Our Super Fun Day!

First thing I made our usual for breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast. I drank a green juice while I cooked.


Lyla was in the bathroom with me while I got ready and so I did a little twist in her hair. To keep her entertained I let her watch toddler shows on my phone.


I didn’t take any more pictures until just before we left for the park. We go to the park to eat our lunch as often as possible. I got this cooler online for camping but we’ve used it for picnics instead so far and I LOVE it. It’s the perfect size for our family of 7. *all links in this post are affiliate links


Soooo, want to see how much easily fit in that cooler, with room to spare??


This was a “snack” type lunch, usually we have sandwiches and fresh fruit and veggies but this was a haven’t-gone-grocery-shopping lunch! haha

This day was the first day I tried out these collapsible cups I got for hiking, too! I needed to get stuff that saves space so I’m not carrying the biggest, heaviest load of supplies when we’re outdoors this summer. These worked great! Surprisingly my kids were obsessed with them, even Lyla! (link at end of the post)


I also got these caps for baby food pouches or applesauce pouches. Lyla has been liking applesauce lately but spills (purposefully) everywhere and these make that impossible!


If you haven’t heard, Costco has peeled hard boiled eggs that are amazing! I buy them all the time because they’re one of ALL of my kids favorite foods, but especially Lyla!


And then we have Everett with one of his favorite foods: lunch meat!


Sierra and then Payson:


There’s a water fountain at the park and the kids got their own refills the whole time we were there.


We prefer to sit at the picnic tables there but there was a huge family having a birthday party so we sat on the grass in the shade.


You know what’s fun? Pouring your juice into your cup.


My kids love Capri Sun.


So while we were eating Payson and some of the other kids were racing around the grass when Payson fell in a big muddy spot!


Payson got cleaned up as much as possible in the water fountain and then it was on to playing!


Look at this cute swing they have for parents swinging with babies or toddlers!! Ugh, I love it so freaking much!


Before getting in the car, snapped a couple pictures of the two “E” kids. haha


Speaking of the “E” kids, the bigger kids wanted to stay home while I ran to Target so it was just me and the younger three kids! We had a fun shopping trip and then these two got icees!


We love Target!


And then Ember let Lyla hold her icee and…





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