Poor, Neglected Everett!

The kids had a lot of fun building forts in the living room.

Like always, Lyla was super cranky that day and so I wore her while cooking and cleaning. And that day Everett was super whiny and kept asking me to hold him. Poor thing has been so neglected because of how much time and attention Lyla demands 🙁

Later in the day I invited Everett into the kitchen to help me make cloth wipes solution.

I used to make it in a big glass bowl and that was a huge pain in the butt to pour into the wipes container because it spilled everywhere! I finally bought a giant glass measuring cup to make it in.

Pouring is a breeze now! Whew!

I also bought a tall kitchen garbage can to hold the wash bag I use. Ember walked in my room and noticed it and asked what it was for and I asked her, “What do you think?” She said, I know, dirty diapers! And pointed like this:

Lyla woke up from her ergo nap.

Me and the kids gathered around the computers. We like to watch Good Mythical Morning on youtube together every day.

Lyla kept trying to grab Everett’s binky.

Everett found some old stickers (like, years old) in my closet. They were Payson’s and they are spiderman stickers. He brought it to me to ask about it and I told him briefly about spiderman and showed him a youtube video of the old cartoon. Like, the old, old, original cartoon. He was delighted! He was enthralled! He talked about spiderman a lot and even practiced his spiderman moves. It reminded me of Payson and how he discovered spiderman all on his own and that’s a fun feeling. Watching your son delight in something in similar ways to your older son did at the same age, all on their own… it’s just FUN!

Then after the big kids went to bed me and Allan watched a movie together. Since we cosleep and since the TV is in our bedroom the little kids got to watch it with us. We were actually watching Moana! I’d bought it earlier that day for the kids and liked the little bits I saw so much I told him I wanted to watch it on my own and he agreed to watch it with me!

Wearing Lyla

It’s kinda funny how clingy Lyla is. She does not want me to put her down for even two seconds. When I’m not nursing her or playing with her she lives in a carrier. She loves it on my hip or on my back or chest… I show her what I’m doing and even if I’m not she just watches so intently! She LOVES watching and observing the world around her. She is very curious and always has this discerning expression. It’s just classic Lyla and I love it.
I was washing yet another cloth diaper load of laundry.

I love this super affordable drying rack I got on Amazon. It’s so much easier to use than having a giant wooden drying rack set up like I used to use when I cloth diapered my other babies!

And while I was doing that Ember and Everett were watching preschool shows on Amazon Prime. Or maybe playing on ABCmouse.com. I can’t remember which.

And hanging out in the recliner before bed.

All Lyla

Obviously the majority of my pictures are of Lyla. Babies don’t mind if you take thirty pictures of them a day.

I put her in the ergo while I make lunch. She giggles like crazy when I tickle her feet. She is my most ticklish baby 🙂

The only way she naps anymore is in the carrier. I get a lot of cooking and cleaning done when she needs a nap.

I always tell her cheerfully, “Good morning!!” when she wakes up, even if it’s 3pm.

After that long nap she got a new diaper.

She likes to play with this pile of diapers I have set aside to sell. They’re gdiapers which are stupid. I’ve been meaning to sell them since I bought them when Ember was a baby! Crazy, they just sit in my closet for years. I probably won’t even get around to selling them this year. They’ll likely be tossed back into the cloth diaper storage box when Lyla gets potty trained! haha

She started messing with her cloth diaper stash.

So I gave her some toys instead.

Valentine’s Day

As always I start the day by changing Lyla and then Everett’s diapers.

The kids got happy meals for lunch! This is really rare for us these days.

Life’s busy and I didn’t take any more pictures until Allan got home that night. He BBQ’d our Valentine’s dinner.

Yet another diaper change. I decided to set up my camera to photograph it because this is often what it looks like. I love that Lyla is looking at the camera from the ergo. haha

We ate and the kids opened their Valentine’s cards from each other. They also got Valentine’s from me and Allan that had candy and Trolls’ tattoos in them.

Of course they immediately ran to my bathroom to put the tattoos on!

It was a good, long day!

Easy Diapering!

I just had to make a simple, quick post just about diapers! I’ve found the most perfect set up for diapering Everett and it feels important after trying out so many brands of so many disposables and cloth!  photo 530eresized_zps9b90e73f.jpg

The only things I really need and use for cloth diapering are:
-Blueberry one size snap diaper covers
-Rumparooz one size snap diaper covers
-Cloth-Eez prefolds and fitteds
-Thirsties cloth wipes
-Angel Baby Bottom Balm (diaper rash ointment)
(Optional, but recommended) Snappis
(Optional) Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer  photo 533eresized_zpsb6a7c20e.jpg

At least half of our cloth diapers are in the wash at all times so these were the only ones available to be photographed.  photo 534eresized_zps5b56d4ac.jpg

And for disposables:
-Sizes newborn to 2: Pamper’s Swaddlers
-Sizes 2 or 3 and bigger: Honest company diapers
-Kirkland brand baby wipes from Costco (my faaaavorite!!)
-Angel Baby Bottom Balm (I use this regardless of if I’m using cloth or disposables)  photo 537eresized_zps9294b200.jpg

And while I’m posting about products-
For baby skin care my all time favorites, the products I’ve used for years and years and adore like, so so much, are:
-Earth Mama Angel Baby products (I use their lotion, baby oil, and diaper rash ointment)
-Shea Moisture products (I use the baby wash & shampoo and baby lotion)  photo 540eresized_zpsee506022.jpgI’ve used so many bottles of all of these products! Well over twenty bottles of practically each of those items in the last 5 years! I use both fairly equally, too. The Earth Mama Angel Baby Vanilla Orange lotion smells amaaaaaaaazing! I don’t usually like orange (or lemon or any citrus) scented lotions or soaps at all but this stuff seriously smells like the yummiest orange creamisicle you could imagine. And the consistency is perfect. It goes on smoothly, nourishes and moisturizes but doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. I love it.

