Last Week of Belly, Day 2!

Your linea nigra is showing!

Sunday I brought all my non-maternity clothes out of storage and washed them. Well, the larger sized non-maternity clothes, that is. I know I won’t fit into the regular sized stuff until next year.

I tried them on and Sierra joined me for a picture.

And then Brooklyn did, too.

Brooklyn took this one. She’s getting pretty sick of taking these, though! She’d rather take pictures of a pair of pants on the floor or the TV or the wall or her own feet. lol

But then she really, really wanted to take a picture of me with Sierra and Payson showing their bellies. Which I thought was funny.

But then Payson got violent with my belly. (Not really, but it looks like it, ha)

And then I told Brooklyn she needed to be in one of the belly shots, too!
I don’t know how much to blog about what else is going on this week. It’s pretty boring.

I feel like I really, really want a week off. Never before have I wanted time away from everyone as much as I do right now. Yesterday I called Allan at work and told him it’d work for me if he took the week off and stayed with the kids while I went away until next Monday. lol

But not really funny, because I’m serious 😛


have been my dreams of late.
I have 6 more days with this belly. Figured I’d take daily belly pictures this week.

These shots are SOOC/SOOS.
SOOC = Straight Out Of the Camera (unedited) and SOOS = Straight Out of the Shower (heh)

I’m in shock that exactly a week from now I’ll be holding my baby girl.
Shock, excitement, anxiety, impatience are my dailies.

Unrelated to anything baby, man oh man I dislike blow drying my hair.

Mega Appointment Day

Yesterday Allan stayed home from work so that he could go with me to the many appointments we had.
With the baby coming so soon we had to squeeze in a few things right now because getting to them with a newborn won’t be fun for me.

In the morning all three kids had their dental checkups. Then later in the day Allan and I went to our dentist. Then I had my 37 week OB checkup.

It was stressful. If Allan hadn’t been there I am sure I would’ve had a nervous breakdown 😛

The only picture I took yesterday was this one at the dentist’s office. I was WAY too stressed to take more!
Allan came with me to my OB appointment since my doctor wanted to talk to me about induction. Very long story short I’m against almost everything medical about birth so no matter the reasons I would’ve said no to an induction. Allan is more of a voice or reason and can look at both options with a clearer head. lol

After talking we decided it was safer to induce for a few reasons so the plan is September 27th we’ll be going in. 10 days? Crazy.

Time Cannot Go Too Quickly

I’m 37 weeks along now. Full term. Only three more weeks! Well, if you’re counting (which I am), 2 weeks and 5 days.

That sounds so close, doesn’t it? I’ve reached that phase where I’m so anxious to have this baby! And also anxious to be able to live without pain. My backs/legs/neck/hips/uterus are not happy right now.

Yesterday morning the kids were laying together all cuddly and sweet. I ran for the camera, of course.

We had breakfast and then we plunged straight into schoolwork. After some worksheets and a language lesson I made them some edible playdough to play with while I cleaned the kitchen.

That darn kitchen just doesn’t stay clean for longer than five minutes!

Another thing that never stays done. Laundry. Hate it.

The only thing I took a picture of during the girls’ schooltime was when Sierra was measuring her length at birth and her current height and comparing the two. That was part of her all about me week.
Today I was feeling moody about things. Just tired and mopey about all the responsibilities I have that don’t go away just because my body hurts and I’m tired.

I decided I was going to find the little things that make me happy. Not only that I was going to write them down, I was even going to photograph some of them!

I started off with hard-boiled eggs. I love hard-boiled eggs because they’re super easy to make, they’re awesome protein and my kids love them.

And then I noticed my pile of thread on the counter (I’ve been making lots of stuff with felt) and boy do I love those colors!
If anyone knows where to find onesies in colors like those will you please let me know?! Just plain old onesies in super bright, happy colors.

Around this time I realized I didn’t take a belly shot for week 37 yet so I headed outside for it. My camera was being poopy about focusing and this is the only shot out of 20 that was focused. I think I look kinda moody.
I feel moody so I guess that works!

I don’t have too many pictures of my bare belly and looking back at pregnancy pictures those are the ones that interest me most so I took some in the mirror. I hate the way my stomach looks but a year from now I’ll love that I took these.

And then a nice, covered, “safe” belly picture. Ah, so much better with those stretchmarks hidden away from the world.

We went to register the girls for some fall classes. And then I had to stop at the store for some chicken for dinner. Before I went into the store with my kiddos I grabbed some gum. I love sweet mint Orbit.

The girls were happy in the backseat because a song they like was on.

Payson, on the other hand, was not happy. He is still in his cry-during-the-entire-drive-anywhere phase.

This is overexposed because I hadn’t messed with my settings yet but I love Brooklyn’s cute smile.

Brooklyn doesn’t like to be told no. Being told no turns her into a 2 year old.

But all is well five seconds later because there are live lobsters in the store.

Halloween stuff is out. Love it.

Payson is so different than the girls. Brooklyn and Sierra at his age would scream hysterically even being in the mask aisle. But not Payson… he thought they were scary but funny, too.

Brooklyn asked him if he wanted a kiss and he was saying, “Nooooo.”
And then we came home and did some fun stuff (post below), and I made dinner (took me a freaking hour) and we got the kids in bed and I edited these pictures and uploaded them and it’s now way too freaking late and we have a lot of appointments tomorrow to go to.
Gonna be a long day! Thankfully Allan’s going to be there for it all!

