Sick House. Sick, Sick, House

We’re so sick. Every single family member. The antibiotics are kicking strep’s butt so that’s great. But buddy buddy with strep came along a really awful cold virus. It’s been awful. Really awful. I won’t bother complaining about the specifics because everyone has been sick and knows how badly it sucks!

Allan couldn’t go shopping for me one week so I waited until the kids had been on antibiotics for 72 hours to go shopping. We were desperate for some fresh food by that day!!  photo 002eresized_zps5c8a89b9.jpg

My kids bring their toys into the family room every day. I’ve told them to keep their toys in the playroom or their bedrooms practically daily but still they bring out boxes and boxes of toys to play with! While sick I’ve given up and accepted that my family room will look like a disaster until we’re healthy again. Ember playing with toys instead of crawling all over me while whining or crying is a big relief so the mess is a small price to pay for quiet happiness!  photo 064resized_zps557aba0a.jpg

Trying to get some fresh air in the evening. We’ve been cooped up in the house too long!  photo 211eresized_zps0ab02b61.jpg photo 217eresized_zpsfb40e4bd.jpg photo 223eresized_zps33cfaa5f.jpg photo 244eresized_zps020ee308.jpg photo 253eresized_zps258c1c5e.jpg photo 259eresized_zps368c35c7.jpg

My voice went away three days into my cold. I’ve been trying to have lots of reading time with the kids but couldn’t that day. Allan took over bedtime story time 🙂  photo 004bwresized_zps9efc494f.jpg

I hate that when I’m pregnant I wake up SO hungry. Like I need to throw up if I don’t eat because my stomach hurts so bad! And nothing sounds good except for protein. This particular morning I made myself eat fruit along with my egg and (delicious chicken, apple) sausage to help my body get a boost of vitamins to combat the virus currently wreaking havoc.  photo 011eresized_zps5a2fdc22.jpg

While I was cooking breakfast Ember was happily playing with her toys.  photo 017eresized_zpsdfb43d89.jpg

We spend a lot of time lounging on the couch together these days. I like to cuddle and be with my baby girl but we’re sick to death of being stuck inside!  photo 030eresized_zps64936794.jpg

Just to show that I’m not lying when I say my family room is pretty much always messy these days…  photo 042resized_zpsb937cfc3.jpg

Ember was asking to breastfeed when I took this next one. (I hate breastfeeding. HATE. So painful and aggravating and she wants to nurse all the live long day! I usually say no.)  photo 034eresized_zps00174900.jpg

My belly is getting huge. Grossly huge.  photo 038eresized_zps1259edc4.jpg

I’m not quite ready to have another child to take care of but I’m so done with being pregnant. Too bad it’s not November already. Hopefully the next month and a half goes by really fast!  photo 063eresized_zpsf253d22d.jpg

8 Months Along

Everett is growing a lot!! His movements are so different now than before. I can tell he has less room to move around. I can feel limbs moving around and I can push back on little baby feet pressing my sides. Each and every time he kicks or turns or moves around is still a joyful, miraculous feeling. As awful and tiring as being pregnant can be, it really is just such a gift to be able to experience it and have another little soul join my family 🙂
There’s a baby in there and I’m going to meet him pretty soon!  photo 165eresized_zpsa5e56480.jpg

Waiting on the Next Phase

I wish that the company Allan interviewed with would contact him this week. I know it’s likely that they won’t get back to him until next week but gosh, as each day goes by I’m more and more antsy to hear from them.

It’s kinda weird that we’re so seriously considering accepting that job offer after initially being so against it! I was reacting emotionally when I first heard that one of the jobs was in the Denver area and immediately wouldn’t even consider it. I had to scold myself the next week and reevaluate my decision in a logical way. It’s difficult being logical rather than emotional when pregnancy hormones are involved!

I’ve spent hours of the last couple weeks thinking about if I should encourage Allan to accept the job if it is offered to him and I had to kick myself for my earlier feelings. There are benefits to this potential move.