I use the Shea Moisture lotion on Everett sometimes but mostly the Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff. But I use the Shea Moisture lotion on me and all the other kids! We go through practically buckets of the stuff. It’s so amazing! I could slather on gobs of that stuff and be happy.

As far as soap goes, I use only Shea Moisture soap. Partly because I like it much better than the Earth Angel soap but also because you can get it at Target so it’s easy to keep on hand.

The baby oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby is great stuff, as well! I have used it a few times with Everett because with all his casts and injuries he’s needed massage but I also use it when I massage Allan’s back! It’s not too greasy and the smell is really simple and good and just right if you don’t want to smell like massage oil too much!
The first time I ever bought Earth Mama Angel Baby products was on Amazon. They have a small sample set on there (google Earth Mama Angel Baby a Little Something for Baby Kit) for around $15. I bought that kit a couple times and then caved and have bought the bigger bottles of everything ever since!

Grovia Diaper and Socks On

I came across this product called Socks On while browsing Amazon one day. It is a slip on cover for baby socks to keep itty bitty babies from rubbing their chubby little feet together and wiggling their socks off. I thought it looked like something that could help deter Everett from taking his own socks on and bought a pair.

When I opened the package and saw how thin and not-too-tight they were I thought there was no way it’d help keep Everett’s socks on. But I tried them out anyway. Well, I tried one out on his foot that doesn’t have a cast, anyway.

And it worked! Everett immediately went to pull his sock off, pulled the toe of it, the sock wouldn’t come off. He pulled again a couple times and then gave up and went crawling looking for other trouble to get into!

I had him wearing the Socks On sock cover for an errand the next day and it worked to keep his sock on while we were out! I’m sold! I wish I would’ve known about this product with my other babies!  photo 140eresized_zpsdf474be6.jpg

I took that above picture for my blog and then he was being so cute I took some more photos. I was also trying out a Grovia diaper cover I’d purchased so most of those pictures focus on that. I have a lot of thoughts about Grovia right now but am not going to share them yet because I only have that one diaper and have only owned it for about 6 days so I don’t know enough about if I love it. So far I’m still really, really, really in love with my Rumparooz and Blueberry covers with Cloth-Eez prefolds and fitteds. This is the best diapering set up I’ve tried in the last 7 years I’ve tried out different cloth diaper brands! I’ve not lost the love and motivation to cloth diaper this go around because it’s easy to launder my diapers and they don’t retain odors (at ALL!) and they’re cute and they fit well. Love love love those brands I just mentioned.  photo 133eresized_zps3a8f6e95.jpg photo 167eresized_zpsaf8fb996.jpg

I was hoping the Grovia cover would work with the prefolds and fitteds I own so I didn’t have to use the soaker pads from Grovia. But no such luck. No matter how I put on my prefolds or fitteds they were exposed in the thigh area. Any exposed cloth diaper means Everett’s clothes get wet with pee in those areas.  photo 166eresized_zps53835218.jpg

But how cute is this print?! I don’t mind having one cover/insert diaper in my collection when it’s this cute!  photo 172eresized_zpsc2a8f858.jpg

I switched the fitted he’d had on to a prefold to see if the Grovia cover would cover that and it was a no go as well.  photo 180eresized_zpsddf93752.jpg

So with this particular diaper I’ll just use the regular way the company intended it to be used, Grovia cover and Grovia soaker pads. I get the organic cotton soaker pads.  photo 182eresized_zps6d3c61be.jpg

I had to add this photo from Amazon… the soaker pads have leg gussets!! The number 1 reason I dislike insert/soaker pad diapering systems is the soaker pads are usually completely flat and don’t curve around baby’s thigh so any poop (especially breastfed babies) can leak right out around the thighs and it’s up to the diaper cover to do all the work of catching it.

Cloth Diapers, My Stash is Complete!

My covers hanging to dry:  photo 164eresized_zpsb5feadca.jpg
My favorite covers in order are:
-Bestbottoms (I don’t like when I have to use these ones, they’re too trim)

My new cloth diapers came in the mail! Finally I have prefolds and workhorses that fit perfectly!! I washed them four times before use, of course. And the first day of using them felt like… just so easy!! They are a perfect fit for Everett so I don’t have to spend a minute or two situating the diapers just right, they just fit! I pull one under his bum and pull the diaper over his crotch and snappi it on and we’re good to go! Add a cover and done. I love it.  photo 032eeresized_zpsfb2da89b.jpg photo 035eresized_zpsc6bd9029.jpg

I bought baby pins to use with the workhorse diapers. I don’t know why but I just really like the pins with these!  photo 046eresized_zpsa116fdfc.jpg photo 053eresized_zps4312eb6b.jpg

He seems to like these diapers. He can close his legs easier (no huge bunch of cloth between his legs) and can sit easier since they thinner.  photo 057eresized_zps626c08fe.jpg

And now if you’ll excuse him, he needs to take a selfie.  photo 069eresized_zps999bb183.jpg