Moving to Idaho!

Two things before I start:
-I didn’t take that many pictures because I mostly took video of the entire trip.
-I wanted to share that finished edited video but my computer or internet connection just won’t allow it. My set up can’t handle uploading anything larger than two minutes these days and the finished video is 22 minutes.
I really wanted to share the video but at least I got that video burned to a DVD and we watched it as a family yesterday. There was lots of laughing and “aaaawwwws” that made me realize how horrible I’ve been about watching the hundreds of family movies we have! I haven’t burned even a half percent of our footage from the computer to DVDs and that makes me so sad! I’m going to make it top computer-time priority these days to burn our family videos to DVD so we can watch them together!

And lastly before I get to the moving pictures, I wanted to say that I’ve absolutely hated my lack of consistent blogging during the last year and have made a firm goal of blogging daily for the next full month! I really mean it, too. I love blogging. I really love blogging. It makes me sick that my stress and busyness has kept me from my favorite hobby! That and scrapbooking! I am going to catch back up on my scrapbooks! I actually took a few hours last month when we were still in Colorado and caught up on scrapbooking until last December. That was about 5 months of scrapbooking all at once. I could not have done it without project life. I know I may be silly about my passion with project life, but it seriously changed my entire photo world. I needed that, too! I was getting sick of never sitting down to look at my photos with my kids. Now we have updated scrapbooks that they look at all the time! Scrapbooking is a burden sometimes, it can be tedious and expensive, but it really is worth it to me.

Okay, I’ve gone on and on and now let’s get to the photos! Half of these are just the photos that I took when setting up my light and exposure to take video so excuse that… haha.

Ready to leave! We stopped in our driveway in Colorado and Brooke said a prayer to bless our journey with safety and peace and quiet and good attitudes 🙂  photo 003eresized_zpsbrvwlz1x.jpg photo 779eresized_zpswgoqb1f6.jpg

I held off giving the kids their road trip bags for a few hours. They were excited when it was time to do their crafts and play with their little toys. (They had brought things to do from their rooms, but I didn’t give them the new stuff until a couple hours in) photo 785eresized_zpsij5mhsmk.jpg photo 791eresized_zpsfveouudv.jpg photo 801eresized_zps6djcruyl.jpg photo 007eresized_zpsdka4z86g.jpg photo 009eresized_zpstwqemg1c.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsfabthuys.jpg

 photo 019eresized_zpswacoqjuo.jpg photo 026eresized_zpsskgqibsa.jpg

I have a lot of breastfeeding pictures from the road trip! I don’t know why because I don’t usually take a lot of breastfeeding pictures and never more than a couple in one day. I think I just breastfed Everett a lot and was sitting there while the kids and Allan were out playing or getting gas or inside gas stations getting treats so I would be just sitting there and think… well, might as well take a picture. ha  photo 044eresized_zpsji9oe2jj.jpg

We had lunch at McDonald’s. We were going to only eat healthy food on the road trip but that darn McDonald’s went and made their happy meal toys My Little Pony and all four of my kids are obsessed with My Little Pony so the happy meal toys drew us in.  photo 048eresized_zpszt5udrme.jpg photo 049eresized_zpscrnw9cjb.jpg

I try to feed Everett all organic, natural, healthy foods but he did get a couple fries. He saw me dipping mine in BBQ sauce (I like my fries like that) and copied me! It was so adorable because he ate both his fries like that! So cute!!  photo 052eresized_zpszkdjwvlc.jpg

Pardon the giant black spot on this next picture. We got a new point and shoot camera because our old one finally broke and it has a lens hood on it that blocks the flash and I didn’t know. I took it off eventually but this picture was cuter than the ones without black spots.  photo 081eresized_zpsm0chnaja.jpg

We went to Famous Dave’s for dinner! It was so freaking good! Seriously the best food and experience and the final bill for all 7 of us only $24!! Before tip and we leave hefty tips but the actual food price was super reasonable. The server gave us a bunch of corn bread muffins, too. I don’t know if they always give them out for free but they didn’t charge us for them and they were one of all of our favorite parts.  photo 082eresized_zpsqma0qoq3.jpg photo 821eresized_zpsucyrqbzv.jpg photo 822eresized_zpsroxqrakd.jpg photo 825eresized_zps4x4pfvfo.jpg  photo 087eresized_zpss2ta0g5l.jpg

So again, pardon the black shaded part in the left corner. I keep that lens hood on all the time and with this being a brand new camera the habit of removing it isn’t there yet. haha  photo 091eresized_zpsshgrousj.jpg photo 095eresized_zpsehpec6o9.jpg

I wanted a picture with the kids and Allan also took these of me with Everett. Everett caught site of a flag and freaked out with joy. He fell madly in love with flags last month during a lunch trip to Chik-fil-A. He thought the sight of them way up high, waving in the breeze was really cool.  photo 097eresized_zpsa6ibxcrq.jpg

We got to Bellgrade, MO and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I’m recovering from major germophobia so Allan spent a lot of time researching hotels and got us really nice hotels for our road trip and first week in Idaho. I was really happy with them and didn’t feel grossed out one bit!  photo 105eresized_zpsvqjto7m2.jpg photo 113eresized_zpski7sacsw.jpg

Morning in the hotel.  photo 832eresized_zpsyfoqf2wq.jpg photo 828eresized_zpsen6uxcnh.jpg photo 827eresized_zpsp0c7e39u.jpg photo 829eresized_zpsnjgstpyo.jpg photo 833eresized_zpsfflcuyvr.jpg

My kids are big fans of hotel breakfasts!  photo 837eresized_zpsfb0r5kqf.jpg photo 843eresized_zpsb7zchrrq.jpg

This hotel had a particularly great breakfast! Eggs, sausage, pancakes, muffins, cereal, yogurt, fruit, rolls, biscuits, bagels, and much more! We were truly stuffed when we left the hotel! haha  photo 860eresized_zpsxcxhkrdf.jpg photo 862eresized_zpsih2udk35.jpg photo 867eresized_zpsd1bkn8fa.jpg

The weather did some amazingly cool things during the second day of our road trip! It was foggy and dark, snowing a lot and bright, and eventually turned to lightly cloudy and sunny. It was such a gorgeous day and time of year for a road trip to Idaho!
I wanted to take more pictures of the scenery but our window was super dirty (lots of dead bugs! haha) and my point and shoot would focus on the bugs instead of the stuff outside the car! I could’ve used my 5D but I just didn’t. I used the point and shoot for 90% of the photos and videos just because it was easier.  photo 121eresized_zpscjbi7er4.jpg photo 127eresized_zpsg1avfzz5.jpg

The kids had lots of fun little crafts that I put in their Easter baskets. Easter was a road trip theme for us this year. They had some little fish that came with stickers and googly eyes to stick on and Ember did this.  photo 139eresized_zpsdmwchuii.jpg

This was at the very last gas station stop we had during the road trip. Allan took the four older kids in the gas station to spend the rest of their road trip money on treats and I breastfed Everett again.  photo 143e2resized_zpsyltctspk.jpg photo 144eresized_zpsvuxqq846.jpg

