Allan Takes a Day Off and I Take a Hundred Pictures!

Allan took a Wednesday off work and we went for a hike atΒ  our favorite state park. Then we picked up Brooke from school and went to Cafe Rio. Then Brooke had young women’s and while she was in young women’s we went to Wal-Mart for groceries.

It was quite chilly when we got to the trail and Ember didn’t have a sweater! We’re still adjusting to the weather suddenly being fall-like and not summer-like anymore! I let Ember wear my sweater and I just had a tank top! I was chilly!

The kids were using all the sticks and rocks as weapons. It was adorable.

Usually Allan wears Everett but I wore him this time. He kept me warm!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Ember hiking around in my sweater. I loved how she looked swimming in it! haha!

Running to catch up to daddy!

The trail went right by the lake.

Everett woke up from his long nap near the last part of the hike.

The clouds moved in, that was cool.

Look what Allan got! I love this picture!

Allan took this, too!

We drove to Brooke’s school to get her and then went straight to Cafe Rio! Allan took these next two pictures while I was ordering the food.

This is when Everett saw me walking back from ordering. He lit up and smiled and waved! AWWW! So glad Allan took this!

When we were getting ready to go Payson and Ember went outside (there was a door right next to our table) and did funny faces and made up sign language through the window πŸ™‚

And lastly we went to Wal-Mart that night. It was a fun, busy day!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I noticed that Everett’s favorite things to do are the things he sees me doing. He loves to sweep, he LOVES to load and unload the dishwasher (though I try to keep it locked shut), he loves to wash things, he loves to sort the laundry, he loves to do his makeup and brush his hair! haha

I take my makeup away and wipe his face and the second I turn back to doing my own makeup he’s back into it. He has a further reach than I realized!

He also loves pretending to talk on the phone. He has a toy phone that he walks around with up to his ear like this as well. (And if he hears my phone ring or my text message alert go off he isn’t happy until I pick up my phone and look at it!)

Another thing Everett likes is trains. And cars. Any vehicles. He loves to carry these ones that make noise. If you push a button they drive on their own. He LOVES these.

Just yesterday the batteries ran out on this train and he had the best ten minutes of his life as we sat down together with the screwdriver and batteries and replaced them.

I was trying to cook and Everett was whining since I wouldn’t carry him while I did that. I had a moment of brilliance and started to wipe my fridge with a baby wipe. He immediately came over and held his hand out for one and he and Ember (she noticed and wanted to join, too) wiped all over the fridge while I finished cooking.

Later that night Allan gave Everett a piggy back ride πŸ™‚

Going to the Temple and Setting Off Fireworks on July 5th!

We had planned on setting off the fireworks we bought the night of the 4th but it was super late by the time we got home from seeing the fireworks in Coeur d’Alene (the traffic was INSANE) that we ended up waiting until the next night. My mom and Milo went back to Washington that morning and since we didn’t get ready for church in time we decided to go see the Spokane temple that morning instead.

We took some family pictures. We had intended the whole experience to be spiritual and bonding as a family. Allan and I thought we’d say a prayer together with the kids in the grass by the temple and it’d be this special thing. Turns out there were a lot of wasps, it was really hot, there were people around, and it wasn’t that special. lol! I mean, it was fine. Just not magical by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe we’ll come back some day when it’s cooler outside!

We took some pictures of our oldest daughters by the temple. I took this one of Brooklyn and Allan took the one of Sierra. At the same time actually πŸ™‚

It was a challenge getting Ember to not pick the flowers! She only ended up picking one part of one before I told her that we couldn’t, luckily!

Once we got home we had lunch. Burritos. Payson and Everett just had the inside of the burritos since I don’t have gluten-free tortillas. I haven’t been able to find them here in Idaho.

Then it was time to set up for our personal fireworks show! The Utes didn’t stand a chance!

We did poppers and sparklers first.

And now the moment Allan was waiting for! Using the tanks to attack the Utes! (The Utes are the BYU cougars’ rivals)

I ended up having to buckle Everett into his chair because he wouldn’t stay sitting. He kept running to the fireworks! :/

One thing Everett will do when he’s upset about being buckled anywhere is throw his binky repeatedly. He did that a couple times that night. I usually don’t let him suck on it after it hits the ground but Payson was there to quickly save his baby brother. Gross. There’s been tons of bird poop on that driveway. *sigh*

Sometimes when my kids are all lined up together I think, I made all those humans.

Everett had LOVED the fireworks we’d seen the night before in Coeur d’Alene so I figured he’d like these too. He did! But the funniest thing happened each time a noisier firework went off, he’d reflexively close his eyes. He did it each time! It was so cute and made the rest of us giggle.

I typically don’t have as many photos of the older girls because I don’t want to pester them but I told them to smile for a picture but they had a better idea!

