Poor Ember!!

Allan, Payson, and Ember pulled up most of the carrots today!

Ember fell the other day and got this huge cut on her knee! We’ve talked about it a lot together! It’s HUGE! I told her all about blood and scabs and skins and how that entire system works to heal injuries. She was riveted! She talked about it for at least a full week and to this day she shows off the scar on her knee!

Now this is not cool, Lyla! This is the tallest chair in our house and she can even climb up on it!

Daily nap on mama.

Grocery Shopping and the last of the Garden

Allan and Everett were so cute. Allan was putting Everett’s sweater on before getting out of the car.

Payson is really hyper and disobedient in stores. It’s really frustrating. He touches everything and is constantly running away and being loud and disruptive and so Allan called him over and gave him a long hug to calm him down. It worked for a few minutes.

When we got home we went to look at our corn, which we planted way too late in the season, and pull what we could from it.

Point and shoot shots from the day: