Morning and Lunchtime During the School Year

When we get home from dropping Brooklyn and Sierra off at school I make breakfast while the kids play (and Lyla cries) and then we eat and then we start homeschooling!


Every time the middle kids do their work Lyla wants to get something that looks similar to what they’re doing and do it, too. If I tell her she’s doing Lyla’s school she is one happy toddler!


She’s actually a good little artist for being 2! She draws people all the time and has for quite a while. Giant circles with eyes, nose, mouth, arms and legs, fingers and hair, too!

Everett usually prefers to play with toys or beg me to play video games.


Lyla tires of drawing and joins Everett. And by joins I mean comes over and tries to steal everything and they fight and both scream and I find something else for Lyla. haha


“Mom, look at my trick!”480efbblog488efbblog

After a morning of school work we get ready to go get Sierra from school.


When the weather is good we stop at the store on the way home each day and pick out lunch. Sometimes we have supplies at home for sandwiches and we just get fruit or pretzels or juice or something to go along with it. Sometimes we get lunchables.


The kids all love picking out a piece of fruit every day. Payson and Everett especially love picking fruit and bagging it themselves. I guess all the kids do the same and those two just love talking about it a lot!


Then we went home and ate. Then did the rest of the day but I didn’t take any more pictures.




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