Can you guess what Everett was looking at in these photos? A flag! haha photo 156e2resized_zpsxfwcd2ul.jpg

The kids actually didn’t have a lot of junk food during the trip up to this point. We ate at McDonald’s for both lunches so snacks were relatively healthy in the car. By this time though almost in celebration they bought chips and candy and were really excited about it all. haha! I only took a picture of Ember because I was setting my exposure and video recorded right then instead.  photo 157eresized_zpskmryvagw.jpg

It was difficult to get a photo by the Welcome to Idaho sign because the freeway was super busy there. I didn’t like that people could watch Allan and me as they drove by. That was weirdly embarrassing for me!  photo 167eresized_zpssgwdy4du.jpg photo 885eresized_zps7svyer9t.jpg photo 171eresized_zpszbpkit0k.jpg

Because Allan was towing his boat we had to stop at the weigh station.  photo 182e2resized_zps7fnr4qiv.jpg photo 186eresized_zps0unil7xw.jpg photo 192e2resized_zpstpnov0pg.jpg photo 195eresized_zpsagf4daok.jpg

And then the next stop was at our hotel in Coeur d’Alene!  photo 205eresized_zps7lb8cgkq.jpg

This was our view from our hotel room. Trees! And in the far back of the parking lot you can see our sequoia and Allan’s boat.  photo 207eresized_zpsosolkunj.jpg

We brought a bunch of our stuff up from the car to the room because we would be staying in that hotel for a few days. And by we I mean Allan. I hung out with the kids while he went and got the stuff from the car.  photo 210eresized_zpsjgz9lv7r.jpg photo 211eresized_zps0knrtpyv.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsc3h1smfw.jpg

Before heading out I took a group picture because I liked the group picture from our hotel in Castle Rock last summer.  photo 223eresized_zpsms5zth6f.jpg

From the hotel we drove to our house! It was locked of course so we just hung out in the backyard for a while. These are unedited photos, it was a gorgeous day!  photo 230eresized_zpsdjlryfdc.jpg photo 233eresized_zpsbea7ukpo.jpg

Next we went to the storage unit where Allan had left his corolla when he’d gone to Idaho the week before we moved. He took out the corolla and put his boat in instead. I drove the sequoia back to the hotel and he drove the corolla.  photo 240eresized_zpse7raaupj.jpg photo 241eresized_zpslqjlnybr.jpg photo 246eresized_zpslc0nurua.jpg

We were all starving by this point so we went out to eat. Everyone wanted Panda Express so I didn’t get Cafe Rio.  photo 248eresized_zpsgqsx0hub.jpg photo 250eresized_zpsti4jbkf5.jpg photo 251eresized_zpsajuzelqo.jpg

Every person got a fortune cookie and Ember loved that!  photo 254eresized_zpskqlq9qeo.jpg

Speaking of Miss Picky. She wouldn’t touch a single thing at Panda Express so we stopped at a grocery store so I could run in and grab her some things to bring in to eat.  photo 261eresized_zpsd09pjftm.jpg

Then we went back to the hotel for the night.  photo 269eresized_zpsfptfdjnp.jpg
So that’s all from the actual road trip. I have a lot more photos from our first couple weeks here in Idaho! I’m excited to get a chance to sit down and blog them in the next week. As for right this second, I’m off to do some major unpacking. Most of the house is unpacked but now I’m in the worst phase of it all, the organizing! I have stuff everywhere that doesn’t have its own “home” yet. So yeah, piles and piles of random stuff I have to put away. Basically it’s just like having the most messy house you could possibly have. haha

Pretty Places, Photographed by my 50D!

A pretty place we visited! So, so pretty! We brought my 50d and the point and shoot and Allan even snapped pictures with his iphone. Fun times.  photo 083eresized_zps2c0132c8.jpg photo 085eresized_zps5951f516.jpg photo 088eresized_zps81bb42c6.jpg photo 100eresized_zps9ae56334.jpg

Everett was desperate for Allan to hold him once we got out of the car. Everett really, really loves his dad!  photo 111eresized_zpsb23878af.jpg photo 113e2resized_zps058a5ee2.jpg

Allan made a fire.  photo 119e2resized_zps0da487d7.jpg photo 119e3resized_zps588b2ed3.jpg

The kids love watching Allan make fires. I remember vividly being little and watching my dad make a fire. I was always so impressed with my dad and how it seemed like he could do anything! ♥  photo 121eresized_zps32b0c834.jpg photo 124eresized_zpsc7e40f2f.jpg photo 130eresized_zps5f26149d.jpg photo 131bwresized_zps93a4f09b.jpg photo 136e2resized_zpsc5dbf7f8.jpg photo 145bwresized_zps161dd46c.jpg photo 152bwresized_zps1a5ac4cb.jpg photo 154eresized_zpsfd555862.jpg

Oh hey, my husband! Just looking straight at the camera! I swear Allan and I barely see each other anymore. Our kids are always up late, Everett’s in our bed, Allan works late and has a long commute, and we haven’t had a date in over four years!
 photo 159eresized_zps9053ee0b.jpg

Look at all those munchkins! They are so much work, more work than I can handle most days, but they’re adorable and I love them to death.  photo 164e2resized_zps4fe22e6f.jpg photo 169eresized_zps1e89833a.jpg photo 179eresized_zps3237ee39.jpg photo 192eresized_zps4ebf64f7.jpg

Allan and I always talk about how badly we want to buy a house with property and live off the land more. Have animals, a big garden… some day.  photo 202eresized_zps28b4c067.jpg photo 204eresized_zps4b7cf63b.jpg photo 205eresized_zps563d78ff.jpg photo 211eresized_zpsc50812c9.jpg

I noticed Ember’s shoes on the wrong feet and snapped a picture. For the last year she almost always puts her shoes on the wrong feet. And there’s a reason! She lines her shoes up in front of her with the soles facing her. She puts them together so they’re facing each other the right way… can you get a visual from my bad explanation? Imagine you sit and have the bottoms of your shoes facing you. If they are curved into each other you’re holding your right shoe with your left hand and your left shoe with your right. Therefore she’s lined them up right by looking at the bottoms but they’re technically in the wrong hands so she puts them on the wrong feet!  photo 219eresized_zps3f83e580.jpg photo 223eresized_zps89a16309.jpg photo 226eresized_zps2fbe71eb.jpg

I found these nitrate-free hotdogs at Wal-Mart! I think they’re a brand new product. I was excited about not having to go to Sprouts for hotdogs if I didn’t want to. Wal-Mart has an option!  photo 232eresized_zps20c2a1c3.jpg photo 240eresized_zpsd654dc35.jpg photo 254eresized_zps042fa9e0.jpg

Okay I have about twenty pictures to post right now which is an obscene amount but there’s a story! Payson’s marshmallow caught on fire and turned black. He didn’t want a burnt marshmallow so Allan said he’d eat it and give Payson a new one. Payson was unsure about this whole situation… probably worried about that burnt marshmallow and worried Allan wouldn’t give him another. His face during this entire exchange cracks me up!  photo 257eresized_zpsf19fa428.jpg photo 258eresized_zps8d05d35f.jpg photo 259eresized_zps5452e84e.jpg photo 260eresized_zpsd2272cba.jpg photo 261eresized_zps79385b0a.jpg photo 263eresized_zpsc6f3d42b.jpg photo 264eresized_zpsf4795e5f.jpg  photo 265eresized_zps567418a0.jpg photo 267eresized_zpsea947457.jpg photo 268eresized_zps490f9b12.jpg

