Library and Walk

We went to theΒ  library and later in the evening we went for a walk.

I was bummed I forgot Everett’s shoes. I let him walk around anyway.

He found some M&Ms in my diaper bag and dumped them on the ground to eat them. Gross!

Sierra was sitting in this place and Everett wanted to join her. He was so happy to be sitting up there with his big sister β™₯

I know I have a lot of evening walk pictures already. I can’t help myself from taking more sometimes, though!

The kids liked taking pictures in front of some of the neighborhood trees that night.

My Poor Baby!! Everett Gets a Fat Lip!

Want to hear the saddest thing?!?! We were going on our usual evening walk and I let Everett walk the first block of it. He was trailing behind Allan and the big kids a little bit. I was walking beside him and suddenly he called out, “Da da!” and started baby running (toddling faster, haha) toward Allan. He picked the worst spot of the entire sidewalk because it is the only spot with a slight, very slight, downhill curve. He wasn’t prepare for that and I saw him start teetering forward. I was only one step behind him but you know toddler falls, you can’t catch someone that short who’s falling! He almost caught himself but by becoming rigid to brace for a fall he actually ended up getting more hurt because he didn’t use his hands as a brace, he landed face first on the sidewalk.

So here you had this toddler who got excited to go catch up to his daddy and starts walking faster and falls right on his face. I about cried. I am frowning remembering it. It’s always sad when toddlers get hurt but just especially when they were doing something extra sweet! *sob*

I wisely remembered something I learned back in Arizona and that’s to use a popsicle to combat the swelling. I brought Everett a popsicle. He’s never had one! He was curious about it. He just looked at it at first. Then he tasted it. Then he ate the entire thing!!! I was shocked. AND the best part is it took the swelling WAY down and by the next day he looked fine! Only the scrapes were still visible, the swelling was so minor you couldn’t tell. Yay!

Of course seeing their brother with a popsicle, everyone else wanted one too!

Payson was purposefully doing that face, he was being “Jake.”

Letting Our Butterflies Go, Handwriting Without Tears

I’m obviously behind on blogging again. I try to not get behind but, I just can’t keep up. I am also thinking I will give up scrapbooking. I can’t keep up on that either. I am planning on making another blog and only blogging in a way that is for the kids and then I’ll print that blog into a book which will be cheaper and more importantly, take up less room than traditional scrapbooks. I’m going to try that out next year and see how it goes. I’ll miss scrapbooking, though! *cry*

Onto butterflies…
A couple days after the butterflies came out of their cocoons we let them go in our yard. We were really glad we did this butterfly kit right away because the week we let them go was nice and warm out and this last week has been really chilly. The butterflies would still probably be okay but if we waited any longer it’d be too cold here to let them go and have them survive!

A couple of the kids had butterflies land on them or were able to gently catch the butterflies and they were super excited! I didn’t do well at taking pictures because I filmed the whole thing.

One of the butterflies in our habitat came out with deformed wings. We ended up keeping him in the habitat and feeding him since he couldn’t fly and we knew he’d not survive outside. The kids all got to hold him. Brooke named him Miracle.

Back inside we started school time.

Payson and Ember are so cute when they do school together!

These two pictures I actually took when setting the exposure for a movie the girls wanted me to record. They created this long “play” about a queen, princess, and evil dead queen that they wanted me to film. I should probably finish editing it! I’ve just been busy, though!

Oh It’s Rainy!

It rains for the first time ever in the history of the world. We open ALL the windows. I tell myself occasionally, maybe I should close the windows. But the smell and the cool, crisp air, and the sounds. I can’t shut this out! So the windows stay open all day and way into the evening and I walk around the house in pure bliss. Pure. Bliss.

Hiking at English Point

This was a really easy hike we went on. It was really, really beautiful there. Sometimes we go on hikes and I only take one or two pictures and sometimes we go somewhere so pretty I can’t barely make myself put my camera down! This was one of those places! I need to go there with the purpose being photography because man oh man, it was amazing!

I love it when Allan wears Everett on hikes. I really don’t like my back being destroyed all the time holding that kid. It’s so nice to just hike with no one on me!

Plus, how cute is this sight??! So. So cute.

Sierra found this cool stick so we had to take some pictures.

The light was interesting that day. It was partly cloudy so sometimes super bright through the tops of the trees and other times muted and almost dark in there. It was really humid that day, too. I think 77% humidity.

Sometimes I look back at pictures and wonder what my kids were laughing at. Here I’d give Ember a small bouqet of purple flowers thinking she’d love those. She is in an anti flower phase after being chased by a bee and then stung by a wasp, she hates being near flowers, wearing flowers, or holding flowers! She’s terrified a bee or wasp will chase or sting her.
So when I gave her the flowers she immediately tossed them on the ground. I looked down at the flowers with fake concern and hurt. She cracked up. I milked the moment by saying sadly, “I can’t believe you threw my flowers on the ground.”

After the photos I took of the girls Payson wanted some of his own. I said okay, smile. He said, “No, zombie!”
Okay then.

Eating brains, naturally.

Oh I never talked about how it had rained while we were out. It started pouring and Allan found a completely dry spot under a thick tree. We hung out under the tree keeping Everett and the camera dry while the four other kids ran around up and down the path in the rain. It was REALLY fun!

Payson plays this game with the other kids where he is King Simon and barks orders at them. He uses a rough, deep voice and takes this game very seriously. The other kids obey his orders (which is probably why he loves it, respect and obedience from his usual bully sisters?!) and Everett busts up laughing over Payson’s voice so it’s a fun game for all. A loud game (King Simon is never quiet) but fun.

Everett Easton Gets His VERY OWN BROOM!!

With how obsessed Everett is with brooms and mops I decide to buy him a kid’s toy broom so that it’s easier for him to wield! Problem is our small Wal-Mart has nothing of the sort in their toy section. I’m about to give up and wait until we’re at Target next but then think, maybe there’s a short broom in the cleaning section that would work for him! I think I’ve seen short brooms there before! Sure enough!

Everett spots the broom as I pick it up to look at it and with both hands and a huge smile tries to reach for it while giggling like crazy. He took it when I handed it out to him and refused to let go the rest of the trip! He was very concerned when I took it for about five seconds to let the cashier ring it up at the end of the trip!

The parking lot was pretty empty so I let him walk around with his broom before taking it from him to put in the trunk for the drive home. It ended up not being enough and I had to give him the broom when he was in his car seat!

Once home he swept and swept and swept. After a while I put him on the bench for a picture. He smiled (at his broom) and then promptly went back to sweeping.

Not too long later he brought me my broom so we could sweep together. We swept a lot that day. Like, probably a good hour. haha!

Twister! Payson’s New Puncher!

I thought it was about time my kids try Twister. It was FUN! We were all laughing.

It was difficult for them at first so we decided to go in groups of two. We did rock, paper, scissors to see who was on what team and went first.

Sierra and Ember had fun watching Brooke and Payson.

They were cute when it was their turn.

Then we went outside because a package came from Amazon! It had taken 6 weeks because it came from China! Sheesh!

It was Payson’s puncher from Plants vs. Zombies 2!

It was gorgeous out so we played outside for a while.

And then later that day I got an email that my canvases were ready to be picked up. I used Wal-Mart for the canvases above my TV! The one on the mantel was from photobucket and is definitely better quality but from afar I think they all go together and look similar in quality!