Summer Movie Program Starts!

I wisely dressed my littlest kids in the clean clothes I wanted them to wear to the movie the next day so I could wake them up and go straight to theater since the movies start early. This was them the morning we went and saw Ice Age.

We got there early with no tears or meltdowns. By kids or mom. haha

Lyla fell right to sleep while breastfeeding in the theater and Everett was happy for most of the movie. The last 10 or 15 minutes both of them were awake and very cranky so it was a struggle but it was fine. I managed to keep them happy enough they didn’t disturb anyone from watching the movie 🙂
We walked around after the movie because the weather was perfection!!

Playing, Schooling

I love when Ember and Everett play together.

We made at least a dozen batches of homemade playdough this year. We mostly used an edible recipe since Everett liked to eat it each time.

The particular homeschool journals the kids are homeschooling with in this next picture are from Fun Schooling Books. I bought all mine on Amazon. Here’s the link: Homeschool Journals on Amazon (nothing on my blog is affiliated, obviously. Just things I actually find, buy, and use) 066eresized