Everett and Lyla’s Doctor Checkup!

I took the little two to the doctor and oh boy it didn’t go as I expected it to! I really thought it would be pretty smooth because Lyla didn’t need a lot of vaccinations and Everett usually LOVES the doctor and Lyla is becoming much more social lately.

Well. haha. Nope.

It was a challenge for a variety of reasons but mostly because Everett decided that he now hates the doctor’s office and didn’t want to be there. It was unexpected for me to have to struggle with him because usually he loves being at the doctor and having all that attention and talking about his health and body. I guess things have changed!

But, both kids are super healthy and I got an appointment with a specialist to talk about Everett’s hands and some other concerns about him (his teeth, his face structure, and his syndactyly of course!) so it’s looking like he might be getting his next surgery next year. I will find out in September.

Alright, and here are the pictures from the day.

Ember and Everett’s 6 month dental checkup!



Everett LOVES the dentist! He is so social and loves meeting new people and being the 5th child in our family, he loves attention that’s all his! Which is what appointments like this give him. I love watching him soak in relationships with new people. I’m so thankful for people who are so good at their jobs, too. The people at our dental office are so kind and so good with kids and they truly listen and respond to my kids and I love it.

Ember is the exact same as Everett and loves meeting new people and talking with them. She is loved everywhere she goes because she is so present and genuinely seems to love every single person she ever meets! She is cheerful and happy and sees the good in everyone. I haven’t seen her dislike anyone in her entire 7 year life! It’s incredible!
She also really likes these tokens they give out after the appointment. The kids use their token to get a little toy in coin machines at the front of the office.

Before heading home I took this picture, Lyla was thrilled with that! She LOVES having her picture taken. Everett was actually smiling and looks maybe not thrilled but he was just really just thinking (this is his thinking face) probably about his new toy or that we were heading to McDonald’s after this and that’s his favorite place on earth!

Back at home Everett got into his “goody” bag and played with his toothpaste. I just let him because he had fun and we don’t use that type of toothpaste so it would’ve gone to waste. I cleaned it up right after. He used the whole tube!

So Everett had a perfect checkup, no cavities! I was shocked because his teeth came in with virtually no enamel! I do brush his teeth and have a spinny toothbrush to help but I worry SO MUCH about him getting cavities. Even though he has none this time his dentist suggested having Everett come in every 3 months for cleanings and flouride and I agreed to that because I really don’t want him to have any more dental issues!
On the other hand, Ember did have two teeny cavities right in the same spot in the back of her mouth in a flossing zone. She does a great job brushing so we just need to have her make sure to floss those back molars a bit better.
The very next morning we were back in the office to get her cavities filled.

I took very few pictures and filmed very little because I didn’t want to be bothering her with a camera in her face instead of just being there for her while she had that painful stuff done! She did want me to take a couple pictures so she could see what she looked like with all the stuff on her face and in her mouth.

She did really great. She did not like that process but she was so brave. And yay for another token and little toy! She picked the same thing as the day before, these squishy little animal toys.

And if you want to see a short video of what I did film from those two appointments, here one is:

I Got Glasses!

My vision changed for the first time after I had Payson 9 years ago. I noticed things further away getting blurry. I went to an optometrist and was told that vision changes during pregnancy and right after are normal and my vision would likely return to normal within a year or so postpartum so I decided to wait on getting any glasses.
Sure enough, my vision went back to normal. Then I had Ember and had the same issue, but it went back to normal. Then I had Everett and the same issue and I don’t really remember if it went back to normal after him… that was a rough time in my life that’s a blur in general so I just don’t remember but I’m guessing it went back to normal because I don’t remember thinking about my vision at all. Then I had Lyla and my vision was so much different after her birth! Oh my gosh things were blurrier than ever before and I waited until she was a year old and nothing changed. Then she hit 16 months and no change. Then she hit 17 months and no change and I thought… I’m sick of this. I can barely drive at night and it’s getting dangerous… I need to get glasses. If only just for driving at night.
And so I scheduled an appointment with an optometrist and went. The experience of having my eyes tested was crazy!! They used this machine that gives them a head start on where your vision is and when I sat down in the optometrist’s exam chair she had already set up some lenses with a prescription that was close to what I need. She pulled up a chart and tried a couple different lens settings (I don’t know how all that works, just that there were different settings or lenses) and we settled on whatever we settled on. Then she asked if I wanted to see the chart with no lenses. I said yeah, of course! I want to see how different my regular vision is from these lenses. Since I sat down with the lenses already set up I didn’t have a reference to compare to what I would’ve seen without lenses. She took the lenses away. I was prepared for a slight difference… maybe things would get slightly more fuzzy?
I was shocked when I couldn’t even read half the lines on the chart anymore!! Oh my gosh, I was seriously speechless! I just sat there, my brain was struggling to make sense of this new information that my vision was WAY worse than I thought! haha! I felt a little self conscious about it!
Long story short, I got a new prescription and went and picked out lenses and then a week later the call came that they were ready and I excitedly headed to the store to get them and be able to SEE!

