Odds and Ends

Ember likes to work on her scrapbook when I do our family album.

I have the album by my bed and when Lyla finally falls asleep at night I work on it once a week or so.

My favorite lunch is still vegetable soup. I make a big batch and put it in jars for easy to grab lunches!
I used to use this recipe.
And now I use this recipe.

I made some homeschool charts to let the kids have something to put stickers on to mark off their progress.

Breakfast and Lunch of Late

With a big family it’s necessary to go through food “phases.” As soon as I start to add variety to our menus it all goes to crap. I need at least breakfast and lunch to be consistently the same things for each season. I figured I’d record what spring’s breakfast and lunch are. Breakfast for the kids is yogurt with granola and a hard boiled egg (I eat eggs and toast and have yogurt later in the day) and lunch is a sandwich and homemade vegetable soup. I am obsessed with vegetable soup. It’s one of my favorite things on earth.

This Morning

They’re building a house next door to ours and Everett has loved hanging out at the kitchen window and watching them work. This morning he brought his breakfast over and it was SO cute I let him eat there. Sierra joined him.

Then we decided it was a cookie morning and the kids baked some.