Allan and I have come to the decision that the answer he’ll give is most likely yes. There are a couple BIG ifs. We’ll find out soon enough about all of it, though. And mostly… I just want to be out of the desert! This month is our 5 year anniversary of moving to Arizona. I think it was near September 18th, 2008 that we moved here. Can you believe that? It’d be fitting timing to find out we’re going to finally move away during the 5 year anniversary of when we moved here!

So I’m anxious because really good things are potentially around the corner and it helps me in my down moods. Which at this point in pregnancy are many. haha! I’m such an unpleasant person right now, I admit it. I know it and I try to not be that way but it’s not entirely avoidable! At the very least I’m the first to call myself a witch (with a B) when I’m being one. I know it even in the very moment I’m being one.  photo 002eresized_zpsab2f8975.jpg

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but two or three weeks ago I started leaking colostrum and a few days after that I started getting braxton hicks contractions. I get them every day randomly throughout the day (rarely more than one in an hour) and I know my body and this is so just the beginning of a million more contractions before the big day.  photo 012eresized_zps9df7e64e.jpg

It’s driving me a bit crazy to not even know where I’ll be delivering this boy! Will I spend Everett’s newborn days in Arizona or Colorado? Will we be in Washington? No clue and it’s only two months away! ha. Life’s nuts!
 photo 023eresized_zps8932d164.jpg

I have no idea why the older girls weren’t in this picture:  photo 026eresized_zps82d7b186.jpgWhere were they? Playing in their room with their door locked is my only guess. They love to lock out the little kids.

So the pregnancy nesting hit this month. It’s extreme! I suddenly want to not only clean every inch of my house but organize it as well. I burn myself out every single flipping day and the very next morning my spotless house is trashed again. Maybe I should give up.  photo 039eresized_zps766f9c80.jpg

I’m still sick of driving so far to get to the store. Nothing new there… but seriously when we live like 5 minutes from a store I’m going to die of happiness.  photo 053eresized_zps57945a6c.jpg photo 057eresized_zpscfd0bcea.jpg

In the cold section of WalMart Ember pretended to be freezing. She’s so cute, it’s not even fair to the rest of the world 😉  photo 060eresized_zpsb8881f33.jpg photo 062eresized_zpsa619fe0a.jpg

We walked down the Halloween aisle. That was a blast! I almost peed my pants from laughing when Payson got scared to death over a talking skeleton candy bowl. He’d been watching the girls play with it and laughed and said, “Let me try!” and when he put his hand in the bowl and the skeleton moved he jumped and squealed! haha! He knew it was coming but it still startled him.
I was standing there laughing so hard at that unexpected reaction and the more I tried to stop laughing, because what kind of wretched mom laughs at that?!, the more I laughed!  photo 084eresized_zps297c4f5e.jpg

Payson wasn’t scared at all of anything else but Ember was!! She was terrified of everything and I spent the entire time holding her or at the very least holding her hand and telling the other kids not to scare her. She was okay with them showing her masks but any scary sounds freaked her out!  photo 094eresized_zps669b4ba1.jpg photo 103eresized_zps3b475c47.jpg

It was still really sunny when we finished shopping. Really sunny. All the time. I dream of a place where it is fall, or cloudy, 10 months out of the year. ha  photo 117eresized_zpse305a6c9.jpg

Ember Helping Me Photograph My Belly

Ember had a lot of fun taking pictures with me to document my belly at 7 months along.  photo 012e2resized_zpsd4bd4087.jpg photo 051eresized_zpsa025780f.jpg

Pretty much all of my stretchmarks were from Payson. I guess a 9 1/2 pound baby stretches out the belly something major 😉  photo 032eresized_zps287818e7.jpg photo 037eeresized_zps9abf4bc0.jpg photo 048eresized_zps11d59f6b.jpg photo 041eresized_zpsc63b274a.jpg

At the end Ember wanted to do a whole bunch of silly faces. Most of them looked like the next two, so I’ll save you the scrolling and only post two of the 30 there are 🙂  photo 064eresized_zps82464965.jpg photo 066eresized_zps66e31a6c.jpg

Running Errands with Ember

Yesterday I had an obgyn checkup.
I started to blow dry and straighten my hair while Ember decided to raid my makeup basket. I didn’t want her to but I also wasn’t successful at distracting her with other toys and in the end I just let her pile on eye shadow and lip gloss. She was so sticky by the time she applied her tenth coat of lip gloss.

