Fun times.

In the morning I laminated some letter playmats for Everett to use playdoh with.


Payson needed a paper towel and when he ripped this one off he said, “Look mom, Nevada!” (He is obsessed with the United States… maps and facts)015efbblog

We did math but really the kids ended up playing with the manipulatives rather than doing much school work. haha024efbblog

After finishing our school work we headed to the park.056efbblog076efbblog

Since we don’t have a backyard I keep everything outside-related in the back of my van and we use it at local parks. Today we used chalk and played with our beach balls in the tennis courts.


I think these little kitties Sierra drew are just so adorable.091efbblog094efbblog097efbblog100efbblog109efbblog

We needed a few things at WalMart so we went there next. My kids are currently obsessed with Ugly Dolls even though we haven’t seen the movie yet. I think it came to the theaters the next day or two after this.


Lyla adores bouncy balls, beach balls, soccer balls, etc. LOVES. She always stops at every ball display in every store and insists on playing with them and begs and begs for me to buy them. We have many. haha


She also still loves baby dolls. They’ve always been a favorite toy of hers.


And playdoh is a frequent purchase.


Ember had tooth fairy money and wanted to pay for her items in the self checkout aisle.


This was Lyla’s first time putting coins in the charity thingy and she was highly amused. I ended up using all the coins in my wallet because they were all so cute putting them down the slides!


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