Ember Might Have An Allergy!

Poor Ember! I bought three or four types of sunscreen at the beginning of summer to try out. Two brands are sensitive types made for babies actually, and the other two were run of the mill normal ones everyone uses. We had Neutrogena, Baby Bum, Babyganics, and I can’t remember the other and can’t find the bottle… but it was just something off the shelf from Target… never mind, I googled and it’s Bare Republic. haha

Anyway, I used the Baby Bum on Ember’s face and then the Neutrogena for the rest of her body and that evening after playing in the water she erupted in a rash. It looked so much worse in person. I googled Neutrogena sunscreen and found other women talking about the rash it gave their children as well so I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I use Baby Bum and Babyganics only now and those work well and don’t give my kids rashes!


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