Buying Shelves!

Two different Wal-Mart trips so far. 7 shelves. 21 boxes to go on the shelves.

I would’ve bought more shelves (I want one shelf for each room in the house) but my Wal-Mart only had 7 in stock! haha

When I find something that works and is affordable I stock up! I’ve learned my lesson over the years that trying to get variety doesn’t work for me.

This is the second trip I took to get more shelves. I took only the youngest two for this trip and they both fell asleep on the drive there! I don’t need to tell you that I unbuckled Ember and then thought to take a picture before waking her up. You’d not stupidly assume I drove to Wal-Mart with her unbuckled, right? That’s only something that some dumb people would assume when my blog was public, right? Yet, I still feel the need to point it out 😛

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I noticed that Everett’s favorite things to do are the things he sees me doing. He loves to sweep, he LOVES to load and unload the dishwasher (though I try to keep it locked shut), he loves to wash things, he loves to sort the laundry, he loves to do his makeup and brush his hair! haha

I take my makeup away and wipe his face and the second I turn back to doing my own makeup he’s back into it. He has a further reach than I realized!

He also loves pretending to talk on the phone. He has a toy phone that he walks around with up to his ear like this as well. (And if he hears my phone ring or my text message alert go off he isn’t happy until I pick up my phone and look at it!)

Another thing Everett likes is trains. And cars. Any vehicles. He loves to carry these ones that make noise. If you push a button they drive on their own. He LOVES these.

Just yesterday the batteries ran out on this train and he had the best ten minutes of his life as we sat down together with the screwdriver and batteries and replaced them.

I was trying to cook and Everett was whining since I wouldn’t carry him while I did that. I had a moment of brilliance and started to wipe my fridge with a baby wipe. He immediately came over and held his hand out for one and he and Ember (she noticed and wanted to join, too) wiped all over the fridge while I finished cooking.

Later that night Allan gave Everett a piggy back ride 🙂

Jimmy John’s

Darn you Jimmy John’s for being SO delicious!  photo 679eresized_zpsqikxqixw.jpg photo 680eresized_zpsxmaqxrur.jpg photo 682eresized_zpsmugnwxai.jpg photo 687eresized_zpsnfrjzqkl.jpg photo 693eresized_zpsajsbercw.jpg photo 695eresized_zpsjze8hbjs.jpg photo 703eresized_zpso7yhiais.jpg

We stopped at Target before going home.  photo 725eresized_zps7f0qzpmd.jpg

And then it was time to go find those sprinklers. And if not the sprinklers, we brought squirt guns!
But first, this is how Ember got dressed:  photo 736eresized_zpsbqzvytgo.jpg  photo 642eresized_zpsg8zypdgk.jpg photo 645eresized_zpsubofsdhe.jpg photo 662eresized_zpslahl4pu6.jpg  photo 759eresized_zpsdok3dvnp.jpg

Poor Sierra had a rash after rolling down a grassy hill a bunch of times. That grass type always leaves red marks on a couple of the kids. Maybe allergies?She was itchy and uncomfortable 🙁  photo 760eresized_zpsaizfevk7.jpg photo 763eresized_zps30aadglj.jpg

Easily Occupying the Baby Doesn’t Mean He’ll Not Also Climb in Toilets

This cardboard tube has come in handy. I love it. I know that sounds weird coming from an adult woman but Everett has played with it so much, it’s invaluable! And it was free.
But here’s the thing, this is different than the cardboard tubes left from paper towel rolls. This cardboard tube was the middle of one of those dollar rolls of wrapping paper from Target and is really firm! You can’t easily bend it like you can with paper towel cardboard tubes!

So a cardboard tube and some popsicle sticks and you have a toy for free and more exciting (to my toddler at least) than anything store bought!

I propped the tube up in his bead toy after a while and he liked that, too!

And then later on while I did my makeup he hung out with Ember and the iPad on my bed. For two minutes anyway, then he cried.

And then when I went to switch the laundry loads (and shut the bathroom door behind me) Ember went pee. And she left the door open when she was done. And this is how I found Everett:

I only have a picture because my camera was on my bathroom counter where I’d left it after taking the picture of Ember and Everett on my bed. I think when Everett saw me taking a picture he thought I was okay with what he was doing because he promptly turned and did this:

And so I scooped him up and plopped him in a bath. Geez.

Facts about the toilet incident:
-He’d put the entire roll’s worth of toilet paper in the toilet.
-He’d dunked his binky in there and that had to go in the wash.
-He realized the toilet was his new favorite play place and tried to get in there for the next few weeks.

Jimmy John’s Picnic

We get Jimmy John’s and have a picnic. It was really fun!  photo 148eresized_zpscraxxb0n.jpg

I order a ham and cheese sandwich for Ember and give the ham to Everett. photo 151eresized_zpsqj9gpsk7.jpg

Everett is really mad when he can’t have the bread. He always wants gluten items from my plate and it’s difficult to watch him get sad about not getting it. He shares all my other food so I think it confuses him. So sad.  photo 162eresized_zpsy8vl9vms.jpg photo 169eresized_zpsr8istycn.jpg