Ember was scared of the fireworks! She refused to come any closer than this chair set up by the car on the driveway! It was so cute and yet sad because I wanted to sit with her but had to hold Everett instead! She had fun, she just wanted to be at a safe distance! πŸ˜‰

All five kids had a really hard time staying in their chairs. They really wanted to be close. Ember always waited until the fireworks were dead or not burning because she was scared.

Lots of tank wars were had. Each kid got one and chose a partner to aim their tanks toward. I don’t remember who won each battle, I’m sure my kids do. lol

By this point Everett was pissed being locked in a chair.

So I took him out and tried to hold him but he just squirmed and squirmed and whined and cried. Fun times with toddler.

When there were no lit fireworks I’d let Everett wander a little bit in hopes that he’d stop screaming. Payson was sitting right next to me during the fireworks and having the time of his life. He LOVES fireworks.

Brooke was nice enough to hold Everett for a little while and walk around with him to try to entertain him without letting him run wild.

And that’s it. It was a really fun day!!

Payson’s Birthday Presents! Thank You!

The day after we got home from our trip to Washington Payson got a chance to open up his presents from grandma and grandpa and Jeena and Eric. Jeena picked out this cool Spiderman toy for Payson and he LOVES this thing! The parts can be interchanged and he loves that. Ember and Everett liked it, too. Everett was very jealous. haha

My kids got balloons at Sonic and while we were eating it was so windy that each of their balloons flew away one by one. Two of them were blown so hard they came off their strings!! My kids were devastated and sobbed. The nice lady working at Sonic brough them new ones and we tied them on tighter. Did that matter? Not really. Payson lost his again within seconds! And, the worst thing ever happened. We’re all sitting there eating and Payson’s balloon gets swept away by the fierce wind. He jumps up to run after it. I start yelling to stop and stay here. He completely ignores me and is sprinting after his balloon. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, “PAYSON STOP!!!! PAYSON!!! PAYSOOON!” and without a split second of hesitation he continues running straight into the parking lot and on toward the freaking highway. Luckily the highway is pretty far and by then my hysterical yelling at him has caught his attention enough to look back at me. He’s standing in the grass on the other side of the parking lot and I’m shaking and furious and upset and panicked becuase he just sprinted through a parking lot toward a highway! He could have been killed!! There wasn’t even .001% of him that had listened to me. He only cared about his balloon. This is how kids die! Chasing balls into streets, frisbees, kites, WHATEVER! THIS IS HOW THEY DIE!! He is lucky that the car that was driving through the parking lot was going really slow. I can’t even imagine had the situation changed just the littlest bit. That car could’ve been closer to him, could’ve been going more than 5 miles per hour…

I told my kids that was the last time they were ever getting balloons outdoors. And I said a prayer in tears in the car (we immediately left as soon as he got back to our table) over how glad I was that nothing bad happened.

After that horrible experience we went to pick Brooklyn up from summer school.

This was her first day (I think) and while waiting to get her a bunch of middle schoolers (going into high school next year) were getting out of their summer school programs and I heard every single curse word under the sun said in the worst ways and about threw up. WHO are these kids?!?! WHAT the heck kind of parent raises a horrible human being like that?!?! They all had cell phones and were talking about just the worst stuff and it honestly made me sick to my stomach what my kids are surrounded by. I told Allan I couldn’t send Brooke back there. He convinced me to keep her in there and I think I did send her once or twice more but EACH time there were kids, different kids each time, swearing and talking about horrible stuff. No more summer school for Brooke! It’s not worth the five minutes of vulgarity to have her helped with math. It’s just not.

Back at home Payson was excited to open and play with grandma and papa Milo’s gift! LEGOS!

Everett of course had to be involved.

And Ember.

I helped him and we had fun together.

He plays with these a lot even still, Ember too. Legos are timeless, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

Jimmy John’s

Darn you Jimmy John’s for being SO delicious!  photo 679eresized_zpsqikxqixw.jpg photo 680eresized_zpsxmaqxrur.jpg photo 682eresized_zpsmugnwxai.jpg photo 687eresized_zpsnfrjzqkl.jpg photo 693eresized_zpsajsbercw.jpg photo 695eresized_zpsjze8hbjs.jpg photo 703eresized_zpso7yhiais.jpg

We stopped at Target before going home.  photo 725eresized_zps7f0qzpmd.jpg

And then it was time to go find those sprinklers. And if not the sprinklers, we brought squirt guns!
But first, this is how Ember got dressed:  photo 736eresized_zpsbqzvytgo.jpg  photo 642eresized_zpsg8zypdgk.jpg photo 645eresized_zpsubofsdhe.jpg photo 662eresized_zpslahl4pu6.jpg  photo 759eresized_zpsdok3dvnp.jpg

Poor Sierra had a rash after rolling down a grassy hill a bunch of times. That grass type always leaves red marks on a couple of the kids. Maybe allergies?She was itchy and uncomfortable πŸ™  photo 760eresized_zpsaizfevk7.jpg photo 763eresized_zps30aadglj.jpg