Magna Tile Fun!


I can’t remember if I blogged about how I put the magna tiles in storage or if I blogged about taking them back out of storage. haha! It was an INTENSE year so obviously when it comes to record keeping, it’s a big blur.

But last year our downstairs neighbors complained constantly to the apartment manager about the noise my kids were making. They specified crashing noises as one of the worst noises. I figured out right away they must be talking about when my kids build tall towers out of magna tiles and then those towers fall to the ground because it literally sounds like dropping a huge box of plates or something. It’s SO loud. So I put the magna tiles in storage and figured as soon as I could afford to rent a house instead of apartment we’d bring them back out. I was so freaking sad about it because my kids LOVE magna tiles the MOST. It’s their all time favorite toy.

Fast forward through the winter and spring to just before summer when it came time to either renew my lease or move. Financially I can’t move even if I wanted to (which I did) so I decided to stay for one more year here. There are a lot of benefits to staying, which I briefly talk about here.

Anyway, one of the losses I couldn’t quite accept was my kids not playing with magna tiles for another year. I know it probably sounds silly but imagine your kid’s all time favorite play time and taking that from them for years. I decided to bring the magna tiles back out in smaller batches so the kids couldn’t build huge towers. That worked. But there weren’t enough magna tiles for the kids to each be able to build things all at once so eventually I decided to make some new magna tile rules in order to bring them all out but keep the noise down. Rule 1 is: no towers taller than Lyla when she’s sitting. Rule 2 is: no knocking over structures for fun… try to gently take them apart to rebuild.

These pictures are from the first few days we had the magna tiles back out. It took a few reminders of the rules but the kids have been playing happily and decently quietly with them ever since ♥477efbblog449efbblog456efbblog

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