Lyla Loves My Glasses!

Lyla is obessed with my glasses which she calls “eyes.” If I’m not wearing them she says concerned while pointing at my eyes, “Mom, oh no, you eyes! Where you eyes?”

And if she finds them on the counter she pulls up a chair to get them and wear them. And she pulls the handles way out to put them on and breaks them. Yep, she’s broken two or three pairs. It’s not my favorite spending $100-$150 every 4 months! I try to keep them in their case or out of her reach but she’s too creative for me. Next step: contacts. haha


We went to the store and our favorite brand of granola bars were $2 off a box!!! I’ve never seen them so cheap so I bought a LOT of them.


Also we’d bought supplies for lunches and brought Payson and Ember their lunches. These two wanted to hold them on the way into the school ♥


After dropping off the lunches Everett was trying to buckle himself and Lyla helped.


And I made yet another batch of peanut butter bars.


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