Life with Lyla Means…

Crayon/marker/pen/pencil/lipstick on every wall, table, hard surface.01 (28)efbblog

Chocolate milk dumped in toy boxes.01 (34)efbblog01 (36)efbblog01 (38)efbblog

01 (56)efbblog

Needing this giant, awesome WalMart fan on a weekly basis almost! (If you have mess-prone kids, get this! It’s the best fan for quickly drying items/clothes/shoes/carpet!01 (58)efbblog

Having to cut off the corner of your carpet after cleaning up a giant pink hair dye mess. Wondering how much your apartment manager will charge you to fix the pink-tinted hardwood floors when you move out.01 (40)efbblog

Seeing this happy face when she knows she’s in trouble.01 (45)efbblog

Getting the more cuddles and love than you could ever imagine. 01 (70)efbblog01 (71)efbblog01 (75)efbblog01 (85)efbblog

Lyla Would Love it If She Was Included

Lyla does not enjoy being the only kid not going to school. She watches her older siblings like a hawk and any time they do anything, she wants to do it. She wants to pick out clothes and get dressed up and do her hair in the mornings before school. She wants to bring a backpack every time we leave. “I’m not a baby, I’m a big girl!” she tells me often. So as much as possible we include her in things.

The only problem is when we get to school and she watches the older kids walk down the hall off to their classes she gets upset when she has to go back to the car. “But I have to go to Lyla’s school. I have my backpack! Bye mom! Hug, hug, kiss, kiss!” AF9I8409efbblogAF9I8420efbblogAF9I8424efbblogAF9I8427efbblog

Lyla Drinks Everett’s Gatorade

If you see my kids with Gatorade it means someone was sick. Everett most likely. I’ve given my kids Gatorade when they’re recovering from a stomach bugs for pretty much all of Everett’s life so he associates it with getting better and asks for it whenever he’s sick, even with a cold. It’s a pretty cute thing about him 🙂

And if Everett has something you know Lyla is going to steal it.005efbblog007eblog011efbblog020efbblog