House

Yep, still breastfeeding Everett even though I’m pregnant and it feels terrible. With Allan having moved out and everything changing I figured it was probably a bad time to wean him despite it physically bothering me so much. He finds comfort in it even though he gets virtually no nutritional value.


















Speaking of Everett, his very favorite thing to do in life is climb on the counters or get into drawers and cupboards and mess with all the things he’s not supposed to.















We had extra boxes of Dots so we put them all together to make a big cabin together. Allan was over for this and took pretty much all these pictures.

























































































Bedtime with these two. Where is Lyla going to fit when she comes in 17 weeks??















In the morning.















I’m loving Costco lately. I’ve figured out what things we get that are cheapest there and I also fill my car with gas there because it’s so much cheaper than anywhere else. This day was funny because Everett took his shoes off in the car and Ember’s shoes fall off when she sits in carts (because they’re slightly too big) and they both happened to be wearing green socks!



























Everett was cracking himself up by touching the conveyor belt when it moved. He’d laugh the most when I’d tell him not to touch.















Tired after Costco daze.



























Back at home hanging out at the counter while I made lunch.















Every day… I don’t know how other moms keep their toddlers off the counters besides just pulling them off each and every time and trying to always be in the same room with them. But I run to switch laundry and come back… counter. I run to go pee even and come back… counter. Any time I leave the room for even a few seconds Everett goes straight to the counter!







































Most of the time I sweep but sometimes I have one of the older girls do it. I like it when I don’t have to do it, I’m so far beyond busy right now it’s crazy.















And… my 23 week along belly! I’m getting huge!
















Free Baby Stuff!

I spend a few minutes here or there googling free or cheap baby stuff. I google a lot about saving money or stretching money these days. I stumbled upon a blog, that I failed to save so sorry for no link- I really try to share all the links where I find things- that mentioned that at and at Target if you create a baby registry you get welcome kits with free items and samples and coupons! I made a registry for each company and got my welcome kits!















All three of my kids who were home with me at the time the box arrived were SO excited about this little package. I’d told them it was just some baby stuff but they were thrilled. I think getting baby stuff and seeing baby stuff makes it even more real for them that they’re going to have a baby sister!



























This was the Amazon welcome kit and it came with samples of wonderful things! Ember and Everett made the experience of opening the box and thinking about Lyla even more fun 🙂















I let them try to the food samples.















Then a week or two later we stopped by Target and got the welcome bag from there and I was even more excited about that one because it came with a lot of coupons for items I buy when I have babies!!

















Why Is It Thursday and Not Friday?

I am dreading getting up early tomorrow. I’m so exhausted! Not just exhausted because I haven’t had enough sleep in 22 weeks but also just worn out of mornings. Brooke and Payson have schools that start an hour apart so I get Brooke ready for school and whoever else is already up eats breakfast with her. Then we head out the door, gathering everyone up and getting them in the car and we drive down to her school and drop her off. Then we come home and I feed the rest of the family and then I get Payson ready and gather everyone up to head out the door a little less than an hour later to drop him off. It sucks.
Plus, I’m taking care of the kids alone 24/7 minus maybe two hours a week so it’s just very tiring. Everett has been crying a LOT during the night and I have no idea why. We’ve been sick since November and he still is sick with what looks like a new cold but why is he up crying all night? He asks to breastfeed and I only let him maybe once because it hurts.too.freaking.bad so maybe that’s why but honestly he’d been sleeping okay without breastfeeding for the last week so… maybe it is just him feeling sick. Whatever it is I’m so freaking exhausted!! I have nightmares about my marriage and divorce and when he wakes me up in the middle of the night I have severe anxiety attacks and despite being so tired I feel like I could actually die, I can’t fall back to sleep! He does that a good 5-10 times at night so… I’m getting such little sleep.

So yeah, I’m a zombie and I only took two pictures today. But I have a few photos from my point and shoot camera so I’ll just share them. I don’t usually share those but, for the sake of blogging something…

I made cookies for family home evening and Everett got into the bag. I saw him right before bed doing this:


I already blogged about my pregnancy checkup but here are the two point and shoot pictures we took that day.


During the ultrasound. Allan came, I figured he’d probably want to see his daughter so I texted him when it was and he came from work to see the ultrasound. And he took this picture. And then the ultrasound tech told him no photos allowed. That seems like a silly rule.


Sierra took a couple pictures when we went to Wendy’s for lunch.


And these were the only pictures I took today, while making lasagna. Everett loves to be at the counter “helping” during each meal prep.



Monday through Wednesday!

So Monday morning before school:















I got stuff ready to make cookies later that night for family home evening.


Ember was pretending to be a kitty.
Everett joined her.
They were having so much fun Sierra joined too.
Ember was in charge of treat this Monday so she made the cookies.
Brooke gave the lesson and even put together a treasure hunt that lead to the cookies and ice cream we ate! Then Sierra chose the activity and she picked watching Jumanji!

