On The Daily

Everett is often on my lap during school time.   photo 545eresized_zpst6xpz6qm.jpg photo 551eresized_zpsrhd4bib5.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsonrg3rck.jpg

Ember’s hair is getting really long.
 photo 579eresized_zpstldjk8am.jpg photo 589eresized_zpsrxscg07x.jpg photo 591eresized_zpsj9vt7laq.jpg photo 593eresized_zpsiillg22o.jpg

Lunchtime!  photo 596eresized_zps92nwtsm5.jpg

We got some gluten-free sweet potato crackers from Costco that Payson was in love with for a while.  photo 601eresized_zpslqrc3iel.jpg

Everett’s first lunch. He generally would eat that and then either seconds or something else.  photo 602eresized_zpsq4whyin3.jpg photo 605eresized_zpsnn97aqgw.jpg photo 613eresized_zpsx7knz22w.jpg

Ember was pretending her cheese was a beard. photo 624eresized_zpsd7alyrfe.jpg photo 626eresized_zpsio7azc1r.jpg photo 630eresized_zpskdyltsw1.jpg

Sierra asked if insects sneeze so we spent all of lunch learning interesting facts about bugs!  photo 636eresized_zpsaf9rzfqz.jpg photo 638eresized_zpsr5skqlif.jpg

 photo 641eresized_zpssz8lc4ps.jpg

Allan Takes Us To See Crescent Mine!

We’ve lived in Idaho for about two weeks (or three?) and Allan takes us up to his work, a 45 minute drive, to see the building he works in and then to go up to a lake in the mountain there. Elsie Lake? Echo Lake? One of those names.  photo 083eresized_zpsviuklnv5.jpg photo 108eresized_zpsh4o8gpnc.jpg My kids don’t get lunchables practically ever so when they do they are pretty happy about it!  photo 120eresized_zps4e3poscy.jpg photo 121eresized_zpswyfc4pai.jpg

And even more rare is Allan to have a lunchable or Capri Sun! I got him a lunchable and he was not opposed 😉  photo 123eresized_zpszlyfn2mq.jpg photo 157e2resized_zpsxpjjjev2.jpg

After eating we went on a walk.  photo 172eresized_zpsxeulycyc.jpg photo 195e2resized_zpswlxbrxs9.jpg photo 216eresized_zpsjofqtsjr.jpg photo 221eresized_zpsvxpvqczf.jpg photo 260eresized_zpsuhzgucp3.jpg photo 266eresized_zpsx35ul2kh.jpg photo 276eresized_zpsjgbjhkoe.jpg

Payson begs me constantly if he can push Everett in the stroller. Problem is Payson is not gentle. Payson wants to brother his brother with energy. Remember Everett’s broken leg? Yeah, Payson might be sweet but gentle. No.
So I finally let him with strict instructions to be careful. Is he? Sorta. With reminding every ten or twenty seconds.  photo 289eresized_zpshi4byupk.jpg photo 297eresized_zpshozkgxcq.jpg

Allan has Ember on his shoulders. Ember farts on Allan.  photo 317eresized_zpsak5k6pzj.jpg photo 321eresized_zpsyvng81n0.jpg

And then dandelions steal the rest of our time.  photo 338eresized_zpsanigfn2c.jpg photo 361eresized_zpsatfrbwnq.jpg photo 363eresized_zpszjotnnzn.jpg photo 386eresized_zpsa0uwg5xe.jpg photo 388eresized_zpsdte9gwb9.jpg photo 420eresized_zpswzmyr6nv.jpg photo 434eresized_zpswrunspqx.jpg photo 449eresized_zpsxnshit57.jpg

The Homeschool Grind

This day of homeschooling is one of those yucky days of homeschooling. Everett is crying all day. To get anything done I wear him. My back is killing me and I’m an exhausted wreck. But you know who’s working well without too much help? Sierra. Thanks to Christian Light. (See post below) Yay!  photo 249eresized_zps9hexofas.jpg photo 253e2resized_zpskdsww5bs.jpg

My daughters learned counting on their fingers at school and use it a lot. Payson was my one kid who never counted that way but for some reason in the last month he’s started doing it! I don’t really mind, as long as he can do mental math too, then it’s all good.  photo 259eresized_zpszs0w9l2x.jpg photo 271eresized_zpstd2hmbzs.jpg

Guess how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten every night of this week. If you guessed very, very few you’re right!  photo 274e2resized_zpsmouinnax.jpg photo 286eresized_zpsh2rmbwee.jpg

I set the camera up with the timer and Ember was taking all these pictures of us.  photo 287eresized_zpsk81nxnjn.jpg photo 291eresized_zpshrcowiml.jpg

After school work was finished the kids played.  photo 307eresized_zpsumktlqtt.jpg photo 308eresized_zpsse3bmwin.jpg photo 314eresized_zps7pxq2jpc.jpg

Good Morning! Welcome to Breakfast Time at the Hausens!

 photo 364eresized_zpscrqfncez.jpg

I was having an egg and avocado on a bagel. How cute is my baby?! photo 393eresized_zpsjx2mpoz7.jpg

I gave Everett a bowl of gluten free baby puffs when I was doing dishes later in the day. He was crying in his high chair so I just let him eat them on the kids’ bench.  photo 396eresized_zpsvcg5fy3f.jpg photo 406eresized_zps3snut4p9.jpg

And then I sat down to try to blog but never did! haha
And is that baby eyeing my coke?!  photo 483eresized_zpskhfxlwox.jpg
The girls had already had breakfast and were out playing in the snow, like usual!

