POOR Everett!!!

Everett was sitting at the counter on a barstool with his legs tucked under him and his feet through the bars on the back. He fell backwards on the chair and his poor legs got squished in the bars!!! The worst part is I wasn’t even home! I was at therapy and I didn’t hear about his injury and tears until the next day when it was bath time and I noticed his bruised up legs! I was shocked and went to find Allan and show him and he told me about the barstool fall and I was so sad for poor Everett! It looks like it was so painful and I was told that he cried a lot. I asked him if his legs still hurt and he said they didn’t. I ended up taking pictures just to show him his bruises because he asked to see what they looked like. And so, I have these photos to show and this was over a month ago so he’s all healed up and gets a kick out of these pictures now! I still cringe thinking about how much it must have hurt 🙁

Everett Gets So, So Sick!

Everett develops a fever. He doesn’t have many other physical symptoms besides being super cranky, not letting me put him down for even one second, and being super sleepy. I manage to get him to sleep while breastfeeding and then slide him onto the couch sometimes. I rush around trying to do laundry or cook meals during those times.

I usually don’t treat fevers unless they’re causing serious issues like my kid won’t drink or sleep at all and I think the pain relief will help them do those things, which help them recover. But this time around day 5 Everett still had a 103 degree fever so we took him to the doctor. Allan was out of work for a doctor appointment of his own so he met us at the pediatrician.

The pediatrician diagnosed Everett with stomatitis and said baby tylenol would be great for him not because of the fever but for pain since that’s a really painful virus. Poor Everett! 🙁

So that night and the next day Everett became crankier than he had been. His fever didn’t go down and I worried about him. He kept pulling his legs up to his chest in his sleep and grabbing his ears and crying. We ended up in the ER.

It’s a good thing we’d gone because Everett had developed horrible infections in both his ears! We got antibiotics and added motrin to the regime.

Everett Falls and Hurts His Finger

When a toddler is under two and falls and hurts the tip of their finger you’re supposed to bring them in just for a check up to make sure nothing’s affecting the blood supply to the end of the finger. Everett has fallen on his middle finger and it was really swollen and bruised so we took him in just in case. He was fine though. Just traumatized by the doctor talking to him. Everett’s my most shy child. Poor thing is terrified of people 🙁

You can tell it was his left middle finger, look how he was holding it out. Awww, poor baby!

Gorgeous Day

We went for a family walk over at the lake. It was a gorgeous fall day!

So clearly we had a lot of fun looking through those telescope things and taking pictures. We headed up a hill next. We spotted a squirrel.

Then we hiked down to the lake and threw rocks in the water.

Everett was super excited to point out all the birds. This toddler loves animals and birds and bugs and yeah, anything alive 🙂

Meeting Allan for Lunch

It felt awkward meeting Allan for lunch this day. A lot of what I did in those first days after discovering his lies was just going through the motions. I didn’t know that I should have just been protecting myself. I still tried to pretend all was well. But being around him was often traumatizing. In public it was worse.

So that’s what went on with me internally during this lunch. I’m guessing the kids had fun and Allan had a good time without a clue of the blackness he’d injected into his wife’s brain. He wasn’t very supportive at that time. (These photos are from October 2nd)

Back then especially picking up my camera to take pictures was just going through the motions. I had no desire (which is so odd for me) but felt like I should. Even taking pictures of Allan… I do it for his sake and most especially for my kids’ sake. I don’t want to deprive them of memories that exist. To them this day is probably a good memory. I feel now like that gives me hope for them. I feel like an empty shell but hopefully doing things was enough that this time period won’t traumatize them for the rest of their lives.

Everett was pretty cranky, as he is most of his life, so I gave him this basket filled with crackers to play with. It helped momentarily.

Everett was excited about the fries! I’d also had the salad bar option and he ate two huge servings of potato salad!