I Love the Golden Girls!

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So I love the Golden Girls. If you follow me on instagram (which you should if you aren’t because I’m on there almost daily!), especially my stories, you’re so over this, right? haha! I love The Golden Girls TV show. I own all the seasons and watch them as I fall asleep every single night. I suffer from anxiety that gets the worst at night as I lay in bed in silence… my mind races. Falling asleep to The Golden Girls makes me feel comforted and gives me better dreams, too.

I have a book about The Golden Girls and many Golden Girls shirts, and even a magnet fridge set, and these things make me feel comforted.

I think maybe it would sound like a weird obsession/interest except that the times I watched the Golden Girls on TV were times with my grandma. Those were the most peaceful, happiest times of my childhood. I lived with her for several summers and they were the only years of my life that I felt peaceful. She would watch Golden Girls reruns and since I was spending time with her, I would see them too. I wasn’t as into the show then in my mid teens but I did enjoy them. Now at 36 years old, divorced, considered old by current social media standards, I relate to that age group. I’m still pretty young, really, raising young kids, but I still relate. They make me laugh, they make me feel understood and normal, and they remind me of being with my grandma. My grandma died 3 years ago and I have felt a lot of grief ever since. She had forgotten who I was long before she died and I felt sad about that, but her being gone, really gone… it’s different. It’s so much worse. I miss her so much. You really don’t realize that life goes fast and little things will be the big things you miss so much you can’t stand it. Sitting in her living room with the TV always on (she was divorced and lonely)… watching her favorite shows, crocheting, doing her crosswords, reading her romance novels, chatting endlessly with me, watching anything that happened outside her big living room window… I miss it so much. She had a schedule and I remember her getting up and turning off the TV for dinner. She never kept it on and we all always ate at the dining table together. I miss it all so much.

This picture is just a random day I was cleaning my apartment. I had The Golden Girls playing on my phone and stopped cleaning to watch a certain scene… just laughing and missing my grandma all at once. (haha, also I was wearing that Golden Girls shirt I mentioned owning!)011efbblog

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