Playing With My Hair

After becoming very attached to very long, dark hair on myself… 9 years of nothing but long, brunette (my natural color, obviously) hair… I decided to make a change. It was a long process since I did it myself.

First I thought… just highlights.AF9I8192efbblogAF9I8186efbblog

My plan was to have highlights and then color them purple…AF9I8218efbblogAF9I8286efbblog

Which was not my favorite at all!AF9I8329efbblogAF9I8353efbblogAF9I8348efbblog

So then I added more bleach to my life.AF9I8217efbblog

Which turned my hair yellow. No problem, I thought, I love purple so let’s add a little purple and see what happens.AF9I8215efbblog

Well, this happened.AF9I8437efbblogAF9I8441efbblogAF9I8458efbblogAF9I8459efbblog

And that wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t what I wanted. The underside of my hair hadn’t take the bleach well and the ends being dark annoyed me so back to bleach I went!201910234842732033972419300

And that was much better but not quite light enough to play with color so for the 4th time I bleached it! (This is over the course of two or three months, not back to back)


Now my hair was light enough to try what I really had been wanting to do: dye it pink!


The pink was too bright at first and started to fade right away. But I liked it that way:


The color above was one of my favorites but it washed right out in three washes. So then I turned to adding chalk color to the blonde. I loved that:


And felt really happy with the color in general. I loved having lighter hair. The problem was roots!


I lost inches of my hair from breakage and I had to cut off many more inches just because my ends looked so fried. I lost 10 inches at least total from my hair from bleach. I didn’t want to keep lightening my roots and risking losing more length so sadly, literally with much grief, I realized I needed to start going darker to do something to camouflage the dark roots. I didn’t want to go back to brown yet so I figure I’ll play with some dark, bold colors first. I went with purple for the first darker color.


Woah was that an adjustment!!! I was shocked when applying the dye and shocked after. I missed my lighter hair and even cried!

Weirdly I got the very most compliments from men with the purple hair! It started to fade quickly, too. Here it is after one wash.


It’s more magenta than purple now. I don’t love my hair currently but getting compliments literally every time I go out is really helpful. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do next. I am leaning toward a pale gray-blue. What you’d call “icy” blue. But I’m not sure! I have been dying Brooklyn’s hair blue for months and have found that blue is the most staining color of all. It doesn’t seem to ever come out! That makes me really opposed to trying it since I like to change up the color now every couple months and really don’t want to have blue hair for more than a few weeks. So maybe blue is out? Then what is there? I don’t know… I’m just typing to myself really. haha

Here are the videos I’ve posted on my youtube channel:

And here is where I dyed Brooklyn’s hair.

And I’ll add the one where I dyed my hair purple as soon as I upload it.

The Funnest Life = Park Life

The second the weather warmed up we started going to the park every single day. If it’s warm, we’re at the park! There are 4 really nice parks within a 7 minute drive of where we live! And most of that 7 minutes, for the furthest away park, is spent just waiting at traffic lights! The distance isn’t far, all are 2 miles away or less and it’s super awesome because living in an apartment means we don’t have a backyard so we use all the wonderful parks around here as our outdoor space. I set up the trunk of my car with outdoor toys (tennis rackets and balls, water guns, horse shoes, frisbees, kites, sand toys, etc) so any time we feel like playing outside we just drive right over to the parks! I store the toys in cheap pop up laundry hampers from WalMart.

It is so amazing to live in the city we live in while we have to live in an apartment! I feel lucky every day to be able to have a cozy home and everything we miss in a house and neighborhood be within biking distance. Heck, we could even walk to this park I’m blogging about today if we needed to.

I carry our collapsible drinking cups with us, too. Sometimes I bring water with us and we also use the water fountains at the parks. (That link is an Amazon affiliate link)


Brooklyn doesn’t love this particular park so she wasn’t there, we went while she was still in school. She has school for three hours after we pick up Sierra from school since Sierra has half days.

I think all the kids’ swimwear in this post is from Costco and Target. Maybe all from Costco.


We found a cool dragonfly on the playground and took pictures and then realized that one of its wings looked bent and we worried it was too injured to survive. I hope it was fine 🙁


This park has a fun splash pad and also a cool sand pit the kids love.


Need. More. Water!


Also Costco has decently affordable bathrobes for kids and I bought some and they’re AWESOME! If you have little kids, especially 5 and younger, bathrobes are so much easier to use than regular towels since the kids can walk around in them drying off before you head back to your car! Payson and Ember had robes, too, but they were in the dirty clothes that day.279efbblog282efbblog

Group picture before we left.


So I took off Lyla’s wet clothes for the drive home and she was so hyper while I was loading our supplies and the stroller into the van. She was seriously SO happy and full of energy. She loves sitting in the front seat.


I had been wearing Ember’s hat while unloading stuff, wanting to put it in last so it wouldn’t get squished.


And then of course Lyla insisted on breastfeeding before leaving.




The Park!

