Teacher Appreciation Week

The parents of the students in my kids’ school put together a week of snacks and cards for the teachers for teacher appreciation week. We signed up for Wednesday and ran to the store after homeschooling that morning to pick out some things. The kids helped bring them in. They were excited to get their teachers snacks 🙂


Because we were supposed to drop off snacks 30 minutes before picking up Sierra we decided to wait again at the school. We played Mother May I and Simon Says again. haha


Lyla loves picking dandelions, playing with them, and giving them to me and her siblings ♥321efbblog340efbblog

Back at home we waited for our apartment maintenance manager to come by with the A/C repairmen. Turns out the repairmen couldn’t come so he brought some portable units instead. It had gotten up to 85 degress in our apartment and we were very grateful for the cool air!!



I snapped some pictures of our cute camping cot bunkbeds. Payson is often scared and asks to sleep in my room on the floor. Since it’s so often I bought these so that he (and Ember because if Payson leaves their room, she does!) can be off the ground and out of the way if I need to leave my room at night and don’t remember he’s there or don’t see him and step on him!


Plus they came with these book/cup holders!378efbblog379efbblog380efbblog382efbblog

Cool air!!! ♥396efbblog

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