After she was done caking her face I wiped her down with a baby wipe. She pouted and said, “But now I not have makeup anymore.” And I said, “Of course you do, you have lots of pretty makeup! I was just wiping off the cereal on your face from breakfast!” She bought that and giggled and said, “Oh yeah!” (I love this about toddlers… so easy to avoid meltdowns, ha)  photo 021resized_zps4516d9a9.jpg photo 031eresized_zps71e6d245.jpg

After getting ready we drove on over to the doctor’s office.  photo 036eresized_zps6df7db63.jpg photo 037eresized_zps55a7ddac.jpg

My appointment only took like five minutes.  photo 040eresized_zps5ff7de2c.jpg

After my appointment we went to Costco to print some pictures.  photo 043eresized_zps182e50d2.jpg

Ember asked for pizza and I can almost never say no to Ember 😉  photo 049eresized_zps4589b867.jpg photo 056eresized_zps48ead4d9.jpg photo 060eresized_zps621f9857.jpg

After uploading pictures to print and eating pizza we went to Michael’s craft store to get some scrapbook stuff. I’m working on catching up on all the scrapbooking I’ve skipped since starting my blog in 2006. My goal is to finish before Everett’s born!

Ember fell asleep on the drive from Michael’s back to my doctor. (She’d left her bucket in the office so we went back to get it)
 photo 066eresized_zpsc5f1c380.jpg

After getting her bucket from the doctor’s office we went back to Costco to pick up pictures and buy a few things for lunches.  photo 071eresized_zpsfeff2bcf.jpg

I’m debating buying one of these animal bean bag chair things to use for Everett’s monthly comparison pictures. I would’ve bought one but I couldn’t decide if I love them or not so I didn’t. I like the texture of the fur on the giraffe but the bear is the only one with a really cute face. So I ended up leaving with neither and maybe I’ll ask Allan what he thinks of them.  photo 075eresized_zps0b4f07a6.jpg(Ember was sitting on them because I wanted to make sure they were comfy for three year olds as well as useful for growth photos.)

Ember was obsessed with all the toys in the store. She wanted to stop and look at and try out every single item! It was hard to convince her to leave her favorite toys. A doll stroller and the kitchen pictured below were her favorites.  photo 078eresized_zpsd9cddc4b.jpg

In the cold section getting fruit!  photo 096eresized_zps2b1cceb6.jpg photo 099eeresized_zpsc3e3d6f3.jpg

I bought us a frozen yogurt to share. I threw away about two thirds of it once we got to the car (I meant to tell them to fill it half full but forgot) and I was glad because Ember ate everything that was left in the cup. She probably would’ve eaten more if there had been more in the cup! Which I knew she would!  photo 105eresized_zps3983febd.jpg
And once we got home it was mad chaos for the rest of the day!

Doctor Appointments!

I picked the kids up from school an hour and a half early today for a vaccination appointment Payson had. I had to pick all three up early since I wouldn’t have made it home to get the girls from the bus.
I delayed Payson’s vaccinations when he was a baby because of all his health stuff and started getting his shots on a more spaced out time frame when he was 2 1/2. So he has two more shots (total) and he’ll be fully immunized!

Today was his third hep B (next month is his last) and then he has one more dtap (I think!) but the doctor says he has to wait until January for that one. And then he’s done!!