He was really happy to get a “new” marshmallow but very serious about making sure not to burn this one!  photo 269eresized_zps5d55b57c.jpg photo 270eresized_zpse13c249f.jpg photo 271eresized_zps35ca80b4.jpg photo 272eresized_zps0571f1c3.jpg photo 275eresized_zps9ec0a967.jpg photo 287eresized_zpsf456d55a.jpg photo 291eresized_zpsbc93a04e.jpg photo 293eresized_zps666b6d1a.jpg photo 296eresized_zps26fc8dab.jpg

Sierra wanted some pictures of her with her marshmallow. She is just so adorable!  photo 303eresized_zps70cfa8ce.jpg

She loves to do a really great smile and then silly faces, too.  photo 306eresized_zpsb6d99957.jpg photo 308eresized_zps7c55190d.jpg photo 310eresized_zps3e618701.jpg

And of course Brooke has the silly face pictures nailed.  photo 312eresized_zps764e6e2d.jpg photo 313eresized_zpscf3c86c0.jpg photo 316eresized_zpsf2a768c2.jpg photo 322eresized_zpsd7176391.jpg photo 324eresized_zpsd7e8d285.jpg photo 329eresized_zpsa825af78.jpg photo 791eresized_zps3094569b.jpg

Allan and I traded off holding Everett. I mostly hold him while Allan does the fire/dinner thing but Everett wants his dad so much he does hold him, too.
We went on a small walk after this and then went home. This is the last picture I took 🙂  photo 336eresized_zps6cb54962.jpg

Back to the Rental

We head back to my favorite rental to feel it out again. We need to make a decision as soon as possible since we’re living in a hotel and THAT doesn’t work. It’s stressful because we’ll be here for the next year of our lives and we don’t want to choose wrong!  photo 377bwresized_zpsfad05f05.jpg photo 378eresized_zps5db55d93.jpg photo 383eresized_zps91916b66.jpg

This house feels cozy to me. I love spending time here. I’m sold. Allan isn’t at all. The idea of that steep driveway covered in snow in the winter bothers him a lot.  photo 395eresized_zps84480e94.jpg photo 406eresized_zpsa862434f.jpg photo 409eresized_zps4974596e.jpg photo 418eresized_zps485a40f5.jpg

After spending 9 months in a home without a bit of carpet it’s amazing being in and hanging out in all these homes with carpet! Allan and I vow that wherever we end up living… it has to have carpet!  photo 424eresized_zps75327b6c.jpg photo 438eresized_zps8b14bcc8.jpg

My kids love to love on Everett. Everett doesn’t enjoy being loved on. haha  photo 448eresized_zpsac434fe3.jpg photo 459eresized_zpsc7fe5d28.jpg photo 467eresized_zps71304c84.jpg photo 469eresized_zps1c02d0d0.jpg photo 479eresized_zpse04226d3.jpg

We spend time in the front yard and on the driveway. Allan checks out the driveway from many angles and thinks and thinks.  photo 482eresized_zps7a6c8d7f.jpg photo 488eresized_zps224ae33e.jpg photo 498cloneeresized_zps6ce61235.jpg photo 503eresized_zps87cac497.jpg photo 505eeresized_zpsc4be294d.jpg

Next we stop for lunch at Village Inn before heading to look at a couple other rentals.  photo 511bwresized_zps6ab603ce.jpg photo 515bwresized_zpsa95a29a2.jpg photo 522bwresized_zps28d3f4c7.jpg photo 525eresized_zpsa278e2da.jpg photo 539eresized_zps71af98b4.jpg

Everett poops. To avoid him grabbing at his diaper while I change him (his favorite thing to do) I let him hold a sucker we got from Village Inn.  photo 544eresized_zpsa2ce2df2.jpg photo 547eresized_zps4ed791e6.jpg photo 566eresized_zps5077858e.jpg

 photo 568eresized_zps583f242c.jpg

 photo 572eresized_zps994f2525.jpg

We have an appointment to look at a certain house the next day. Because we couldn’t see it that day we figure we’ll at least look at the neighborhood and look around the house and see if we can peek in the windows. We can and it’s gorgeous inside. Allan is in love and pretty much sold already. We’re looking forward to our appointment the next day!!  photo 581eresized_zps8fdb33f1.jpg

Everett had fallen asleep in the car. I kept the doors open and stood outside the car and just let him sleep. I hung my jacket over his door since the sun was shining right on him with the door open.  photo 578eresized_zps543368f0.jpg photo 584eresized_zps89b76e50.jpg

After snooping around the house we drive to Bass Pro Shops before heading back to our hotel.  photo 591eresized_zps3926a6ad.jpg photo 596eresized_zps48dfd4f7.jpg photo 603eresized_zpsc95930b3.jpg photo 605eresized_zps6b7755b1.jpg photo 606eresized_zps880f9805.jpg photo 612eresized_zps61fc13ca.jpg photo 623eresized_zps222420bd.jpg

On the drive home it’s raining. Not too long after the rain stops one of the kids point out a vivid double rainbow. We watch it as we drive, amazed by how intense the color is. I hope a bit that it’s still in the sky when we stop so I can snap a picture.
It’s slightly faded by the time we get to the hotel but still showing enough to try for a photo.  photo 626eresized_zpsdd4a0c03.jpg photo 630e3resized_zps5d9aad86.jpg

Dinner that night was fast food and ramen and some other crap… I don’t remember except that it was nothing healthy. lol
We ate in the breakfast room downstairs because there was a game on TV and… I don’t really remember why we watched it there actually.  photo 638eresized_zpsb6445ab2.jpg photo 658eresized_zps86e82888.jpg

Hotel baths.  photo 666bwresized_zps8245f029.jpg

Some before-bed playing.  photo 676eresized_zps1de89062.jpg photo 682eresized_zpse4635eec.jpg photo 684eresized_zps5b85271d.jpg

That’d Be My Baby Eating Puffs

 photo 030eresized_zps927c5915.jpg photo 054eresized_zps86844b48.jpg photo 057eresized_zpsfef1c474.jpg photo 062eresized_zpsdedf6c48.jpg photo 061eresized_zps96500968.jpg photo 092eresized_zpsb1d08b30.jpg photo 105eresized_zpsc8640582.jpg photo 111eresized_zpsff80aa67.jpg photo 122eresized_zps7c6a7bfa.jpg photo 125eresized_zps999749e8.jpg photo 126eresized_zpsb6f7093a.jpg

Always snapping shots of his fingers. photo 168eresized_zps5e735572.jpg photo 174eresized_zps4c55790c.jpg

