Visiting Their Dad

Every other weekend the kids see their dad. I miss them terribly. Sunday evenings just the older four go with him and have bigger kid type fun and I take the little kids and do little kid type fun things. haha (You parents of kids in a large age run will get what a brilliant idea this is, right? ha)


I miss my kids like crazy when they’re with their dad. I always hope they’re having fun but I also just miss them so much.

I took the little kids to Panera Bread for breakfast.


Then we went grocery shopping. Everett and Lyla wanted theses shopping carts but we didn’t get them. They did play with them and race with them, though.


Lyla loves shopping. She loves picking things out and putting them in the cart or the shopping bag hanging from the stroller or even in my bag. I’m always watching her so I see her do it and take the things out. haha. It’s cute the types of things she picks out, though. Like today it was animal figures and romance novels. haha!


I let the kids play the claw machine and Everett won!


The kids’ dad brought the older four to the park to fly kites together and I took them home from there. Everett and Lyla were hungry so I got them some happy meals on the drive over.


I think we didn’t end up flying kites… just playing at the park. Brooklyn and Sierra like swinging together the whole time. And at the end I asked the kids for a group picture!


I’m a lucky mom, these six are the best.679efbblog682efbblog




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