So yeah, here are my glasses! All my kids were so excited about this whole process and wanted to try on my glasses and see what they looked like and what mom was going to see. They were extremely fascinated. It was fun.

So my experience with getting the glasses on was really overwhelming. I put them on and pulled them right back off in shock! I could not BELIEVE the world around me. I could SEE things! I could see things clearly that were ten, fifteen, twenty, fifty feet away!!! Oh my gosh, wait… is this what other people are seeing?!?! All the time?!?! Is this what I used to be able to see?! I can’t even remember being able to see what I was seeing. How long had the world around me been blurry without me even knowing?!
I could see strangers’ faces when they were 15 feet away!
It was overwhelming in a store to experience that but driving home was one of the best experiences of my life! I could see everything!! It was a beautiful, beautiful world! Oh my gosh you guys if you’ve never had blurry vision you don’t know what you have right in front of you! The world is amazing!! Buildings, trees, rivers, sidewalks, lights… it’s not a big blur, it’s beautiful! The littlest things caught my eye and amazed me! I could SEE it all well enough before but not how it really is. It was life changing. I can’t describe it well enough but it was one of the best days of my life. It was a gift and everything felt wonderful and special and precious.

So here is my new face with glasses. It’s taken a lot of getting used to to see myself differently like this.

Lyla’s 6 Month Checkup!

She weighed 14 pounds 14 ounces. She looks really healthy and she got four shots! I hate shots, my poor baby! Luckily she does really well with vaccines. She has lots of family members around to comfort her each time and she likes that a lot.

I took some pictures of her when we got back, my kids love seeing the bandaids on their legs from when they were vaccinated as babies so I kept up the tradition and took some for her.

And then because she looked so cute and was being pretty happy for a minute, I snapped a few more.

OW. My back hurts.

Somehow I tore some muscle in my back or something because one day my back started hurting and went from 0-10 pain within a few hours. It got worse and worse to where I could barely move. I didn’t have any help so had to take care of 6 kids with a back that felt like it would never heal from this level of injury.
But after weeks of pain, resting, ice, heat, and yoga… it did get better! Thank freaking goodness because those weeks were !@#$.

This picture is from when I finally went to the doctor because it wasn’t getting better and was spreading, my entire back hurt, my thights, my legs, everywhere! The referred pain from what must have been a pinched nerve from my inflamed torn muscle was destroying my whole body and life!!

Payson Smashes His Nose! :(

So Payson and Ember are pretending they don’t have arms. Their arms were tucked in their shirts and they were jumping around on the couch. You fellow moms know where this is going! Payson quickly falls off the couch and without arms to catch himself lands square on his nose! It instantly looked bruised and really swollen! Luckily Allan was heading home from work right then so he took Payson to urgent care when he got home just to make sure it wasn’t broken!

He asked me to take a picture before heading to the doctor. Look at those tears! 🙁

Allan kept me posted as they were out what was going on. There was an hour wait at urgent care so they went to Burger King for dinner.

Waiting for the doctor.

He got an x-ray.

Waiting for the doctor again he got to point out pain levels on this chart. No matter whose appointment we go to, Payson LOVES talking about the pain chart so for it to be his turn he was extra excited! haha


Before bed.

The next morning.

Everett’s Fingers Update

A bit about Everett’s scars. I don’t talk much about his syndactyly and recovery and scars anymore. I guess because it’s all about the same thing each time… or maybe because I don’t know that anyone cares?