The nice thing about having a private blog is I don’t have to apologize for posting ten thousand pictures. I love taking and posting an excessive amount of photos. So that’s what I’m doing 🙂  photo 193eresized_zps8f4c731c.jpg photo 196eresized_zps0b679c2c.jpg photo 198eresized_zps704b10d7.jpg photo 200eresized_zpsc70753ec.jpg

Ember came in to join him.  photo 216eresized_zpse249c120.jpg

And wanted some attention.  photo 232eresized_zps5cd5f696.jpg

“Mom take a picture of me like this. And like this. And this one, mom. And take a picture of this.”  photo 245eresized_zpsce11f2cc.jpg photo 248eresized_zps0dbf5cee.jpg photo 255eresized_zps328b992a.jpg photo 259eresized_zpsaefde8ca.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsfd008659.jpg photo 274eresized_zps07866c5d.jpg photo 280eresized_zps183c63f9.jpg photo 286eresized_zps998b2494.jpg

And then Ember gave me the idea to make a fort. And that was fun.  photo 297eresized_zps12041a16.jpg photo 300eresized_zpsb41dde65.jpg photo 307eresized_zps2dfa3559.jpg photo 331eresized_zps5339f1d2.jpg

And then we played with Play-Doh.  photo 013eresized_zps5570cd55.jpg

And then we went and picked Brooke up from school. And Ember fell asleep on the way home. And stayed asleep for an hour.  photo 016eresized_zps986090ba.jpg photo 023eresized_zpsc5ea4e80.jpg

And then I bought a new app called Art of Glow and the kids loved it so much it entertained them for close to an hour.  photo 696bwresized_zps7aa40644.jpg photo 703bwresized_zps13f3fd85.jpg photo 709bwresized_zps5f3bf056.jpg

Going to the Lake!

I found out about this awesome little lake that’s pretty close to our house. We went there in the late afternoon to see if it was any good.  photo 152eresized_zps580f42ff.jpg photo 155eresized_zps922c01c5.jpg

It has been a super long time since my kids got to go swimming so they were very excited! They had the bestbest time ever. It was awesome.  photo 159eresized_zpse1d813e6.jpg photo 160eresized_zps47bc598b.jpg photo 165eresized_zps2120162e.jpg photo 192eresized_zps2c500a20.jpg photo 210eresized_zpsa62889ac.jpg photo 215eresized_zps27754964.jpg

I held Everett almost the whole time. He loved watching his siblings playing in the water. He loved watching the water, too! He was enthralled with everything basically 🙂  photo 222eresized_zpsd9189cb9.jpg photo 229eresized_zpsec354415.jpg photo 238eresized_zps9b143074.jpg photo 242eresized_zps3e4af152.jpg photo 248eresized_zps37a5376e.jpg photo 265eresized_zps6498f521.jpg photo 268eresized_zps5a60d4b5.jpg

I couldn’t find Ember’s swimming suit before we left so she was wearing Sierra’s old size 6 swimsuit top with her regular old undies! She was cute even with a thrown together swim outfit!  photo 280e2resized_zps40aacf47.jpg photo 293bwresized_zps615f70c7.jpg photo 297eresized_zps56edb8ff.jpg photo 311eresized_zps368f228f.jpg

I love being a mom… as difficult as it can be, there are just so many parts that are magical. In a few years I won’t look down and see this view:  photo 313eresized_zps3f97158c.jpg

I just!  photo 326eresized_zps333aba6d.jpg photo 330eresized_zps6d3f8f3d.jpg photo 332e2resized_zps32968e2a.jpg photo 342eresized_zps9102a715.jpg

Those healing hands, holding on to me. I’m so lucky to be the one he grips… just so lucky.  photo 349eresized_zpsd78f241c.jpg photo 352eresized_zps259bfa95.jpg

I tried putting Everett in his chair for a while so I could play a bit better with the other kids a few feet from him. Luckily we were basically alone at the lake so it felt safe to have him sitting right there with a perfect view of us.  photo 356eresized_zps511bc718.jpg photo 391eresized_zps82f9cfba.jpg

Having a go at sand castle building for, I think, the very first time in his life!  photo 398eresized_zps03301b48.jpg photo 410eresized_zpsb2be5fe8.jpg photo 419eresized_zps0ca5d8f5.jpg photo 428eresized_zpsfe337323.jpg

It’s getting late. It’s getting chilly. Time to go!  photo 443eeresized_zps4cfc274e.jpg photo 452eresized_zpsbaac394c.jpg

But first a snack.  photo 462eresized_zps4b79107c.jpg

I was smart and brought a gallon jug filled with tap water and a bottle of hand soap. After changing, the kids were able to fully wash their hands and enjoy their food without lake water hands! It was such a good moment hanging out by our car snacking and hanging out after such a good time swimming.  photo 466eresized_zpsae5b5f53.jpg photo 468eresized_zpse2bfce61.jpg photo 481eresized_zps97c68a84.jpg photo 490eresized_zps86674103.jpg photo 500eresized_zps8cba5d1e.jpg photo 501eresized_zpsf5de22b7.jpg

Bath time once home. I obviously didn’t photograph the older girls during their showers. haha! But these three munchkins… I don’t bathe them all together very often, usually only when I want to rush things because we get home late. But seeing them all there in the tub together is fun 🙂 (that’s not Everett’s wiener showing in the pic, btw, it’s his hand holding his wiener! haha, boys!)  photo 560bwresized_zpsb639f5ab.jpg


 photo 297eresized_zps0166c575.jpgI started Everett off in the stroller thinking we were only getting a couple things but quickly went for a cart when my arms filled up. Everett loves riding in the cart these days! He bangs his casts against the handle and smiles and giggles up at me. Cute.  photo 300eresized_zps08bd26cb.jpg photo 304eresized_zpsfb87993f.jpg

A different day:  photo 322eresized_zps907cf3b1.jpg

I believe this was Saturday night and Allan stayed with the other three kids. That made my shopping trip a thousand times easier!
Ember begged to ride in the cart with Everett so I let her. Why not?  photo 325eresized_zps49e9d4cc.jpg photo 329eresized_zps5f1360cc.jpg

The next day we went to another city here in Colorado to look at rentals and also to look at homes for sale! We might buy… we just don’t know what we’re going to do!
Anyway, after all that we hit up Sam’s Club.  photo 342eresized_zpse714f4e6.jpg photo 353eresized_zpsdf0cf622.jpg photo 354eresized_zps09c5254f.jpg photo 361eresized_zpsf10bb460.jpg photo 373eresized_zpsc1b6fc53.jpg photo 374eresized_zps24d25677.jpg photo 376eresized_zps94492cbf.jpg photo 383eresized_zpsd511c7b2.jpg photo 386eresized_zps81dc427e.jpg photo 390eresized_zps1455dab7.jpg

One the drive home we stopped at our current favorite rental one more time.  photo 393eresized_zps9c2373ef.jpg photo 406eresized_zps1077fc99.jpg photo 419eresized_zps7292af0e.jpg

Day 1 Post Op, Hospital and Home

At 7am I had just fed Everett and an assistant of Dr. Benson came in to see if we were ready to be released to go home. I said, yes definitely! And she left to submit the paperwork. Everett’s new nurse for the morning shift came in and checked Everett’s vitals and gave him medicine (this was 8:20am) and asked if I needed anything and then she left.