We watched it on Netflix on the tablet. Oh and Payson was in charge of picking out and leading the song. He chose his favorite church song, I Am a Child of God.


Tuesday after dropping Brooke and Payson off at school we went to the library.


Everett fell asleep on the drive home.
Random belly shot Ember wanted to take with me.
Today, Wednesday, was my monthly checkup and our last ultrasound to peek at baby! There are quarter machines in the lobby so the kids got candy on the way out.


Brooke wanted to take a belly picture with me. I’m showing a lot today! Month 5 is finally the month I look pregnant!

Well, sorta pregnant. Sometimes. But I suppose mostly I still just look like I gained weight. haha


Sierra wanted to take a bunch of pictures so the next few are from her.
































Sierra and Ember wanted macaroni and cheese instead of burritos and they wanted to make it themselves, too.


Baby #6’s GENDER!!

Guess what’s in this belly:
























It’s a…



























We are so freaking excited to have another little girl in the family! I would’ve been happy either way but having a baby girl is so much fun I’m dying of excitement!!
I got out all of Ember and Everett’s old baby stuff to sort through everything and see what would work for this baby. I’m super excited because the only things I need to buy are a couple newborn gowns, and a swing! I have everything I need for this baby!! I’m so glad. I feel like crying with joy every time I think about how much baby stuff I have and don’t have to buy on my small budget. I’m so glad I kept everything from my other babies!















I did buy ONE splurge item and that’s a Project Life album and supplies for baby’s first year. I couldn’t not do it! And yes we’ve had a name picked out for a girl for forever. I really wanted to name Ember Lyla and now I get to use the name!















I am not printing as many pictures for her album as I did for Everett’s because Everett has two FULL albums from his first year! Yikes. I’m going to only print one belly shot from each month of pregnancy and only add 4 total ultrasound pictures. With Everett I used up 8 whole pages on pregnancy/ultrasound photos!! Crazy.




























Everett loves scrapbooks. He loves flipping through and pointing to everyone 🙂


Coping with Life

Thursday we started the day with some Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix after taking Brooke and Payson to school. I’m going to cancel TV since it’s too expensive for me now but we’re so freaking lucky that we have Netflix these days. $8 for a bunch of shows!! Amazing, huh?














I failed miserably taking photos the rest of the day until the evening when my usual loneliness and overwhelmedness kicked in and I decided I couldn’t spend one more second in the house and took the kids somewhere virtually free… Barnes and Noble! Sierra had birthday money so we had a reason to go anyway. She got a couple cute stuffed raccoons there.
My view:















Everett was so thrilled to play with the trains. He’s really gotten into trains since Christmas when he got a little wooden Mickey Mouse train set. He picked up each train he could at the store and showed me and said, “Choo, Choo!”















Sierra browsing the stuffed animals!


We got home and the older girls ran straight to Brooke’s room to play with Sierra’s new toys. I snuck up on them with Everett and opened the door quickly and said, “GirlsI’mgoingtomakedinnernow!” and they got startled and Everett busted up laughing.

Dinner Thursday was pancakes, sausage, and eggs. We rarely do breakfast for dinner since I don’t particularly like breakfast foods but we decided to make it a new Thursday night tradition since the kids LOVE it.













I haven’t skipped a meal since Tuesday. I’ve still been sad and stressed but decided any time I feel overwhelmed I’m just going to tell myself what I can change about the situation and let go of the rest.


There was a little flour left in the bowl and Payson and Everett were playing with it and some measuring cups. I thought that was a great way to keep Everett entertained while I cooked up the pancakes.















But what I didn’t realize was that I left the open bag of flour on the counter next to the bowl.

I sent Payson off for a bath and took a bunch of pictures before spending 10 minutes cleaning up all the flour.



A Pregnancy Checkup!

I’m 4 months along in these pictures. I can barely believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!

















I don’t have anybody here that I trust to watch my kids yet so I took the three that are home with me and oh boy was that not fun. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad with only three. I underestimated Everett’s boredom!













I have the worst veins in the whole world (no seriously, I’ve been told that over and over and over) and am always so freaking anxious when I go to a new blood lab to get blood drawn. This time though the lady was miraculously talented and got my vein in the first try! I felt speechless when she pushed the needle in and popped the tube on and my blood flowed. What?! That like, never happens!
















These next two pictures aren’t related to my checkup but I also took them today so, here they are!













Ember got this little kitchen for Christmas and loves that I keep it in my room instead of upstairs in her room. She and Everett have a little section in my room with Legos and this play kitchen and they hang out there quite often!

Baby #6!

It was a big surprise to find out baby #6 is on the way! The timing could seem crazy or even bad to some people but as my marriage falls apart it’s been amazing to be given the chance to grow a new life and feel the hope and anticipation of meeting this new person. It cuts into some of the sadness and loss.












These first two pictures were from when I was 7 weeks along.












And here are the most recent belly pictures taken when I was 14 along or so. I am behind on belly pictures and besides those 7 week ones have only used my cell phone. Terrible, huh? I’ll try to do better!