Thanksgiving 2019!

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This year we didn’t have running water for Thanksgiving (my whole town didn’t) and I had really planned on going to visit my family for the holiday but Brooklyn didn’t want to leave her cat. My mom even invited the cat to stay with her, too, but Brooklyn just didn’t want to go. So we stayed home and last minute I had to run to Costco to get an entire meal. This wasn’t the first time I’ve done it this way! haha (I really don’t even mind doing it this way)

We had deviled eggs and a simple relish tray (on Christmas plates, heh) earlier in the day.1128_ (2)efbblog1128_ (7)efbblog

And then I cooked what I had to cook. We tried gluten-free stuffing so Payson could try it and it was digusting and no one ate it.1128_ (9)efbblog

And then it was time to eat!1128_ (15)efbblog1128_ (19)efbblog1128_ (20)efbblog

Lyla is a big fan of corn on the cob and ate every last bit of hers and had seconds. She tried a lot of the other food, too.1128_ (26)efbblog

And then time for pumpkin pie! I got a huge three pack of whipped cream since it was Costco after all, and Everett LOVED that! I let the kids spray their own whipped cream and it turned into a… lot.1128_ (35)efbblog1128_ (43)efbblog1128_ (44)efbblog1128_ (54)efbblog1128_ (60)efbblog1128_ (68)eefbblog1128_ (91)efbblog1128_ (96)efbblog

It was an awesome day.1128_ (103)efbblog1128_ (116)blog1128_ (120)blog

Halloween 2019!

First we went to the mall to trick or treat since it was SOOOO cold!!! October was full winter this year.

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Their dad was there too, and I have a photo of them with him. 01 (262)efbblog

Brooklyn was Katsuki from My Hero Academia. That’s who her cat is named after, too. We made her wig and boots.

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Sierra was Glaceon, a pokemon, and we made her costume too. I’ll post a video of it at the end of this post.01 (281)efbblog

Payson was Pikachu!

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Ember was an LOL Surprise doll!

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Everett was a shark. And don’t call him Shark Car from Umizoomi or Baby Shark! He’s just a shark he wants you to know!

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Lyla was a unicorn. Unicorns are her favorite animal!01 (277)efbblog

Because she’s my last baby and still young enough to love matching with mom, I was a unicorn too! haha01 (292)efbblog01 (300)efbblog

Brooklyn with her hood and wig off and just the extreme makeup leftover!01 (302)efbblog01 (310)efbblog

Our 4th of July!

Guess what Costco had this year! Fireworks! I was so dang excited when I saw them because for a huge box it was “only” $50! Normally when we buy fireworks at the fireworks stand it’s twice that! So I got a big box of fireworks from there and then we went to a stand to get sparklers and pop its! We got a variety of sparklers to try out!


Brooklyn had stayed home, she doesn’t like to go on most errands. Once home I painted nails… anyone who wanted them painted got them painted. Me, Sierra, Ember, Everett, and Lyla.


I had bought 4th of July themed shirts the second I saw them in WalMart probably a month or more ago! The kids finally got a chance to wear them!


We packed up our fireworks and lightweight camping chairs in the back of the van and I noticed someone had thrown an applesauce pouch into the back and it spilled everywhere! Luckily I keep baby wipes in the van and was able to wipe it up but sheesh.


One more sad part of getting divorced and moving into an apartment is we don’t have a yard and legally you can’t set off fireworks unless you have private property and I looked up the laws and you can’t set off fireworks at parking lots or parks or on streets that aren’t yours… luckily there is a special parking lot set up for people to set off fireworks! It wasn’t close to where we were going to watch the fireworks in the sky so I was a little worried about making it back in time to see the big fireworks but it all worked out and I was so thankful for this area to do personal fireworks!


The kids’ dad was there, we share holidays, and I have pictures of him with the kids but I’m not posting them because ya know, I keep him off my social media, but in case you were curious, he was there and so far we’ve decided on sharing custody on all holidays and birthdays.


Payson and Ember doing peace signs ♥174efbblog198efbblog

And now… fireworks!


Lyla was thrilled. She kept trying to run up close to them so keeping an eye on her was a full time job. Like with every second of every other day. haha!

I told the kids that I think once they’re 10 years old they could light fireworks as long as they light it and then immediately hurry back toward the van. So Sierra lit her first fireworks!


These are tightly cropped photos from larger versions since her dad was with her. The originals (which is what I’ll use for our scrapbooks) are so cool! I think cropping up close like this is better than blurring faces though! Do you?245ecropfbblog

I didn’t get pictures of the other kids lighting fireworks because I was also filming parts of our day…I vlogged a lot. So as soon as I edit that I’ll add the video to the end of this post.


After we set off our last fireworks we drove back to our city to see the fireworks in the sky. Our city does a really good job and we always get “front row” seats. Literally as close as you can get, we get. It’s AMAZING! It’s like we’re sitting right under the fireworks!


Several of the kids wanted to sit right between me and their dad to be close to both of us during the fireworks. That was tricky setting up chairs. We were basically bunched together in a big group. It worked well and was touching that they were so concerned with being next to both of us.


Lyla liked the fireworks, she sat on her dad’s lap through most of it and Everett sat on my lap. But you can bet that she also wanted mom and mom’s boobs a few times throughout the night. haha


After the fireworks ended the kids’ dad went home since it was late. We went and did sparklers over by where we’d parked our van.


It was awesome having three different types of sparklers! We liked each one for totally different reasons. It was a blast. Such a perfect day.

Father’s Day

I’m not going to put pictures of Allan on my blog anymore so here are the two I took on Father’s Day that don’t show him. The kids all made him cards and got him little gifts and were SO excited to give their stuff to him. I got the cutest pictures of them with their dad. I’ll have to email them to him.

Payson’s 10th Birthday!!

So Payson’s favorite thing in the whole world is Zelda Breath of the Wild. We made a Breath of the Wild themed birthday for him. Allan set up a quest that took Payson all over the house and yard and even to the park! He had to fight monsters (the rest of the family) and earn items (food and weapons) along the way. He kept saying it was the best day of his life! It was perfect!

Lyla loved Payson’s birthday! She had a good time.

Ember loved it, too.

Everett also loved it!

Me and my birthday boy. I love Payson so much! I can NOT believe he’s 10!!!

Back at home I watched Lyla while she jumped on the trampoline while Payson fought more “monsters” to finish his quest.

Payson’s final treasure was the master sword!!

Sierra filmed the last battle.

Lyla begged for milk.

I snapped some fun pictures of Brooklyn.

All the kids played battle for quite a while after Payson had found his new master sword. They love Zelda games!

Some fun pictures of Ember.

Everett showed me his best fighting moves.

And then it was time for cake! Gluten free, of course.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Paaaaayson,
Happy Birthday to you!

The mess after 🙂

After dinner and cake I was goofing off pretending the party hat was a beak and the kids copied me and had a hysterical time 🙂