I called Allan and said I had no idea when we’d actually be released but since it’s an hour drive he should head over. There are a lot of other details but I’m sure this is extremely boring so I’ll stop and say, Allan got there and we got released and we stopped at Walgreen’s for Everett’s medicine and then we went home! Whew.

This was as the sun was coming up:  photo 124eresized_zps05caa9af.jpg photo 126eresized_zps6320426a.jpg

There was a three hour time span where Everett was awake off and on and we just hung out together. I stayed fairly glued to the bedside to talk to him and rub his head. I held him a bit just to hold him, not because he was cranky. And he would drift off to sleep and then wake up to stare at me.  photo 136eresized_zps29a28fb9.jpg photo 139eresized_zpsdfe0d5cb.jpg photo 141eresized_zps2436e5d0.jpg

Oh yeah, at one point the nurse told me I should order breakfast so I did. It was like 9:30am I think. (I ended up reading literally only two pages. haha) photo 147eresized_zps3c34f1e9.jpg

He’d been super groggy and out of it all night, not focusing on anything really and definitely not responding to anything I did, that morning at 10:20am I did something and he cracked a smile! I felt like falling over it shocked me so much. I had assumed he’d be in a bad mood all day by the way he was acting and then after smiling he started cooing a bit happily, too!!  photo 151eresized_zps1226b528.jpg

These pictures are from when we’d been released and they’d taken out his IV and told me I could get everything ready to go. It was so so so so SO awesome holding him without that stupid IV and cords/wires everywhere!  photo 154eeresized_zpsc720a35e.jpg photo 156eresozed_zps599dcc34.jpg photo 157eresized_zps5cc148e5.jpg

So all night long he’d kicked his legs like crazy. He kept rubbing his feet together in a not-happy way. Once they took his IV out he wrapped his feet together and kept them together for a long, long time. He seemed extremely happy about having bare feet!  photo 160eresized_zps8e7d12fe.jpg photo 161eresized_zps7bc0d5f8.jpg photo 171eresized_zps91c80fd0.jpg photo 181eresized_zps066a40f2.jpg photo 184eresized_zps85c107c6.jpg

When we got home I tried out this new mini swing I’d bought him. He loves this thing!  photo 191eresized_zpsa4dafe16.jpg

Then I nursed him again and it was time for a nap!  photo 194eresized_zps6a1a16dc.jpg photo 198eresized_zps96de06b5.jpg photo 200eresized_zpsd7e17d98.jpg

I wanted the kids to be quiet so he could fall asleep (I swear our walls are paper thin) so I put on a move of animated Beatrix Potter stories. It’s the quietest movie we own. haha  photo 204eresized_zps18fd0319.jpg

Allan went back to Walgreen’s and picked up Everett’s prescription.  photo blog01_zps07e940d4.jpg

I made Allan some pot roast and he got to work. He has a HUGE thing going on at work HUGEHUGE thing, like the most important of the whole year, so he was feeling super duper stressed on missing two days of work. He worked every second at home he could.  photo blog02_zpsb1bf5bfa.jpg photo 213eresized_zps18a87671.jpg

My kids are so freaking loud, maybe like most kids? I don’t know, maybe more… they seem extra loud to me. So I took them to East Plum Creek Trail to leave Allan with a quiet house to get some work done.
Problem is it started to rain just as we were pulling out of the driveway! After being sunny for the last several days or week! haha

No real problem though! I keep an umbrella in my car! It was just sprinkling and on any normal day that type of weather would be the BEST weather for our little family of rain lovers but I didn’t want Everett’s casts wet so I kept him under the umbrella.  photo 228eresized_zpsa365a838.jpg photo 232eresized_zps10d78ead.jpg

He started falling over at one point (not used to his heavy casts) so I tried laying him down. He liked baby talking to the umbrella for a few minutes.  photo 242eresized_zpsae90c169.jpg

But quickly tired of being able to hear fun and exciting things going on around him but not see them well. I sat him up again so he could watch all the cars driving by on the nearby road.  photo 265eresized_zps2853b137.jpg photo 285eresized_zpsb3456aa6.jpg photo 302eresized_zps7fb25b91.jpg

Two hours later we were back at home and I breastfed Everett and put him to bed for another nap. Then I made the kids some tortillas with nutella for a quick pre-dinner snack.  photo 327eresized_zpscd8218f5.jpg photo 336eresized_zps476fc699.jpg photo 339eresized_zps9f79773c.jpg photo 340e2resized_zpsd4ebbb88.jpg photo 346eresized_zpsdeb1c6d3.jpg

After everyone was fed and then put to bed I sat down to edit hospital pictures while Allan sat on the recliner nearby working on his laptop. I wanted to stay up with him just to keep him company but once midnight hit I could not keep my eyes open and begged him to go to bed with me. He did. And that was the end of our surgery day! 🙂

Everett’s Surgery!

 photo 082eresized_zps8866dd5c.jpgI’ve had his pictures edited since Tuesday night but have been putting off blogging this because there are so many pictures. I like making long blog posts most of the time but for some reason blogging about his surgery in detail feels like too much work! haha

But, I should probably do it anyway so I can just move on with my blog, I’m going to get so far behind on pictures again if I put off blogging!

Everett’s surgery was scheduled for 11:15am. Check in time was 9:15am. And I was to stop giving him breastmilk by 7am.  photo 003eresized_zpsbf0140e3.jpg

We got to the hospital and went up to the front desk. The woman there said to have a seat and they’d call us back to register soon. Ten minutes later they called me back into the registrating room. I took Everett (looking back I should’ve left him with Allan)

Everett grabbed at everything in the room while I answered questions. It didn’t take too long, luckily. Registering for giving birth took twice as long. Even though I always pre-register, it always seems to take forever to get registered the day of. But this time it didn’t. Five minutes max.  photo 008eresized_zps7d8ed0cc.jpg

After registering we were sent up to the second floor which is where the pediatric surgery area is. We signed in at the desk there as well. Mostly it was confirming information and giving our cell phones numbers for updates during surgery. It was also changing Everett’s last name on all the paperwork, someone somewhere along the way had entered it wrong.  photo 010eresized_zps86b86f8b.jpg

 photo 012eresized_zpsb6f77f5b.jpg

The wait in this waiting area seemed like forever. We took the time to snap some pictures and basically stare at Everett. I held his fingers and felt sad. Not anything besides just sad. I didn’t want my baby to have surgery and I was going to miss his sweet fingers. I was happy that he wouldn’t be horribly deformed as an adult (which he would be left without surgery) but the entire thing was just upsetting to me.  photo 028eresized_zps82ba5265.jpg

Brooke was visibly upset by the idea of surgery and really worried for Everett. We had talked to her a lot about the surgery and how great Dr. Benson is and how the only real risks were anesthesia and how luckily all of our family handles anesthesia extremely well and Everett was likely to take after that.  photo 032eresized_zpsa628a0ae.jpg photo 036bwresized_zps8b5bcf9d.jpg

Finally we were called back in to a room which was basically a back room to wait. haha
They took all Everett’s measurements and blood pressure and asked us a bunch of questions. They were all repeat questions but I know how hospitals work, always confirming information.
Then everyone left us until it was time for surgery. I think it was about 10:15am at this point and so we thought, wow- a whole hour of waiting. I started to get worried about this next hour because Everett was exhausted and really wanted to breastfeed and be put to bed. Allan and I took turns rocking him and walking the halls with him. He dozed off a little here and there but mostly was awake and cranky.  photo 006eresized_zpsff53d680.jpg

At 11am we started to get excited, as excited as you can get about your kid having surgery, because the doctor and anesthesiologist would probably be coming in to talk to us any minute! Since surgery was supposed to started at 11:15am and all.

