Taking “School” Pictures!

Brooklyn, Sierra, Payson, and Ember had pictures taken at school (of course) and I decided to try to copy the school photos as best as I could in order to have six “matching” portraits to hang on the wall. The first set of school pictures were taken in the fall and the photographer used a blue backdrop. I bought some felt with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to mimic the look. Then the school had a photographer come out for spring photos as well! The backdrop was a blossoming tree and they used a ladder and prop. I didn’t try to copy those photos perfectly because I didn’t want to spend any money so we just went outside and found a similar looking tree and took photos in front of it!

So here are all the extra photos I snapped the day I took the spring pictures along with some photos I grabbed from my instagram account to show the finished product!

One thought on “Taking “School” Pictures!

  • These school and self done pictures turned out so nice. Every one if your kids is super cute and great posers!!

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