Thanksgiving 2019!

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This year we didn’t have running water for Thanksgiving (my whole town didn’t) and I had really planned on going to visit my family for the holiday but Brooklyn didn’t want to leave her cat. My mom even invited the cat to stay with her, too, but Brooklyn just didn’t want to go. So we stayed home and last minute I had to run to Costco to get an entire meal. This wasn’t the first time I’ve done it this way! haha (I really don’t even mind doing it this way)

We had deviled eggs and a simple relish tray (on Christmas plates, heh) earlier in the day.1128_ (2)efbblog1128_ (7)efbblog

And then I cooked what I had to cook. We tried gluten-free stuffing so Payson could try it and it was digusting and no one ate it.1128_ (9)efbblog

And then it was time to eat!1128_ (15)efbblog1128_ (19)efbblog1128_ (20)efbblog

Lyla is a big fan of corn on the cob and ate every last bit of hers and had seconds. She tried a lot of the other food, too.1128_ (26)efbblog

And then time for pumpkin pie! I got a huge three pack of whipped cream since it was Costco after all, and Everett LOVED that! I let the kids spray their own whipped cream and it turned into a… lot.1128_ (35)efbblog1128_ (43)efbblog1128_ (44)efbblog1128_ (54)efbblog1128_ (60)efbblog1128_ (68)eefbblog1128_ (91)efbblog1128_ (96)efbblog

It was an awesome day.1128_ (103)efbblog1128_ (116)blog1128_ (120)blog

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  • I seriously enjoyed reading your article and felt so blessed and happy. Your pictures are lovely and beautiful. It looks perfect and raw without any chipping and cutting. Your family picture is very adorable and those funny faces made me laugh rolling down. Great pieces.

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