Picnic at the Park and Getting a New Table

We first bought some food to bring to the park. Lyla sits in these chairs every time we go to this store. Today she brought it down the aisle we were shopping in. haha


She also can’t pass by the ball display without begging for one. We have so many already and she throws a fit each time we don’t buy another 😛


Then we went to the park. It’s always a challenge getting the kids to eat before playing, they get so antsy to run off and play!


Today the little kids tried out tether ball for the first time. They played that most of the time we were there, actually!


Then they got really into playing with this tree in particular. Trying to pick leaves and stuff.


This was the first time we brought sand toys to the park, I bought some from the Target dollar section, and they spent the rest of the time in the sand pit.


Later that day we went to WalMart to get a new table. The one I used to have was too big to bring to the apartment so I left it behind for the kids’ dad. I think he sold it. Anyway, we were going to use the desk in the kitchen to eat off of but that didn’t work out well. So then I got a few floor mats and we ate picnic style in the living room for what, 9 months or so? I hated it. The kids didn’t seem to mind too much but it just wasn’t a good long term thing. We ate family meals like that but it felt… less ideal than eating together as a family at a table.

I found this folding table at WalMart for $39! I also got folding chairs so we could move everything aside if we need more space. For folding tables they don’t look too bad. I not only love that they’re foldable but that they’re all super lightweight. Moving everything aside to sweep and mop three to five times a day is SO easy! Woohoo!


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