Everett’s scars are noticeable and his skin is tight where he had surgery and he doesn’t have the best use of those fingers that were connected.
I was told to use Mederma as frequently as I possibly could and I’ve researched and read about how totally helpful it is to use Mederma or other scar creams but I’m having the most difficult time trying to do that! I feel like a wretched mother for not putting Mederma on him as often as I’d like 🙁

The thing is… he sucks his hands! How can I put that stuff on his fingers when he sucks on them?! I have talked with Allan about it often and how I have this trade off… do I put the Mederma on him and let him ingest it regularly or do I skip it but not have this wonderful scar treatment helping out his scarring?!?! Both are horrible options :/

Vitamin E oil was suggested to me by a mom I know online who has a son who had syndactyly surgery as well. Vitamin E oil is safer to consume if a baby does suck their hands and helps with scars a lot.
Another helpful thing is that winter has rolled around and that means that when I run errands Everett’s bundled under a car seat cover. It used to be that on errands and in his car seat was one of the times he sucked on his fingers the most but now he doesn’t at all! I keep the Mederma (and a bottle of vitamin E oil) in my diaper bag and massage one or the other into his scars before errands or during errands. It’s been a great, unexpected bonus to winter weather!  photo 145eresized_zpsaef66d22.jpg
I took the above picture to remember the neat Mederma-on-errands trick I did this winter.

In the picture below you can see a bit of the webbing between his ring and middle finger on his left hand. He’ll need surgery to separate that in the next 3-5 years. We don’t know when, his doctor isn’t in a hurry to do that surgery since it’s so mild and doesn’t affect the use of that hand.  photo 158eresized_zps08c2a632.jpg

In the next picture you can see that the fingers on his left hand aren’t too curved and aren’t very noticeably deformed but that the fingers on his right hand are very curved. He seems to be right handed but total hand strength in his left hand seems greater.
I guess that’s it for Everett’s fingers update!  photo 162eresized_zpsc09dc6e4.jpg

Day 3 Post Op

Clever title, I know 😛

Day three was so much better than day two! Everett wanted to be held a lot but he was pretty smiley and giggly most of the day. Almost back to his regular self! I debated switching him from hydrocodone to ibuprofen because he was handling pain so well. I mostly wanted to switch him over to help his constipation! He hasn’t pooped since Monday morning and here it was the end of Wednesday with a baby boy acting like he needed to poop but couldn’t. In the end I didn’t switch him because by the time I decided that yes, I do want to switch him it was the late afternoon and I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to give him motrin before bedtime in case he didn’t handle the switch well! I didn’t want to be up all night with him in pain.

During the day like I mentioned he was pretty easy but the nights are difficult. He cries and can’t be soothed much. And mostly it’s just fussing. You know when babies kinda lightly whine-cry? He’d do that and nothing I could do would stop it for a while. I don’t think it was pain because it was often in the middle of time between doses of meds but maybe discomfort from casts? Or even itchiness? I have no idea but I’d just nurse him and then rock him or hold him on my shoulder patting or rubbing his back. He liked that a lot and I could tell he was as soothed as he could be. He only had those fussy spells a few times at night for an hour or so each time. He just handled things so well this week even in his most uncomfortable times. At worst he wanted me to hold him nonstop and he’d fuss. Never even real crying and definitely not screaming or anything jarring.

Okay, onto the photos!  photo 060eresized_zps59c37afd.jpg

I think you can tell by the photos that he was a happy baby that day 🙂  photo 066eresized_zpsfd17ea13.jpg  photo 142eresized_zps303b0ba8.jpg

While I was sewing downstairs in our basement I came upon a box of clothes from when Sierra was 4-6 yo. I looked through them quickly and pulled a few things out that fit Ember now. She was over the moon excited about the new skirts. That girl loves her skirts and dresses with a passion!  photo 155eresized_zpscd5dfb7c.jpg

At one point in the afternoon despite things having gone pretty well I was feeling a bit burned out by the workload and stress of the week. Instead of turning on TV I pulled out some makeup and brought a big mirror into the front room and let the girls go crazy with makeup. It actually kept them busy for a good thirty minutes. They all looked atrocious when done but… we weren’t going anywhere so it didn’t matter.
And of course I told them they looked fantastic.  photo 161eresized_zpsefe125a0.jpg photo 168eresized_zps29ce6bc2.jpg photo 173eresized_zpsaeba9bc3.jpg photo 176eresized_zps3c849d2b.jpg photo 196eresized_zpsbebcd3de.jpg photo 205eresized_zpsc4f7b257.jpg

I want to sew a total of at least 5 cast covers for Everett since he gets them dirty constantly. While I was down there making a pair the girls decided to use all the fabric scraps to make clothes for their toys.  photo 234eresized_zps81ff97d4.jpg

New covers out of an old sleeper:  photo 249e2resized_zps5ca74c9d.jpg

Just for fun here are a couple pictures of Everett wearing the sleeper as a sleeper before I cut it up for those covers:  photo 012eresized_zpsff6967bd.jpgThat’s it from day 3!