Halloween 2019!

First we went to the mall to trick or treat since it was SOOOO cold!!! October was full winter this year.

01 (261)efbblog

Their dad was there too, and I have a photo of them with him. 01 (262)efbblog

Brooklyn was Katsuki from My Hero Academia. That’s who her cat is named after, too. We made her wig and boots.

01 (272)efbblog

Sierra was Glaceon, a pokemon, and we made her costume too. I’ll post a video of it at the end of this post.01 (281)efbblog

Payson was Pikachu!

01 (289)efbblog

Ember was an LOL Surprise doll!

01 (275)efbblog

Everett was a shark. And don’t call him Shark Car from Umizoomi or Baby Shark! He’s just a shark he wants you to know!

01 (279)efbblog

Lyla was a unicorn. Unicorns are her favorite animal!01 (277)efbblog

Because she’s my last baby and still young enough to love matching with mom, I was a unicorn too! haha01 (292)efbblog01 (300)efbblog

Brooklyn with her hood and wig off and just the extreme makeup leftover!01 (302)efbblog01 (310)efbblog

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