11:10am: any second now.

11:15am: okay, definitely coming in any second.

11:20am: um, no sign of anyone.

11:30am: nope.

We started to get freaking annoyed at this point. Everett was now 4 1/2 hours past his last nursing and couldn’t fall and stay asleep with his stomach growling and my kids were super impatient having sat and watched the clock tick the minutes by excitedly waiting for the 11:15 mark…
A quick doze: photo 009eresized_zpsc56ad53a.jpg

Finally Dr. Benson came in followed shortly by the anesthesiologist. They told us a nurse would come in for Everett shortly.

We took some quick pictures with Everett while we waited for the nurse.  photo 051bwresized_zps05583107.jpg photo 052bwresized_zps8a8bbb28.jpg photo 055eresized_zpsa4410c98.jpg photo 059bwresized_zps3c840d4b.jpg photo 061e3resized_zps76eef54b.jpg photo 062ebwresized_zps245a6ce2.jpg photo 064bwresized_zps4e849ecd.jpg photo 070bwresized_zps235e2791.jpg photo 071bwresized_zps4e7368d7.jpg photo 073bwresized_zps47ebae1a.jpg

The nurse came in and asked us a few questions and then it was time for him to take Everett away. I’ve never had a procedure work this way, I thought I’d be going back to the room with him while they put him asleep (this is what happened with Payson and also what the anesthesiologist told me on the phone) so I was pretty upset that I was just going to hand my baby over and watch him walk away with him. I didn’t like that. But I have zero power there so let it go and moved on to letting everyone say goodbye to Everett. We brought him to each kid for a hug and kiss. Brooke was crying and it was heart breaking.
Payson and Ember had no recognition for the risks or gravity of surgery in the slightest. Sierra was very sad and worried but kept it in.

Allan and I hugged and kissed him last. I felt upset… I wanted his fingers to be separated but I didn’t want him to have surgery. I didn’t want my baby to go through all of this. I didn’t want to let him go. For me it’s 100% unnatural to be away from my babies for any amount of time their first year of life. I feel like I’m cutting out my heart and handing it to someone. It feels terrible.

I watched Craig walk away with my baby. I turned back to the room full of people and did exactly what I’d brought them there for, gathered them up to go feed them! They were complaining about being hungry and bored SO much. They weren’t being brats or too obnoxious, they were just hungry and sick to death of that room (me too!) so we quickly went to find lunch at the cafeteria. I knew bringing them would be the only thing that would keep me together that day. I am the type who sobs uncontrollably during things like this and even with a crowd of people to take care of it was difficult to swallow back the cries as we walked through the hospital towards the cafeteria. My stoller held my backpack of supplies rather than my baby. My arms were empty and light. I told Allan, “It’s wrong to be without my baby.” And he put his arm around me and said, “I know.”

I wiped away my tears just before we got to the cafeteria. By this time it was noon and the cafeteria was packed. The absolute chaos of the situation helped me forget my sadness and worry. It was all about getting food for the other kids at this point.  photo 011e2resized_zps7fca788b.jpg

We actually had a great lunch together. The kids were all in great moods. Allan and I sat near each other and felt happy about how our family was doing. Everyone was behaving and happy and we felt really united as a family. photo 091eresized_zps0a928d7a.jpg

After lunch we went back to the pediatric part of the hospital and waited in the waiting area on the first floor. Our kids were just a bit too noisy for the second floor where the surgeries happen. There was more space and light on the first floor.
The receptionist gave my kids popsicles then (Brooke had an icee instead) and were pretty happy about that!  photo 079eresized_zps49244614.jpg photo 081eresized_zps76d6ec8b.jpg

So this is the part of the story that gets boring and I won’t talk about much even though it was the longest part of the day! For 5 hours we sat in that area waiting. We walked around a bit to do other things but mostly we just waited. We read books, played with toys, and got bored. And got anxious. And it felt like we would be there forever and ever.

But then I got a call that Everett was done with his surgery and getting casted and we could head up to the second floor and that Dr. Benson would be out soon to talk to us.
I felt a huge shot of adrenaline kick in and started to freak out. I was looking forward to his surgery ending so much but also dreading seeing him in recovery. I was expecting him to be inconsolable and I just didn’t want to see him like that.

We went upstairs and after about thirty minutes they came and said I could come see him. Only I was allowed to go back and even if the kids had been allowed I wouldn’t have let them…

Now this part was annoying but I wanted to nurse him right away (and they wanted me to nurse him right away) but I’d been breastfeeding Ember all afternoon (instead of pumping!) so I wanted to rinse my boobs real quick just to get her germs off before nursing Everett. So I walked back to where he was, saw him laying in that bed with a nurse standing by him making gentle shushing sounds with her hand on his head to comfort him, and I had to go to the bathroom first to wash up. It was one of the most horrible feelings in the world to want to rush over to my baby and pick him up but to have to wash first! I have never washed up so quickly in my entire life! I had some water on my shirt and pants from spilling and splashing too much in my hurry!

I speed walked back to his bed and hurried to the side of the crib. The nurse came over to help with all the wires and whatnot. She let me pick up Everett while she got a pillow to put on my lap under him. I had thought about this moment so much in the last few weeks. Picking him up in his groggy, cranky state with giant casts. I’d worried about it. I expected him to be crying, screaming even. He was fairly peaceful. He would fuss quietly every now and then. I offered him my boob and he latched on (thought shallowly) right away. It stopped his fussing completely and I felt his body settle into me. He was so out of it that not only did he not have any idea where he was or what was going on, he didn’t even open his eyes at all. He was basically mostly asleep.

I sat in recovery for 45 minutes with him. He was latched on the entire time. Thought he had a softer suck he drank a full meal’s worth of milk. Partly because I was so full of milk it just flowed out without him even needing to suck. haha

After a while and many more questions and stuff it was time to move to his own room in an entirely different part of the hospital. They got a wheelchair for me. I hate being pushed in a wheelchair holding my baby because I’m always like, this nurse is gauranteed thinking I’m obese and how annoying it is she has to push me. haha

So the nurse wheels me out of the recovery area into the main waiting area where Allan and the other four kids are waiting. They jump up excitedly when they catch sight of us and hurried over to peek at Everett in my arms. They were so happy to see him. They noticed his casts and I showed them the bronco on the side of one of the casts. They loved that.
Allan and the kids gathered their stuff quickly and we all made our way to room 4414, where I’d be staying the night with Everett.
 photo 095eresized_zps32149b1b.jpg photo 099eresized_zpse9477f3c.jpg

Having just nursed for 45 minutes, Everett was out like a light! We let the kids watch him in the hospital crib. I lifted the littler kids up to see him and we talked about his casts and the wires in his foot (his IV) and that he now had separate fingers and how long he’d wear the casts and all that kind of stuff!  photo 106eresized_zpsf7980e9f.jpg photo 108eresized_zps3064663b.jpg

I wanted more time with Allan to talk and be together to process everything that had happened that day and to just hug each other with relief that it was over and stuff but the older four kids were super impatient and anxious at that point having spent the entire day in the hospital. Allan and I decided right away that he should just go home.

