Chicken Enchilada Bake

My family loved this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Bake. We substituted brown rice for quinoa because my entire family (and most especially me) gags at the taste of quinoa. *barf* How in the world does anyone like that stuff?! I know most (maybe even every single person) people I know love it and I can’t stand it. I hate the taste and the texture. I’ve tried to eat it a million different ways, from scratch, premade, at restaurants, it’s just disgusting in every form. Luckily I’m not usually picky and like almost all other food so I don’t really care but it weirds me out that everyone is obsessed with quinoa while I gag at the thought of it.
So if you’re one of the rare ones who hates quinoa, brown rice works perfectly fine in this! 🙂  photo 122eresized_zpsokuoejrv.jpg

Baby in a Bed

Ember helping make mac and cheese.  photo 012e2resized_zpslrwscy1l.jpg photo 028eresized_zpsufie7xna.jpg

These organic yogurt “popsicles” from Costco are awesome.  photo 034eresized_zpseesm0hwx.jpg

Every morning Everett crawls over to help open the shades in the living room. It’s cute!  photo 173eresized_zps0hhknzr0.jpg

I don’t remember why I took these pictures or made these faces. I had a reason at the time but now this was two months ago so heaven knows what I was doing.
 photo 262eresized_zpstp69yn2c.jpg photo 264eresized_zpshwho2gmn.jpg

Everett woke up from a nap. I wanted to document how he sleeps in a pack and play. We’ve tried a crib and he far prefers his pack and play!  photo 287eresized_zps0pqv6oum.jpg photo 293eresized_zps4r7gn4c7.jpg photo 297eresized_zpsia0ru3uh.jpg photo 307eresized_zpscfpturbf.jpg photo 327eresized_zpsscfexsmr.jpg

Good Morning! Welcome to Breakfast Time at the Hausens!

 photo 364eresized_zpscrqfncez.jpg

I was having an egg and avocado on a bagel. How cute is my baby?! photo 393eresized_zpsjx2mpoz7.jpg

I gave Everett a bowl of gluten free baby puffs when I was doing dishes later in the day. He was crying in his high chair so I just let him eat them on the kids’ bench.  photo 396eresized_zpsvcg5fy3f.jpg photo 406eresized_zps3snut4p9.jpg

And then I sat down to try to blog but never did! haha
And is that baby eyeing my coke?!  photo 483eresized_zpskhfxlwox.jpg
The girls had already had breakfast and were out playing in the snow, like usual!

Hey, I’m Not a Clever Title Writer!

This poor, poor baby boy is getting so many teeth! In three months he got almost 12 teeth! He gets about one per week every week and is absolutely miserable about it. He is for sure my “worst” teether in that it seems like the teething pain bothers him more than my other babies. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve had my fair share of cranky babies!

Luckily I’m old enough and experienced enough to know these phases don’t last and so when I feel like I’m almost dead with lack of sleep I just tell myself, in two short, short years this little guy will be walking and running around, playing with toys, sleeping without breastfeeding, and I’ll be able to sleep more and everything about life won’t feel so limiting and scary and burdensome. Life with a baby and young toddler is brutal, when that baby/toddler is super cranky and clingy, but it really, truly is over so fast. Just yesterday Everett was an itty bitty newborn in my arms, learning to smile and coo and bat at toys hanging above him. And overnight he turned into this almost walking, learning new words every day, exploring, adventurous toddler! So by this time tomorrow he might be a four year old happily putting together a puzzle while I blog instead of glued to my lap.  photo 218eresized_zpsgkxbnf8w.jpg

My family’s very favorite meal is this teriyaki chicken recipe. This night I made it with some brown rice and lentils. I cooked the brown rice and lentils like the packages said to and then I sauteed some onion and added the rice and lentils. I added some chicken broth, salt and pepper, and garlic, and then I think that’s it! I let that all simmer for 10 minutes. I think I added cheese in the end for the kids. They liked it. Not as much as white minute rice (haha) but they did eat it. I made a boatload, too, and it was all gone within a week! Everett loved it the most. He loves rice dishes! photo 217eresized_zpsixmwh7jm.jpg photo 237eresized_zpsn5t22mlm.jpg

I don’t know why I snapped these next two pictures of my boys at breakfast one day but they are pretty cute little boys so I’m sure it was just because of that.  photo 246eresized_zpscig36snw.jpg photo 255eresized_zpsl9n7u5qi.jpg

I would love it if I had some way to have a total count of all the tortillas I’ve cooked over the years. I bet it’s around a thousand!  photo 260eresized_zpsff6ityzs.jpg

Just snapped some pictures of Allan and the kids hanging out.  photo 264eresized_zpsz6c8ggss.jpg photo 270eresized_zps4qoyi4ny.jpg photo 276eresized_zpsmn3qrrif.jpg

It was snowing that day. Brooke and Sierra will spend almost the entire day out in the snow if I let them. Allan took Ember out there to watch them sled down the hill for a bit.  photo 277eresized_zpspr9akfpa.jpg photo 280eresized_zps4h3fwmzg.jpg

Everett was bouncing up and down pointing and breathing heavily, desperate to get outside. haha. I bundled him up in my coat and headed out to join Allan and Ember.  photo 281eresized_zpse9andl2s.jpg photo 289eresized_zpsnfv74rrd.jpg photo 295eresized_zpsw3bkbzuw.jpg photo 298eresized_zps8nmhng2l.jpg

Our view:  photo 302eresized_zpsfndhxmmc.jpg photo 305eresized_zpseyjlx6k1.jpg photo 307eresized_zpsf4dhjulm.jpg

Feeding Everett pt. 2

I just wanted to blog quickly about how well Everett eats now!
He will eat any food I set in front of him. He eats off forks and spoons. He eats if I’m holding the fork or spoon or he is. He eats well with his hands. Everything is going so much better! It’s such a relief to easily feed my baby!  photo 118eresized_zpstp2lzenq.jpg photo 135eresized_zpsuffoo8oo.jpg