We Went to Target to get a Nipple Shield!

With the hole in my nipple not healing after 6 days I decided to try out a nipple shield. Because the hole would start to heal and look pretty good and then Everett would nurse (gently even) once and the hole would pop right back open!
At Target we bought some other stuff (food, diapers, etc) and right before going to check out we were walking past the girls’ clothes and decided to grab a couple pairs of jeans for Brooke and Sierra. I don’t usually have them try on clothes but I did this day because they were trying on overalls and I had no idea if the overalls would be true to size.

While they tried on clothes Allan, Payson, Ember, and I waited. Payson and Ember had a good time while waiting.  photo 012eresized_zpsy2tofgoj.jpg photo 014eresized_zpse5dp1uu2.jpg
 photo 017bwresized_zps08chigpl.jpg
 photo 025eresized_zpsspuhec3x.jpg photo 031bwresized_zpsqjjjn48g.jpg photo 033eeresized_zpska0rvkm8.jpg

Payson and Ember were fighting and screaming at each other and crying about whose turn it was to hide behind the mirror there. Payson was being rude and not letting Ember come behind the mirror. Allan pulled Payson aside and had him cuddle with him on a bench to distract him.  photo 036eresized_zps37bk5dl4.jpg

Everett started crying then. Luckily Payson and Everett adore each other so both boys got to sit with Allan for a while.  photo 037eresized_zpsgrkcvudu.jpg

Back in their clothes, ready to go!  photo 039bwresized_zpscutno0jo.jpg photo 041eresized_zpsvr0yxmxm.jpg photo 043eresized_zpsfnygtqox.jpg

All my kids like playing on the giant Target ball but most especially Payson!  photo 045eresized_zps8zvyag2r.jpg photo 047eresized_zpspbwvabx2.jpg

We were about to walk the rest of the way to the car but Ember started crying about wanting a turn on the big red ball.  photo 060eresized_zpsdh6krapj.jpg photo 064eresized_zpsky1kambh.jpg


I got Payson and Everett matching outfits at Wal-Mart and Payson wanted a picture of them together. Ember was there and wanted to join in, too! She did have a new outfit from Costco that she was pretty excited about!  photo 012eresized_zpsb7487d94.jpg photo 013eresized_zpsb515a8a2.jpg photo 014eresized_zpsb4d7852b.jpg photo 016eresized_zps093b7358.jpg

Later in the day Sierra was dressing Everett up in a Santa hat and all the kids were giggling, including Everett. He thought it was fun to be the center of attention.  photo 042eresized_zps2d8e72b8.jpg photo 053eresized_zpsbec8127d.jpg

Payson Becomes a BYU Football Player, Everett Follows Suit.

One day while he was playing football wearing his BYU jersey, Payson excitedly told me, “Hey mom! I can be a BYU football player for Halloween!!”
And Payson’s excitement for Halloween returned 🙂  photo 007bwresized_zps6d45ffbb.jpg photo 025bwresized_zpse4777017.jpg photo 028eresized_zps1373bc09.jpg

Allan is obessed with BYU football. Imagine how happy he is that Everett has taken up, all on his own, an obsession with all things football!! It started with some little toy footballs we have from when our other kids were little. The kids like them well enough but nothing even close to how much Everett loves them! He sleeps with a soft little football and just loves that thing! It’s his favorite toy!
So, that was fun enough having a little boy who loves footballs (he reacts just as excited when he gets to play with Allan’s full sized footballs!) but then one day Everett spotted Payson’s BYU helmet in the office and his eyes got huge and he started waving his arms up and down and when we let him play with it he was happier than I’ve ever seen him with any other toy! haha
Since then, if he ever spots the helmet (which is pretty much daily!) in the office (where a lot of his toys are and we hang out together) he speed crawls over to it and plays with it for a long time! He loves to hold it by the face mask and bang on the side of it. Or just hold it and look at it. It’s the funniest thing!! I don’t know if he’ll ever actually get into the sport of football but right now my baby boy is quite obsessed with all the things you need to play football!  photo 006eresized_zps2c3d2dfb.jpg photo 008eresized_zps67573306.jpg photo 015eresized_zpsd5d19762.jpg photo 020eresized_zpsaed777fd.jpg