36 Weeks 2 Days

Dang, I’ve been trying to blog every day and yesterday broke my daily streak 🙁

Yesterday was super busy all morning with cleaning, cooking and school time with the kids. I usually can steal some time to blog while Payson’s napping and the girls are coloring but yesterday right at Payson’s naptime Sierra slammed the bathroom door closed on his fingers and he cried on and off the rest of the day.
I ended up holding him for about 5 hours straight. Oh boy did my uterus hurt! lol

Today his fingers are fine (they looked fine yesterday, too, red and swollen but nothing that would suggest a doctor’s visit being needed) and that was really great because I had my OB appointment today!

I had to have the strep B test done (yay for men other than your husband seeing you naked!) and got my cervix checked. I’m 2cm dilated and 50% effaced which is pretty darn typical for me at this point.

Oh and I totally got a bonus exam today by some strange man I’ve never met. Yay for student training!

(Just a note… I tend to have anxiety attacks when I’m supposed to have vaginal exams done! I couldn’t believe I had to have an extra exam done… well I didn’t have to have it done but when your doctor asks you if it’s ok if Mr. “so-and-so” does an exam because he’s training to be a doc and Mr. “so-and-so” is standing right there it’s kinda hard to say no!)

The exams went fine, though. My doctor is so awesome that we were all talking and laughing through it! That sounds weird when I type it! But it wasn’t. lol
And it only took about 30 seconds total even with the “bonus” exam.
Ok enough about exams!!

I also got an ultrasound today. I’m measuring a week ahead (have been all along) and since Payson was such a gigantic baby they wanted to check this babe’s size.

Which I thought was majorly a waste of time since ultrasounds are almost always inaccurate ?

But I got to see the baby girl again and boy is she cute in there! I could’ve sat there all afternoon watching her on the screen <3

She’s measuring 6 lbs. 8 ounces. Add a pound and a half to either end of that number and you have her weight range. ha

And it turns out I have a whole heckuva lot of extra amniotic fluid. Which doesn’t mean anything bad or good… just means my uterus is larger than if I had the normal amount of amniotic fluid.

And that’s it for my riveting pregnancy update!

26 more days. Man oh man I hope they go fast!

34 Weeks

Payson wanted to be in the belly shots this time.

Things are going pretty well. I’m a lot more achy and feel a lot heavier. I have many Braxton Hicks contractions every day. Which is all normal for me at this phase of pregnancy.

Baby girl is still a really gentle baby. She moves around and does her stretching but it’s all so mellow. I’m getting more ansy to meet her and get to know her. To see if she’s as gentle and mellow once outside as she is now.

I’ve had people ask me if I’m worried or nervous about having a fourth child.
I’m really not, actually. Not even a little bit.
I think I’m at a point in life where everything in life is hard so the idea of it getting harder doesn’t really compute. lol
If this baby has colic like Payson had things will be really difficult for 3-6 months. I’ll not get much sleep and I’ll be overwhelmed and stressed out.
But I’ll get through it.
And I think I’ll probably even handle it better than I did with Payson because I’ve experienced it before. Part of what made taking care of Payson so difficult in those newborn never-sleep-at-all days was the worry and confusion. I had no idea what was wrong with him and was frustrated by doctors refusing to help in any way.

When I figured out he has allergies and made the changes to his diet and he was suddenly more normal, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and even now, it is hard dealing with two major allergies (gluten and dairy for those new readers) but at least I know that if he gets diarrhea or is super cranky one day (like, cry-all-day cranky) it’s because he got ahold of his sisters’ food or there was some random ingredient in something I gave him that I missed when reading the label. Because I always read the label carefully but gluten can be tricksy and hide in all kinds of fun places! There have been a million things I’ve learned during the past year about gluten and where it is and what it can be called.
Like modified food starch = diarrhea for Payson. Stuff like that. It’s lots of fun!

Ok not really and I didn’t mean to get so off topic.

So yeah, I’m not nervous but I’m not expecting some easy transition either. I’m just ready for it. I’m aware of the possibility of added stress and work and sleep deprivation and I’m ok with it 🙂

Bits of School, Belly, Light Rain

Language – We’re using First Language Lessons and I’ve really had a major love/hate relationship with it. I like it but it gets so boring. The first 80 pages are all about nouns! I suppose at the end of the book Brooklyn will be an expert at nouns, right? lol

Math – Oh math, how you torture Brooklyn. We’ve been using Horizons 1 and it’s clear that it’s not going to work for Brooklyn. We’ll be switching to Math Mammoth this month.

In the meantime I made a list of concepts to work with her on and we use the white board to do most of the learning.

Measurement –

I’m 33 weeks along now. 7 more weeks to go.

Everything for baby is purchased and ready to go. It’s freaking awesome knowing that for the next month and a half I get to sit back and just wait 🙂 Photobucket

Lastly, a couple pictures from yesterday of the kids out in the rain.

I Am Not Alone

She makes her presence known. Oh does she make her presence known.
She is the calmest baby in the womb. She does her streches and kicks a bit but she is mostly calm and mellow and gentle. If this is any indication of her personality I am going to be one lucky mama come October.

But my body. I feel my body is more hers than mine right now.

Anything good has gone to baby and there is nothing left for me to use.

The smallest of tasks seem like mountains to climb.

Get out of bed? I’d rather not.
Get dressed? T-shirt and underwear are clothes enough.
Makeup? ha, that’s a good one.
Bathing? Only because the hot water relaxes my very achy body.
Eating? Why?
School work with the kids? Just plain old worksheets and book reading, no above and beyond happening around here.
Attention for my husband? Sorely lacking.

Desire to do anything at all besides lay on the couch? Nope. Just nope.

32 Weeks.

8 more weeks? How will I?