Remember when I was such an organized blogger?

I would have a complete list (with links!) for you about all the plans I have for Everett’s preschool this year. I’d have a schedule and so many feelings to share and maybe encourage with.

Now I’m like… hey, I did a boatload of research for Everett’s preschool and found a perfect fit and I love it so much but all I can muster to share is this picture of maybe 1/4 of the books and say, maybe you’d like these? Maybe google the titles and buy them? Or not, money’s tight. But they’re great books!

BUT I did link ALL of the foundation of what I’m using in the curriculum tab at the top of my blog!! Maybe I’m not light years away from my old blogging self after all?

But seriously… if you can find these books you and your kids would probably love them. Me and my kids love them 🙂

The odds and ends post.

The kids having hot chocolate with whipped cream and watching Elf.

I went with Ember, Everett, and Lyla to buy the big kids’ Christmas presents. One of the stores we shopped at was Barnes and Noble. We had a blaaaast!

Payson and Everett draw on the white board a lot. Everett looks mad in this photo but he wasn’t at all, just turned to look at the last minute and was caught half looking.

What homeschool looked like this day.

Mom and Kids Only

Allan left to go hiking with Kevin this week. It’s just me and the kids. Here are pictures from that first day.
Early morning, me and the girls watched Good Mythical Morning together.

Lyla breastfed and slept in my arms.

And then woke up.

And spent some time with her big sisters.

And played with magna tiles.

And cuddled with mom.

Payson pretended to talk on a phone.

He was really into this face he was doing. haha!

We went to Costco to stock up on food for the week.

Lyla had a huge blowout diaper in the car so I used the stroller to hold her in hopes that the fact that she was only in a diaper would be less noticeable.

Everett brings Blue Blue everywhere we go.

The way he eats his pizza if I don’t cut it is so cute.

Lyla was really cranky at this point because she wanted me to hold her but I didn’t want to stand up with her in a diaper for everyone to look at so I let her climb in the stroller while I watched her. She liked that.

Before heading home.

When we got home Sierra worked on her school work.

Odds and Ends

Ember likes to work on her scrapbook when I do our family album.

I have the album by my bed and when Lyla finally falls asleep at night I work on it once a week or so.

My favorite lunch is still vegetable soup. I make a big batch and put it in jars for easy to grab lunches!
I used to use this recipe.
And now I use this recipe.

I made some homeschool charts to let the kids have something to put stickers on to mark off their progress.

St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do a whole lot for St. Patrick’s Day. I printed some coloring pages for the kids and we went to McDonald’s for lunch and got a large shamrock shake to share. We put on what green we own and drew shamrocks on our faces using washable marker and called it good. It was really simple but the kids had a blast. Payson pinched me first thing in the morning because I wasn’t wearing green yet. I was the only one in the family that got pinched.
Everett wanted a picture with Lyla when he saw Sierra getting one. Cute, huh? He also leaned over and kissed her without me telling him, too. And for once Lyla didn’t try to claw his face off. Lyla loves to claw people’s faces off. For love. She takes her little dagger nails and grabs you by both sides of the face and pulls your face to hers to lick and slobber all over you. It hurts, it’s slobbery, but it’s the best thing in the whole world! haha

Mmmm, shake.

Wearing Lyla while teaching homeschool. This is the only way I can homeschool. Or cook. Or clean. Or live.

I told Payson to come over and let me snap a picture before his shamrock totally smeared off. Everett wanted to be in the picture and when I told Payson to look slightly to the side to show his shamrock better, Everett tried too. And did this face. So cute!

Tuesday: Our New Curriculum Arrives!

I was not having a good experience with My Father’s World and my kids. It just wasn’t a good fit for us and after fighting with it for months I finally caved and switched to A Beka Book.

I’m not messing around with many companies and mix and matching, I straight up bought all the items needed for each grade. Here’s Ember with her kindergarten stuff. She was over the moon excited! She loves school!
A group shot with all the books!

We got right to work!

After school was done Lyla went on my back so I could clean.
All that stuff piled up on the far counter is the A Beka materials!