My kids nickname all the parks we go to, we have the library park and the apartment park and the neighborhood park and this park is the kite park. Because we first flew our kites at this park. haha

We LOVE the kite park! It’s the freaking best! A huge field, a basketball court, a tennis court, a sand pit, the playground itself is cool, and a workout area! And it even has pretty decent bathrooms and drinking fountains!



Lyla is such a brave two year old. She climbs everything, goes on the biggest slides without hesitation, and never looks back! She loves rock walls!



Since we don’t have a backyard living in apartments I keep all our outside toys in the back of our van most of the time so that when we stop at parks we can use them. I rarely have room for groceries because of the bouncy balls, hula hoops, kites, sand toys, etc! haha


My kids LOVE sand pits. This day was the first this year they’d played in one and it got so messy.


The last thing we did was jump off swings!



Do You Know What I LOVE?

My new backpack. I’ve had it two months now and love it more each and every day. You know how finding a bag you like as a mom is just about impossible? That is my experience anyway. You research bags for hours, you watch videos, you read reviews, you try them out in stores, and eventually you purchase one and half the time (more than half?!) they just don’t do everything you want them to do.

And even if you find the perfect bag, your needs change! Seemingly overnight because kids grow and change so frequently and that means your bag needs change!


(To read about my blog and affiliate links skip to the last couple paragraphs of this post!)

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to buy MY bag, because your needs are likely totally different than mine. Maybe you want something high end (this is not it), maybe you want something small (this is not it), maybe you want something with ten thousand pockets (this is not it), etc, etc.

But what I needed this bag has and I LOVE it!

I wanted FIRST a bag that has a stay-open main compartment. I had a bag like that when Everett was a baby and as a photographer mom on the go having my bag stay open so I can grab my camera easily is primary for me. I’m guessing this is a very particular-to-me need! haha. But I have taken my dSLRs with me since Brooklyn was a baby. I mean honestly since I was a teenager and bought my first one! Me + a camera always! I hear most moms, even my “old” (long term) photographer mom friends are now using phones for basically all their photos and leaving their big cameras at home. And I get that, it’s easier. But I just do not personally like my phone photos like I do my real camera photos. I have a samsung galaxy note 9, too, so it’s not like I have a piece of poop phone… I still just don’t prefer the phone look.


Can I tell you the best part of this bag? It was almost free! I took some time to set up affiliate links through Amazon way back when I did my apartment “tour” post. I didn’t really have time to do that but had been asked a bunch of times where things were from so I made that blog post and for the first time in my life used affiliate codes and made enough money to partly cover the cost of this (already cheap) bag! If you click on the link for this bag you’ll see it costs around $40 (Amazon prices change) and I paid $14 out of pocket for it so yep, I have made a whopping $26 on Amazon. lol!

But you know what, I value every penny of that $26 because it’s $26 I had to go toward buying myself a desperately-needed backpack and that bag adds major value to my life every single stinking day. Every day.

And that’s why I felt like posting about it, because I love it. I love using it. That’s all.

If you want to buy one please BELIEVE me when I say it feels like cheap quality for the price tag. Like less than WalMart quality (because I have actually found WalMart diaper bags to be pretty awesome) and I’m guessing the straps will break before a year is up. They show zero signs of wear and tear so far after two months of rough use (I’m a beast to my bags) but I read reviews that showed the straps breaking and the straps feel so flimsy.  They don’t hurt my shoulders or anything at all like that, but they feel like they’ll come undone eventually. If you want I’ll let you know if it breaks. Because I’ll just be buying the same exact bag again when that happens because the rest of it is awesome. Like, the pockets on the side of the backpack are huge and I can toss my giant cell phone in there easily. I can even reach around and grab my cellphone out of the side pocket while it’s on my back!!! I’ve never been able to do that with any other bag.


I made this link to the bag an affiliate link just because hey, I found this thing after researching forever and it doesn’t affect you to use my link. I don’t blame you if you don’t… if you want to click off my page and Amazon search for it instead just to avoid giving me the 4% kickback I totally get that and the exact search to use is: “Kah&Kee Leather Backpack Diaper Bag with Laptop Compartment Travel School for Women Man (Camel, Large)”

But if you don’t mind people using affiliate links here it is: My Favorite Backpack

*And now a whole bunch of talking about affiliate links*

Sometimes when other bloggers or instagrammers use affiliate links or are sponsored, I think what bugs me is that I don’t know what they’re getting back and how motivated by money they are in sharing with me so I immediately am turned off. ALL, and I mean 100%, of my affiliate links are for products I have sought out, researched, found, and bought. It’s not like I’m using Amazon to then sell to others. I’m buying things I like and then once in a while when I get around to blogging, if I share something I like and use links I figure… taking time to do this, I might as well use affiliate links.

Purchasing through the affiliate links I share makes me spending the time to share feel more worthwhile. I spent two hours putting together my apartment tour post and made $30 off of it. I think that sounds fair. It motivates me to use links if I share about products. IT doesn’t motivate me to blog more, though. I’ll blog forever because I love it. haha.

Also when I went to get that link on Amazon I saw the lavender version of my bag again and want it. Maybe if the one I have breaks I’ll get that color next. I love lavender!