Father’s Day

I’m not going to put pictures of Allan on my blog anymore so here are the two I took on Father’s Day that don’t show him. The kids all made him cards and got him little gifts and were SO excited to give their stuff to him. I got the cutest pictures of them with their dad. I’ll have to email them to him.

Payson’s 10th Birthday!!

So Payson’s favorite thing in the whole world is Zelda Breath of the Wild. We made a Breath of the Wild themed birthday for him. Allan set up a quest that took Payson all over the house and yard and even to the park! He had to fight monsters (the rest of the family) and earn items (food and weapons) along the way. He kept saying it was the best day of his life! It was perfect!

Lyla loved Payson’s birthday! She had a good time.

Ember loved it, too.

Everett also loved it!

Me and my birthday boy. I love Payson so much! I can NOT believe he’s 10!!!

Back at home I watched Lyla while she jumped on the trampoline while Payson fought more “monsters” to finish his quest.

Payson’s final treasure was the master sword!!

Sierra filmed the last battle.

Lyla begged for milk.

I snapped some fun pictures of Brooklyn.

All the kids played battle for quite a while after Payson had found his new master sword. They love Zelda games!

Some fun pictures of Ember.

Everett showed me his best fighting moves.

And then it was time for cake! Gluten free, of course.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Paaaaayson,
Happy Birthday to you!

The mess after 🙂

After dinner and cake I was goofing off pretending the party hat was a beak and the kids copied me and had a hysterical time 🙂

The odds and ends post.

The kids having hot chocolate with whipped cream and watching Elf.

I went with Ember, Everett, and Lyla to buy the big kids’ Christmas presents. One of the stores we shopped at was Barnes and Noble. We had a blaaaast!

Payson and Everett draw on the white board a lot. Everett looks mad in this photo but he wasn’t at all, just turned to look at the last minute and was caught half looking.

What homeschool looked like this day.

Playing in the Snow and Decorating Sugar Cookies!

You know what’s funny is Lyla hated being outside when she was a young baby. Hated it! And now she loves being outside all day every day. She never wants to come in even if it’s freezing! I got her a new snowsuit and hat and she is super warm and walks around and plays with snow and has the best time outside!

Sierra and Ember built this big snow hill all by themselves in maybe twenty minutes! They then climbed it and slid down it a lot.

Decorating sugar cookies after we came in!

It looks like I didn’t get a picture of Ember’s finished cookies! I did video tape everything and she finished way after the other kids so that’s probably why.

Thanksgiving 2017!

The kids did some turkey crafts while I cooked.

And the girls played outside in the downpour we were having.

Lunch was deviled eggs and relish tray foods.

And dinner was at 4pm!

I tried to get a group picture by setting my camera on the counter and on the couch and using the timer so I didn’t have to fuss with the tripod but they didn’t turn out perfect. Oh well! Oh and Lyla was asleep so she ate dinner later!

Halloween 2017

Okay, are you ready for Halloween 2017 pictures!?
First up we have Brooklyn as Guy Diamond from the Trolls movie!

Next up, Sierra as a wizard from Hogwarts. She wanted to be Hermoine specifically but Ember had already called Hermoine!

Now we have no other than Payson as Harry Potter! He was so excited to be Harry Potter he even grew his hair out for a few months to look more like him!

Next up we have Ember as Hermoine!! The fiercest Hermoine you’ll ever see!!

And now that brings us to little Everett who was thrilled beyond belief to be his favorite character from his favorite show- Chase from Paw Patrol!!! Can you just FEEL his excitement through these photos?!

And lastly the baby of the family, Lyla as a monarch butterfly! She was so not into standing still for a picture and much more interested in running into the road!

And a couple pictures of the whole group of kids!

Before we headed out I asked Allan to take a picture of me and Lyla since we matched 🙂

And now the time we’ve all been waiting for, trick or treating!!!

We were SO lucky that Lyla fell asleep and slept through almost all of the night. She is not the most happy baby and cries through most things. It was awesome that she slept and we got to just enjoy the night with the big kids while she slept peacefully bundled up in the stroller!
Once she did wake up, Allan hurried to her and wrapped her up in his jacket to keep her toasty warm while we finished up.

Back at home the devouring started!

We had grabbed a couple pizzas from Little Caeser before heading home. Easy dinner.

This Americana honey cream soda is my and Allan’s favorite.