Payson was not excited about getting a shot (though both his big sisters LOVE having them done!) and was relieved to hear it was only one. Last time we went (a month ago) it was four shots!  photo 003eresized_zps72002a13.jpg

He was funny immediately hopping up on the table and then laying down for the exam he thought he was having. (The appointment was with the nurse only and only for a shot.)  photo 008eresized_zps1fba0e1b.jpg photo 010eresized_zps9852d6e5.jpg

In the waiting room Brooklyn had been trying to get Ember to sit on her lap but Ember had refused, wanting to stay with mommy or on mommy’s lap. In the exam room Brooklyn asked her again if she wanted to sit on her lap and when Ember said yes she was pretty happy about it.  photo 013eresized_zps9dac52ad.jpg photo 014eresized_zpsa4089b29.jpg

Payson goofed off until the nurse came in. And he did really well with his shot. It took a split second and he laughed about how nervous he’d been since it was over before he’d realized it’d begun!  photo 018eresized_zps151113e2.jpg

I had a OBGYN appointment next. The kids, Payson mostly, were bouncing off the walls and loud and it was really annoying! I was having a hard time talking to my doctor and it was an important conversation! I’m glad that the rest of my appointments are when the kids are in school!  photo 023eresized_zps09372bd7.jpg

These were taken when we’d just got into the room. Payson pretty much refused to sit still on the bench the rest of the time no matter what I said! (Ember was digging through my purse for a lollipop, I didn’t have any left)  photo 028eresized_zps8d0151b4.jpg

Next we went to Fry’s grocery store because we were seriously OUT of food. We needed stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!! Our fridge was bare and our pantry had only a few random things like tortilla chips and boxed mac and cheese.  photo 030eresized_zpsb474eb55.jpg

The kids were actually pretty decent in the store, thank goodness! I did NOT want to shop (I was like, fall to the floor tired!) and if they’d have been acting up (like they usually do) I think I would have been… more tired. haha  photo 032eresized_zpse3e72678.jpg photo 033eresized_zps6d8148ff.jpg photo 036eresized_zps6db02d31.jpg

I was going to take just that one group shot of us a few pictures up but the kids insisted on taking a dozen more silly shots. They were in good moods!  photo 040eresized_zpsd4b00b2f.jpg photo 041eresized_zpsa6ef7c42.jpg photo 051eresized_zpseca92a98.jpg photo 052eresized_zps810cee41.jpg photo 054eresized_zps37ed8e4d.jpg

Today We Went Out and Then We Came Home

Stressed out. Kids so noisy. So demanding. Get home. Send them to their rooms. Quiet time! Stay in there for a good half hour, kids.

Headphones in iPod. Blast the music. Louder always better. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Always better with them. Give it Away, Can’t Stop. Favorites. Drown out my life. That only motherhood is my life. Pretend to be just me. Pretend to remember who the hell Ariana even is. Was.  photo 059eresized_zpsa1e32844.jpg

And in other riveting news, this belly keeps growing. Bigger and bigger. 26 weeks along now.  photo 074eresized_zps07793474.jpg

I have another ultrasound in two weeks. And don’t vaginal exams start soon? That’ll be fun.  photo 086eresized_zpsa66508b1.jpg

Project Life for Baby!

I’ve been wanting to buy a core kit of Project Life since it very first came out years ago! I just never had quite enough motivation.

When I found out I was pregnant, a baby book was the first thing I went to purchase (like with every pregnancy of mine!), but in the store as I flipped through them and remembered how there are never enough spaces for all the pictures I want to include, I remembered Project Life!

I ordered my kit (in neutral because I didn’t like the colors in the boy kit) and when it came in the mail I was giddy with excitement. I love putting together baby books!! I used to love scrapbooking but it became too much of a pain to keep track of supplies and find time to pull everything out and sit down and do it once I had more than two children!

