Curriculum Day!

I got Ember and Everett’s curriculum from the school today and then went home and went through all our home school books to make piles to use this year.

Honestly I’m not feeling it a bit. I’ve been dreading school starting back up. I despise the public school curriculum, despise being chained by it and it’s killed every last bit of love for teaching I had. I am going to put Ember in regular public school next year and I’ll still home school Everett but that’s it. I hate this.

LOVE my kiddos and will try my best but it’s just nothing that fits in with my personality or strengths. I really miss homeschooling where it was really homeschooling and not teaching my kids with public school books 🙁

You might ask why we go this route and simply: we live in a state where I’m not allowed to home school freely but there are other benefits to living here. So yes this schooling part of it is very sad but I’ve gained something else. There are costs to every choice we make and homeschooling was the cost I paid for our location. I’m thankful to live where I live and I’m sad to not be able to home school how I want to home school… there are room for mixed emotions in life.AF9I7284e3blogshareAF9I7292efbblogshare

When my blog becomes a wasteland. Where words don’t live.

She writes the grossest words. They fill her pages. She can’t stop. Her fingers are tireless. Her emotions are tireless. She is tired. She is dying.

She can’t share it with anyone. She can’t tell them. She can’t unload all of the vilest things she’s seen and heard because of it.

She is tired.

She hears a voice. From a three year old without the grossest words plaguing her mind. The three year old is singing. It is the sweetest sound.

She’s pulled from her mental walk down a dark path and gets up to stir their dinner.

But she won’t forget that the words on her lips were very bad and not to be shared.

Hello, My Name is Katsuki

And I’m the new baby in Ariana’s family. I’m 3 months old! I was rescued when I was just a teeny kitten by a local animal shelter and then Ariana adopted me a few months later for Brooklyn. Brooklyn named me Katsuki which she got from her favorite show ‘My Hero’s Academia.’ Brooklyn says it’s pronounced “cat-ski” and now Lyla thinks all cats are Katsuki.