One of Our Insanely Busy, How-Did-I-Even-Surive Days!

The school year about killed me! I was so busy every single day. I did the best I could but am excited to make some changes for next year!

These photos are from one normal day. It looks crazy busy (it was) but it was my normal. Ack. How did I do it. I remember every single night while doing the bedtime routine, brushing my little two kids’ teeth, brushing my own, washing my face, my heart would race at the idea that I didn’t do enough and had so much to do the next day and was so tired I could’ve cried and how would I survive it all?!

But I DID! I survived it all! I can’t believe it! Makes me feel stronger than I’d ever imagined and ready to tackle new challenges. And still tired… I’m tired. haha

Magna tile fun.


The photo below is Ember using these fun worksheets to start learning skip counting and times tables. Ember started learning multiplication in 2nd grade, I swear I learned it in 4th grade! Maybe 3rd but I swear it was 4th! Am I wrong? Other moms in your 30s, when did you learn the times tables??

Also guys, check out my pinterest boards for homeschool and teacherspayteachers for things I’m doing/using in homeschooling. Some are free, some aren’t, none are sponsored for me, just things this busy mom found and uses. Seriously guys, I took the time to link them because I love the things I’ve used on there, it’s not for financial benefit for me, not even a penny! Not for more views… nothing except sharing, and if YOU have resources you love, share with me too! Or link your pinterest or blog or wherever you share things! I know a large handful of you are homeschool moms, too!


Payson was working on writing an essay. He was using the public school curriculum so it was a battle and not fun.


He did use my little mountain graphic I made since it was a personal narrative report and that helped! I’d share a link but it’s just a scrappy thing I made in photoshop and the mountain clip art isn’t mine. Untitled-1

Before I made that I used to just draw a sketch of something similar and he’d fill in the lines and then start writing his essay from there.

Everett and Lyla both know how to turn on Netflix on my phone so they steal it constantly. It’s 90% of the reason I miss all my calls and many of my texts. Not only were they watching my phone together but they had both changed clothes and had both put their shirts on backwards! I ran for my camera when I noticed.


Lyla had put one of Ember’s shirts on top of hers.017efbblog021efbblog

When they noticed me taking their picture they stopped and smiled.


We went to pick Sierra up from school and stopped at a grocery store on the way home to get lunch. The kids picked out lunchables and fruit.


They like this particular store because it always has this car cart available and the store is never too busy to use it!


Showing me their choices.


Lyla’s favorite toys are baby dolls and little animal toys (which she calls babies) so I buy her baby bottles and binkies every few months when she loses hers. Today we got these for $1.99 and she gave one to Everett and they both immediately sucked on them. haha


It’s summer but it’s been chilly and rainy for days.


What did Lyla do back at home? Change again, of course. She loves to change many, many times a day.


Everett changed, too, and then we were heading off to Costco. Everett laid on the ground by the door munching his crackers.


This was Lyla’s completed look she put together:


I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones who love to climb behind large displays in stores. Costco is unlimited hiding and secret spaces… it’s so hard to get my kids to stay out of the products!! I tell them so many times and they lose getting frozen yogurt at the end of the trip. But nothing is enough… the pull of the fun is too great and they still do it.


Everett and Sierra were being so sweet together, hanging out like buddies during the shopping trip so I asked them to smile for a picture. Then I told Sierra to kiss Everett’s cheek and the next photo happened.


I’m lucky that Everett likes to ride in the cart a lot of the time because Lyla doesn’t and she’s wild and everywhere and it’s… awful. It takes all my energy and I rarely remember to get everything on my list because I’m so focused on keeping track of her and keeping her from messing with everything and running in front of people, cutting them off, and all that usual toddler in a store drama!


Every time we go to Costco Ember and Everett beg for this giant box of Eggo waffles. I hate buying it because I have a very tiny freezer in our apartment-sized fridge and one box fills half of it up! But sometimes I give in and buy it.


Today was one of the rarer shopping trips where we had to buy ALL THE BIG ITEMS so my cart was stuffed and I was dreading the unloading process back at the apartment! The kids were happy, though, and we got what we needed!


So many times when I unload groceries I wear Lyla in the Ergo carrier because she screams so much and sometimes I ask Sierra to watch her because I have a bad back and it starts to go out so I need to take it a little easier and carrying Lyla on my back up and down stairs is extra. Sierra has this fun trick she uses where she takes Lyla to my bedroom window to watch me at the van, I wave to her as I get to the van and grab a box or bag and then I stop and wave before coming up the stairs and while I walk up the stairs they all run to the front door to greet me. I set down the armload of stuff I have and wave to everyone and we all say hi and I head back down and the kids head back to my room to wave again. It’s adorable.


We went and picked up Brooklyn after I unloaded the groceries and came home and I finished unloading the stuff I’d left (I only put away the cold stuff since we were in a hurry to make it to Brooklyn’s school) while the kids ate.


Then it was bedtime! Everett and Lyla were in their fourth outfits of the day so I didn’t change them into pajamas. There is only so much laundry one woman can do!! Payson and Ember had school the next day and Payson likes to sleep in the clothes he will wear so he changed into his school outfit. Ember is in pajamas because she loves pajamas. I don’t care what my kids wear to bed all that much as long as they change right before going to sleep.


If we go to bed on time I read the kids stories. It’s a way to motivate them because bedtimes are insane. If Payson and Ember get into bed before the little kids they read. This day they were all in my bed reading together and ugh, that is just so cute.296efbblog299efbblog

That’s it for that day! haha

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