So, yesterday I started to put together Everett’s baby album and I am head over heels in love with Project Life!!!  photo 001eresized_zps8af83efd.jpg

Every time I find out I’m pregnant I immediately add a file to our filing cabinet for the baby. This file has been filling up with stuff since the day I found out I was pregnant! (The pregnancy test is in this file, too!)
I pulled it out to add all his ultrasound pictures to the album.
 photo 004eresized_zpse40c4996.jpg

Sorting pictures.  photo 007eresized_zps2d5c539b.jpg

These cards are the ones they recommend for the first page.  photo 010eresized_zpsddf8b84e.jpg

All his photos so far. (Minus a handful of them which are hanging on my fridge ♥)
I love seeing them like this!!  photo 011eresized_zpsc6a767b6.jpg

I printed a screen capture of his hand to add to his album.  photo 014eresized_zps4f155310.jpg

And that’s all I got to so far!!
After putting it all away and feeding the kids dinner, Ember and I headed outside to hang out.
 photo 021eresized_zps8fd4258a.jpg photo 067eresized_zps971919b1.jpg

She had a lot of fun watching the really tiny ants crawl around the curbing. She kept talking about the babies and what they were doing.
 photo 074eresized_zpse186b7a7.jpg

Oh and I’ll just add, my older three kids got in big trouble for something and were sent to their rooms. Sierra kept pushing notes out under her door.  photo 102eresized_zps2c6b1add.jpg

Mega iPod Dump!

I should add my iPod pictures to my regular posts more often. I do instagram a lot. My instagram username is Ariana_Tiffany. If you have instagram you should find me on there and we can be instagram friends!
Sorry in advance for the hodge podge nature of this post.

First up is a meal that Sierra loved. This was several weeks or a month ago. Spinach and cheese ravioli, chicken, and salad.  photo IMG_3645resized_zpsa779eacb.jpg

We’re stuck inside a lot from the heat so we play video games and watch TV a bunch. This day it was so hot outside (118) that even though our A/C was set to 70 (!) we were all sweaty and miserable. Video games that day were played a lot!
 photo IMG_3857resized_zpsfbdd6fa3.jpg

I bought some awesome books at Costco. They’re $7.99 each and they have grooved lines and shapes for little kids to trace with their fingers. This is pre-handwriting skill development. Ember loves these books. Loves, loves, loves them!!  photo IMG_4167eresized_zpsfd96ecf6.jpg photo IMG_4183eresized_zps700c42f0.jpg photo IMG_4193eresized_zps89173684.jpg

I also bought two boxes of learning cards. One for Ember and one for Payson. They look pretty simple (they teach letters and numbers) but when I opened up the box they were even better than I imagined!  photo IMG_4195resized_zps421d5264.jpg

They have cards (shown below) with a different thing to learn about on each and on the back of the card are little things to teach kids along with activities or small projects you can do to reinforce what they just learned!  photo IMG_4196resized_zpsd4c6493f.jpg

The activity on one of the cards (the big, bigger, biggest one) was to trace different family members’ hands and compare the size difference 🙂  photo IMG_4198resized_zps36bdbeb9.jpg

Ember using her tracing book again. I bring one of these books with us everywhere we go and she loves to trace the lines in the car.
 photo IMG_4226resized_zpse0c0f5b3.jpg

I don’t know why I took this?
 photo IMG_4234resized_zps79b93e62.jpg

My older girls fight a lot but really are best friends. I’m so glad they have each other to play with.  photo IMG_4259eresized_zps08d9efe2.jpg

Arts & crafts time!  photo IMG_4266eresized_zps8892313b.jpg

Spiderman poses.
 photo IMG_4276eresized_zps25cd164a.jpg

 photo IMG_4278eresized_zpsea4eb4d2.jpg

Brooklyn’s personality summed up in one picture.
 photo IMG_4295resized_zps8ba6b3af.jpg

The little kids’ craft was making a lei.
 photo IMG_4298resized_zpsaad77c5a.jpg photo IMG_4303resized_zps439827a4.jpg

The older girls were coloring pages from a coloring book we got at Costco.  photo IMG_4301resized_zpsfeda8611.jpg photo IMG_4302resized_zpsa55979b0.jpg

The little kids and their finished leis. (These were from our Mother Goose Time monthly kit)
 photo IMG_4309resized_zpsb221de2f.jpg photo IMG_4319resized_zpsdc8f19dd.jpg

