Affiliate Links Info

Hey guys. My blog isn’t a sponsored blog. Never has been and probably never will be. I say probably because I doubt it will be but also I wouldn’t say no to some company I love asking me to share about something I already use and getting paid for it. For instance, Canon camera gear, Charmin toilet paper, gluten-free products, and anything Crayola, among many others. lol!!!! I have a lot of brand loyalty as a consumer so I would NOT turn that down.(Seriously I decided to go with Canon in 1999 with my first film SLR camera and 20 years later… still Canon loyal. haha

I’m a stay-at-home, married mom turned divorced, single mom with no work experience, no college degree, and no income so I would love if I could earn money from that. But I don’t earn money from blogging currently. I have had offers to be paid to sponsor things and I’ve said no because they aren’t products I use and love. They fit me as a person/mother (craft things, homeschool things, etc) but like I said, I’m pretty picky about what I like. I don’t want to be sponsored by someone unless it’s something I would find and buy myself and the offers I have had over the years don’t fit that. They’re decent products, for sure, but they’re not things I would buy with my own money.

What I do use is Amazon affiliate links. I started using them last year (2018) and have always been transparent about the change. The reason I started using Amazon affiliate links is because someone told me about it and how little I would have to do to use them and how links would be things I find. I can get a kickback, a small percent (usually around 4% of the cost of an item but up to 8% if it’s furniture, at least those are the amounts as of now in 2019) by sharing links of things I have found and bought and love?! I was intrigued and researched it and turns out, it’s easy to set up an affiliate account. I’d recommend anyone who uses Amazon and shares links to check it out. (Also I don’t get paid for saying that, I just really like the program so far)

Sometimes when other bloggers or instagrammers use affiliate links or are sponsored, I think what bugs me is that I don’t know what they’re getting back and how motivated by money they are in sharing with me so I immediately am turned off. If the reason you have a product is because you are going to get money for it I do not want to buy it. That can’t be the primary motivation for sharing something with me.

ALL, and I mean 100%, of my affiliate links are for products I have sought out, researched, found, and bought. I’m buying things I like and then once in a while when I get around to blogging, if I share something I like and use links I figure… taking time to do this, I might as well use affiliate links. And I say so in every post where that is true.

You purchasing through the affiliate links I share makes me spending the time to share about products feel more worthwhile. I spent two hours putting together my apartment tour post and made $30 off of it. I think that sounds fair. It motivates me to use links if I share about products. It doesn’t motivate me to blog more, though. I’ll blog forever because I love it. I will still share products, as well. I just maybe won’t link to them unless specifically asked because it does take a few minutes and I’m always in a hurry. I can’t give away my time for free when I’m raising six kids, does that make sense?

For way more about affiliate links (if you’re not like, just shut up already Ariana!) you can read my post about my favorite backpack, I talk a lot about it there.

And if you despise affiliate links and don’t want me to get one single penny, I so get it, go ahead and search in Amazon for the products yourself and I won’t get a penny. Buying through affiliate links doesn’t affect the price to you so either way you’re getting the same product at the same price. But if you search for things yourself on Amazon and find the things I’ve talked about I earn nothing.