Hi, We’re in Town, Want to Visit?


My sister says.

“Yes. When and where?”

And here we are at the lake with family. My sister and her family and her husband’s, my brother-in-law, family!304efbblog

As you’ll see from the photos, there were a lot of kids and a lot of water and if you’ve followed me for any length of time you probably know my top three fears are:

1) my kids drowning

2) my kids getting kidnapped

3) germs/bugs (but those are more phobia-ish and not REAL fears, they only come out when I’m anxious about other stuff in life)

I bring this up because I was on HYPER ALERT the whole time I was there. Max anxiety for the trip. It made holding a conversation difficult because I was screaming in my head the whole time.





(Vocally, outside of my head:) “Payson, closer to the shore!”


“Everett, come a little closer to me!”

PAYSON, PAYSON, PAYSON. I was always searching for Payson because he didn’t have a life jacket and didn’t know how to swim yet (different blog post, coming soon!) and is a risk taker.

I almost drown several times as a kid doing the same stuff he does so… I mean… as my therapist told me, maybe he got some of that risk through my bloodline?  lol


As you can see in all these pictures (I didn’t have my camera a lot so I took several dozen all during like five minutes so I could put it away for the most part) they found logs floating in the lake and got the biggest kick out of it! I would have too at that age! So fun! 323efbblog

Portrait of the happiest boy:328efbblog

Snapshot of the girl with no fear who thinks she is a big kid:336efbblog337efbblog339efbblog344efbblog346efbblog354efbblog360efbblog366efbblog

I tried to sit on the beach with my sister talking but…369efbblog371efbblog

My kids didn’t really care about the sand. haha374efbblog377efbblog

Here is a picture that shows faces better! My kids with my sister’s two kids. They’re growing up so fast! Here are our kids back when there were only five and back when there were six.380efbblog384efbblog

We need to go visit them again soon. Maybe for fall break.

Taking pictures with my new camera!

I got my camera a week or two ago and hadn’t had a chance to take it out to really shoot with it so when the weather finally warmed up to the 40s we went on a hike and I brought my new baby to test out!
(There’s a vlog at the end of this post, too!)

Sierra is the cutest ♥

Allan got to play with both my newish (the 80d was bought last year, that’s still pretty new to me!) cameras, too!

The lake looked so pretty in the bright sun!

Me in my natural habit doing my natural thing. haha! Man do I love hiking and do I super love taking pictures and filming videos! Seriously, this is my heaven. Well, I don’t even need a camera, nature makes me happy enough, but I sure do like my cameras! ♥

I don’t like to pester my big kids for pictures but they all wanted me to take lots of pictures of them this trip! They kept asking me for turns! It was pretty awesome. I mostly shot pictures of them just in nature but once in a while I said, “smile,” as well!

I love Payson so dang much!

Ember loved this spot she chose for her pictures and had a whole bunch of poses she wanted to do. She’s so awesome!

And finally, Brooke’s turn!

The light was so pretty and she was having so much fun I took quite a few.

Sierra found a tree that looked like it had a chair and had Allan film her on it and then asked me to take a picture. Brooklyn insisted on being in it, too!

Little wildflowers were starting to pop up! Yes, spring come soon!

Sierra, Payson, and Ember were really into looking at all the tiny little flowers popping up. It was so sweet.

Everett brought his Yoshis and carried them the whole way. He played with them here and there, too. I love his obsession 🙂

And the gorgeous lake!

Then it was time to head back!

I had Brooklyn take a picture of me and Allan. I love my kids having pictures of their parents together when we did family trips. I always wished I had pictures of my parents like this even though my parents got divorced. I have a couple now for the first time in 20 years and I treasure them.

Brooklyn and Sierra love getting to use all my cameras. They both love filming and Sierra loves taking pictures, too!

And here is the vlog!