A Mom of 6’s Life= CLEANING!

My favorite laundry soap is Molly’s Suds. I get mine on Amazon.

I keep cleaning products in each bathroom so that I don’t have to run to one bathroom across the house to grab something. Almost all the time I’m wearing Lyla and saving time by staying in one bathroom with everything I need right there is nice.

I hang my spray bottles up in my laundry room closet to save shelf space above.

Two of the things I use a lot. A spray bottle with my floor cleaner and Meyer’s all purpose cleaner.

Cleaning put her to sleep.

Then it was time for grocery shopping. If I’m not cleaning I’m buying food or cooking food! Or breastfeeding or changing diapers. haha

Everett LOVES sample day at Costco!

Fort and Books

I built Everett a little fort and all the kids ended up joining in. Once Brooke and Sierra were involved they made it even bigger but I failed and didn’t take a picture of the ginormous fort. We were too busy playing in it! Later on some of our summer books arrived in the mail!

Oh and I was awesome and included a zoomed out picture of how messy my living room got that morning! No joke it was spotless when the kids woke up. It gets that messy (thanks Ember and Everett) every single day! The good news is, they’re pretty good at cleaning up when I say it’s time to 🙂