Some Belly

A couple of my belly.

A few of me and the girls.

Look at her face. She is so excited about Payson joining our family. She’s constantly talking to him, about him, asking me if he’s kicking, feeling my belly, kissing my belly…

Surprise, surprise, Sam’s Club.

Oh and my outfit in the pictures is courtesy of Mary. She brought over a box full of maternity clothes and I’m sooo thankful. All my shirts were getting too short.
Also, while on the subject of Mary- we ran into her at Sam’s Club. It was pretty funny. I got to see her parents who are in town and the cousins got to play for a bit in the aisles (uh, yeah and they were loud). I’m looking forward to everyone being healthy so we can start hanging out again. (The entire family here in Texas has been sick!)

And just one of the girls playing together first thing this morning.

That Was a Long Ultrasound!

I saw the gender before the nurse even said anything. I started laughing.
Want to know what my baby is???

There are seriously no words to express the joy and excitement I’m feeling. It’s unbelievable.

The Dr’s exact words were, “there’s no question that it’s a boy!”

He also said a couple times during the ultrasound, “your baby is extremely active.” I told Allan that and he said something about the baby being athletic, lol.
We’re just too excited for words.

tap, tap, tap

I’m sitting here listening to this song about kids growing up fast and feeling Payson tapping away in my belly. His kicks are really strong tonight (strong for a 17 week old fetus, lol) and everytime I feel one I instantly smile. I put my hand on my belly and immediately felt his little kick and just felt a surge of love.

I love the second trimester.