About Me

A (71)yt

Hi! I’m Ariana and I’m not sure what more you’d want to know about me than my short bio on the front page of my blog.

I’m 35 years old and have 6 kids ages 15, 13, 10, 8, 5, and 2! I got married and pregnant at 19 years old and have been having kids ever since. I love it. I feel like it’s where I flourish.

I’m creative and mostly put that into my pictures and writing. I love reading all kinds of books. I’m kind of obsessed. I’m sorry, I’m really obsessed. I started some university courses last year and am so happy learning new things all the time.

I used to blog EVERY day, almost every day, for 10 straight years at this same address but at the time it was over on blogger. I switched to wordpress this year after having to BUY my own domain back from a company that kinda stole it. I mean for them it was all “honest” but it really was a huge mess for ME. But you know what, I value the name all the more.

The reason I brought that up is that you might have “re-found” me while searching for this name and yeah, here I am! Back after two years of not being here!

I stopped blogging as much in 2015 after some serious shit went down in my marriage and personal life. I was going through a divorce (yeah, I am divorced now) and had a whoooooole lot of betrayal going on with supposed friends and family members so I just quit the internet for a little while. I’ve been slowly working my way back into it though because I really, really, really like blogging. I like sharing and connecting and I miss it!! I miss it a lot!

I know instagram and snapchat (and other things??) are more the “rage” these days but I’m a sucker for blogging. I can’t quit it. I can’t hop into the other social platforms like I’ve settled so comfortably into blogging. So, I’m sticking with it!

Thanks for checking in with me and my family. I hope you find something you relate to and leave feeling accepted, normal, and encouraged. And not encouraged because I’m planning on inspiring you, encouraged because I hit a lot of walls in my life and I keep trying and you can see and hear about my failures and feel like, hey look, Ariana failed and shared about it and then figured out ways around it so my failures maybe don’t define me either!