As he left and walked down the hallway I felt an intense emptiness overcome me. I felt super lonely walking back in the room and standing by my sleeping baby’s crib. I had no one to talk to and it was just silent and sad. I cried a little and just stood there for a very long time rubbing his head and leaning close to him.
After a while I forced myself to take some pictures of Everett to take my mind off my emotions. Well, I took them mostly for him for his scrapbook since he looked so peaceful, but it helped snap me out of the emotional fog I’d entered.  photo 112e2resized_zpsc0a31cc7.jpg photo 115eresized_zpsd87c3e4f.jpg photo 119eresized_zpseea01435.jpg photo 120eresized_zpse28ac625.jpg

After that he woke up and I fed him again.
I met all the nurses and they came in every half hour to check Everett’s vitals and see how I was doing. They were AMazing nurses, every single one of them and I’m very grateful for that. I felt like they were friends and I needed that.

Later on, probably 9pm, I decided to eat my dinner! I wasn’t hungry up until that point with all the stress and chaos but figured I should eat my wrap since I’d bought it three hours before and if it hadn’t already was going to go bad. haha! It was just a turkey wrap from the cafeteria that I’d purchased right before getting Everett in the recovery room.

Allan called me a little while after that and we talked for a good hour. It was awesome talking to him and we unloaded all our emotional thoughts to each other. I updated facebook and instagram here and there throughout the evening. Surprisingly I didn’t feel like it because I wasn’t in the right mood to talk about it and honestly even this blog post was difficult to write. For some reason my experience feels very personal and I don’t enjoy writing about stuff like this. Not that’s it’s really private, it’s just something important to me that I think will bore others.

That night I was expecting Everett to be super fussy and expecting to get very little sleep.
I couldn’t have been more wrong!! He was not fussy at all! He’d wake up fussing like he does every single other night and that’s it. I went to bed for good around 1am and got an hour of sleep before the nurse came in to give him his pain medicine. I fed him then. I woke up an hour later when the nurse came in. And then Everett slept soundly from 2am to 6am!! The nurse came in a couple times for some things but I just opened my eyes to see what she was doing and then went back to sleep.

I’ll continue part 2 in the hospital in another post. Just because I like my blog entries to be chronological by date. haha

Hiking on Mt. Herman!

 photo 352eresized_zpsf456e62e.jpg photo 355eresized_zps7f6176dc.jpg photo 358eresized_zps5a0d8679.jpg

So Allan found this Mt. Herman online. The drive up there freaked me the heck out. I have no idea why since I’ve never been scared of mountain drives with steep drop offs before! But once up at the trail head I was blown away but how freaking pretty it was. I could’ve lived up there.

I was feeling dead tired that day and mostly had wanted to stay home and sleep but I was glad to be out in the open air.
We started hiking and I was just so tired. Weirdly tired since I was gradually recovering from the flu. I figured it must’ve been from not exercising regularly. Plain old out of shape?
The further we went, though, the better I felt! I enjoyed the trip. The kids did, too. Even though they complained a bunch (and one kid more than others) they loved it and I’m sure will have only good memories of it!  photo 366eresized_zps9f47afae.jpg photo 371eresized_zps5baa0515.jpg photo 375eresized_zps5542b452.jpg photo 376eresized_zps3108c5b8.jpg photo 378eresized_zps7c23b3aa.jpg photo 382eresized_zpsf5adf25f.jpg

Ember always wants to be held during these hikes. With me carrying Everett Allan gets stuck with that burden. I don’t know how he does it seemingly so happily.  photo 383eresized_zps4983e3d8.jpg photo 390eresized_zpsf50b7266.jpg

Everett was not happy being in a carrier, like usual. He was happy when I stopped and goofed off and made silly sounds (probably buzzing as that’s his favorite lately) at him.  photo 397eresized_zpscf455255.jpg photo 403eresized_zps7b0153b0.jpg photo 406eresized_zps8cc1b7cc.jpg photo 412eresized_zpsbe492e11.jpg photo 413e2resized_zpsb46f878e.jpg

We climbed on this cool, giant rock. Boulder. Thing.  photo 426eresized_zps2cd2cd32.jpg photo 428ee2resized_zps98106f06.jpg photo 430eresized_zps56024c4c.jpg

At one point Allan was helping Payson go potty off in the bushes so I snapped some pictures of the other kids.  photo 442eresized_zps1c3d368a.jpg photo 448eeresized_zps89c5670b.jpg

When Allan came back I asked him if he could help me get a picture of Everett on this log. Allan likes to just hike hike hike and not stop and look around so I knew he was feeling antsy to just start powering up the mountain. But I like to take pictures… I could just take like ten hours hiking- stopping every two feet to snap photos. I try to compromise by not stopping as often as I am inclined to but I know the stops we make are still too many for Allan’s liking.  photo 459eresized_zps5c7af8cc.jpg photo 475eresized_zps3bd02898.jpg

But look at the cute pictures of my kids I got. Worth it?  photo 480eresized_zpsb065266d.jpg photo 486e2resized_zpsa94607bb.jpg

On the way back.  photo 036eresized_zps2aea4d8e.jpg

Everett was super fussy on the hike back down. I finally just went ahead and breastfed him as I walked the last bit of trail.  photo 040eresized_zps210eac7b.jpg photo 043eresized_zps73136e3c.jpg

I had Allan stop once on the drive back so I could snap a picture of the scary drive.  photo 512eresized_zps0581d786.jpg

Brooke was watching the views out the window as we drove home.  photo 508eresized_zps4e567a1b.jpg

My Life in Colorado as a Mom of Five!

