Busy School Days – Sierra’s Presentation!

Sierra’s school is starting this new thing where the students do many projects/presentations instead of just random homework and written reports. They still do written reports but they have to memorize them and then present a poster board or slideshow or video or artwork to the class and a few times they invite parents and families! I adore this. Sierra adores this. I hope they do it next year, too!


Here she is setting up. The other kids were so, so interested in everything and so supportive and encouraging. And we were all proud of Sierra because not only is she a hard worker but she’s a self starter and very personally motivated. She’s just awesome and we adore her and loved being able to watch her in class ♥


Here is her poster board:


I wisely brought a whole bag of quiet snacks and activities for the little two and it took every last thing to keep them semi quiet during her presentation. Also Lyla was so tickled seeing Sierra get up there in front of everyone that she ran up and hugged Sierra. Sierra without skipping a beat picked her up and gave her a squeeze and set her back down. Lyla ran happily back to me and Sierra went on seamlessly with her presentation!


Sierra wasn’t the last presenter so while we waited for her school to get out (about 30 minutes) we played Simon Says and Mother May I outside the school.


There was a book fair and each kid got two books and a bookmark or pen. The book fair was buy a book and get one half off.


On the way to the van there was a puddle and Lyla loved that.


Because it was a crazy busy day and we were out of groceries we stopped at Panera Bread and I got a giant cup of ice to put my warm mio into.


Ember was enamored with her new books and read them all right away. She picked out cat books mostly 🙂


Stickers 🙂


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