Ember took her lei apart and put it back together a handful of times.
 photo IMG_4337resized_zps7b28a9db.jpg

Brooklyn’s been reading the Hobbit with Allan. She drew Gollum and Bilbo one day and I loved seeing her interpretation of them.
 photo IMG_4341resized_zpsa9e54017.jpg

I’ve tried dozens of brands/flavors of yogurt to try to get Ember to eat some and she’s adamantly refused all. She spotted this yogurt with Dora (her favorite) on the package and wanted it. And she ate it all!!!
 photo IMG_4346resized_zps93ce8cd0.jpg

The older girls’ craft was this kit with pom pom animals. Brooklyn got really pissed and attempted to ruin the supplies. She can’t do crafts aimed at her age range (she is a couple years behind other kids her age when it comes to motor skills) and this was was targeted for 8+. I really thought it’d be okay for her but I was dead wrong. She threw all the supplies around the room when I refused to let her cut them up with scissors. Back to simpler crafts we go!  photo IMG_4355resized_zps799d8474.jpg

And in the same time frame Ember ripped a few pages out of a library book. Thanks, Ember! I just love paying full price for a book! Especially one that’s old and has been flipped through and worn out by hundreds of kids for who knows how many years!  photo IMG_4356resized_zps432b7077.jpg

I made banana bread and it was super yummy. (If you google banana bread it’s the recipe from allrecipes that is called banana banana bread)  photo IMG_4357resized_zps6f5fe8d5.jpg

While I was cooking dinner Ember was playing with toys on the counter.
 photo IMG_4370resized_zps292439b0.jpg

Lately the older girls ask me often to take pictures of them so that they can play with the different photo apps I have on my iPod. Their favorite is LensLight.  photo IMG_4373eresized_zps13c3381b.jpg

I’m 22 weeks along. Measuring 24 weeks along! I have measured two weeks larger with all five of my pregnancies! (this is a flattering picture, I’m really much larger than I appear here, as you’ll see in the picture after the one below! lol)  photo IMG_4394eresized_zps005dfa93.jpg

iPod pictures are not accurate; which is awesome if you’re overweight like I am! lol. I always find it interesting when women only take pictures of their pregnant selves with an iphone/ipod/camera phone. I’ve never taken an iPod picture that accurately shows my size!  photo 127eresized_zps20db51d5.jpg

I gave Ember pigtails one day and Sierra asked if I could do the same to her hair. She even wanted to use Ember’s hair barrettes.  photo IMG_4411resized_zps71ac2f05.jpg

There was a major storm here Friday. We didn’t realize how big the storm would get so I let the kids play in the rain for a couple minutes. In that time it went from zero rain to pouring BUCKETS. Full on storm, really not okay for kids playing in!!! I had them all come inside right away.  photo IMG_4425eresized_zps5440ac69.jpg

Sierra slipped on the wet garage floor (our floor is slippery because it’s sealed with… something?) and smacked her head on the tire of our SUV. She immediately had the biggest goose egg I’ve ever seen and it freaked me out. I got her frozen veggies right away and had her sit down while I inwardly freaked out and thought about taking her to the ER. My kids’ heads have been bumped so many times though that I know the drill… you check for the “bad” signs and if they don’t have them then you just ice it every few hours. Her pupils were dilating, she wasn’t dizzy or confused or anything, she wasn’t tired or lethargic or ill in any other way. Her headache went away fairly shortly afterwards. To this day (two days later) it hurts if you touch her goose egg but besides that, she’s fine. Thank goodness! Regardless, I felt so sorry for her. The goose egg is on the back of her head (under her hair) and you can see it sticking out 🙁  photo IMG_4429resized_zpse2dbce03.jpg

We waited quite a while for the storm to die off. When it stopped raining I let the kids go outside and play in the fantastic puddles left behind!  photo IMG_4437eresized_zps9f1ab3cc.jpg photo IMG_4444eresized_zps6f08473b.jpg
And that wraps up my insanely jumbled, long iPod photos post!