Good morning, Brooke!  photo 001eresized_zpse363c1b6.jpg

Everett hangs out in Ember’s old bouncy chair in my bathroom as I get the other kids ready in the mornings. His boyish ones are in the main rooms where he hangs out more.  photo 022eresized_zps81ec9c49.jpg photo 039eresized_zps4ea27a85.jpg photo 049eresized_zps75e68dd1.jpg

Payson before school.  photo 057eresized_zps383ef946.jpg

We got up extra early that day and the kids had a bit of time to just hang out before heading off to school.  photo 064eresized_zpseb5fa03e.jpg photo 065eresized_zpsd825aee3.jpg

We own so many puzzles. All my kids love puzzles so very much. Ember will do puzzles over and over and over and over again. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. It’ll be a super strange day the day where puzzles aren’t such a big part of our daily life!  photo 070eresized_zpsd319d004.jpg photo 077eresized_zps57c1f04a.jpg

I met up with Allan on his lunch break to get our driver’s licenses.  photo 083eresized_zpsdcb89793.jpg

Ember thought this little machine to check your vision was intriguing. I let her look in it after Allan and I had.  photo 085eresized_zps64fb2329.jpg

I took a picture of Allan getting his picture taken. He just loves when I do stuff like that. (haha, he doesn’t)
I told him as he walked back to me, “Do you just love me when I photograph you in public places?!”  photo 088eresized_zpse003e730.jpg

And then he took this picture of me filling out my paperwork and I didn’t even know until I got home later and uploaded the photos! haha, stinker.  photo 089eresized_zpsf38404f3.jpg

He also took this one of Ember while I was getting my picture taken.  photo 090eresized_zps3a95d70d.jpg

We went to Jack in the Box (Allan’s fave fast food) for a little lunch before he went back to work and I went on to Target to get some stuff.
On the way out Ember asked me for an icee because she saw a dad and his little girls drinking icees. It was cute how she’s like, “Mom, those little girls are having an icee, maybe I can have a icee?”  photo 095eresized_zps198deb67.jpg

It snowed and Payson really wanted to play in the snow. So we did.  photo 020eresized_zps5f6fb97a.jpg photo 033eresized_zps8f994a36.jpg photo 035eresized_zps22251b14.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsb1ab30b6.jpg photo 096eresized_zpsfff9710a.jpg photo 110eresized_zps9927567f.jpg photo 120eresized_zpsbb7c221f.jpg

Coming in from the snow is best when there’s hot chocolate waiting for you!  photo 130eresized_zpsf2460db8.jpg photo 135eresized_zps51b42126.jpg

Now that life is sorta settling down I pulled out our preschool art supplies and we do something creative each day.  photo 152eresized_zps276887b6.jpg photo 159eresized_zps80c240d4.jpg photo 169eresized_zpsdc1f519c.jpg photo 187eresized_zpscb419ec8.jpg

A week ago Everett grabbed his hanging toys for the first time!! He was SO excited. He’s so cute when he’s trying SO hard to grab it, he would grunt and coo nonstop as he worked at aiming his hand just right to grab on. SO cute!! I don’t remember any of my other babies vocalizing so much when they learned how to grab toys!  photo 217eresized_zps0e3ae5c0.jpg photo 232eresized_zps6260593b.jpg

Another fun thing about Everett is it looks like he’s going to be left handed! He grabs towards his toys the most with his left hand, he sucks his fingers and thumb on his left hand, he plays with my hair with his left hand. He does use his right, thankfully, so there’s nothing wrong with it, but the left hand usage far dominates!  photo 239eresized_zps0db3a1cd.jpg

Everett bites his bottom lip a lot. Mostly when he’s concentrating on something or really excited about a toy or something he sees!  photo 257eresized_zps4ea08d6d.jpg

 photo 280eresized_zpsa90f44db.jpg

Everett sucks on his hands a lot now that he has control over them. It makes me sad that he’ll wear casts/bandages for 6 weeks. He won’t be able to use or suck on his hands all that time. Ugh, I try not to think about that too much because it makes me so sad for him!  photo 288eresized_zps5b8bc3d9.jpg

Goofing off in the cart together. I LOVE double seater carts. I wish every store had them!  photo 294eresized_zps7b420e2a.jpg photo 295eresized_zps06d887b4.jpg

After school one day when the snow was still thick outside, the kids played.  photo 336eresized_zps123fe602.jpg

I was holding Everett so these were all taken through the window.  photo 344eresized_zpsfecc7687.jpg photo 347eresized_zps677b9329.jpg photo 397eresized_zpsd22b47af.jpg

The snow went down Brooke’s coat!  photo 409eresized_zps7e5eec98.jpg photo 411eresized_zps4434f420.jpg photo 412eresized_zps6d54c99d.jpg photo 413eresized_zps12942d6f.jpg photo 415eresized_zps638f0ff8.jpg photo 420e3resized_zps29db95c7.jpg photo 434eresized_zps46df8a68.jpg

One morning after dropping the three older kids off at school, I went to the emissions testing place to get my car checked out.  photo 009eresized_zps684a580d.jpg

I sometimes remember to take a picture of Everett in places for his scrapbook.  photo 002eresized_zpsa10cf82c.jpg

Ember liked this place. She thought it was really cool and mysterious. She looked around the whole time and asked me a hundred questions about the place. At the end, while we were driving away she called it a gas station. haha. She’s so cute!  photo 015eresized_zpsd76b6630.jpg

She was most excited when our car was up! When the guy drove it away she laughed and said, “That boy drived our car!! He’s silly!!”  photo 025eresized_zpsded443b3.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsb902b173.jpg

One morning I was changing Everett’s diaper in my bedroom. I came out and found Ember sitting on the couch with her baby doll and just found it cute. Those little moments ♥  photo 031eresized_zps1a045c0f.jpg

Toys! Everett loves toys 🙂  photo 037eresized_zps577fc010.jpg

I’m going to try to take more pictures of his syndactyly before his surgery. It’s still amazing to me that one day, fairly soon, my son won’t have fused fingers! It’s going to be so strange when those bandages come off and he has five separate fingers!!  photo 040eresized_zpsb6602e0c.jpg photo 046eresized_zpsca856cfe.jpg

When we first moved to Colorado all of us were plagued with dry skin, hair, lips…
We bought a bunch of lotion and have been getting our skin back to normal. Each kid got their own tube of chapstick, as well. Poor Payson’s lips got the worst. They were SO dry and chapped. So much so that the center of his lip split open pretty bad. I gave him chapstick and tried out coconut oil but it wasn’t doing much and his lips were getting worse.
To google I went and I found a message board with people talking about split lips. Someone brilliantly suggested lansolin and I went out that day, within the hour- haha, and bought some. I’ve been putting it on his lips every morning, afternoon, and night and it’s helping a LOT. This was the first day. I thought I’d better hurry and document the split lip before it was healed. I should’ve taken a zoomed in picture when it was really bad but I just never did.  photo 066eresized_zps1e31109b.jpg photo 069eresized_zps9a393982.jpg

Payson likes when I take pictures of him.  photo 079eresized_zpse2d7176e.jpg photo 086bwresized_zps56e9de28.jpg

It started raining, then snowing.  photo 100eresized_zpse66891f2.jpg photo 116eresized_zps74447afc.jpg

Payson is such a goof with his posing.  photo 118bwresized_zps786bbe5c.jpg

I took the kids out for lunch to A&W restaurant.  photo 140eresized_zps49d6b48e.jpg

I took some pictures of the snow. And that’s all for now!  photo 151eresized_zps0fdf852f.jpg photo 172eresized_zps412a6043.jpg photo 174eresized_zpsc6f6d299.jpg photo 177eresized_zps168e8d96.jpg photo 186eresized_zps794598ec.jpg photo 188eresized_zps75b7752c.jpg photo 193eresized_zpsff2a81b8.jpg photo 199eresized_zps4ae84ebe.jpg