New Fans and Camping Bunk Beds!

The A/C in my apartment is not working and despite the apartment “person” (I don’t know the title) coming to check on things and try to fix it, no luck. They called the A/C company (again, not sure the name of this stuff) but they’re ignoring the request for service for now so we’re just sweating to death in our 80 degree place. The REAL problem was this was the same week we got sick and all had really bad fevers!!! I kept the windows open all day but at night we were still pretty warm. I promptly bought some fans from WalMart and now we’re sleeping in breezy peace.

Also if you’re wondering about Payson and Ember in those cot-like bunk beds (camping bunk beds!) it’s because most nights they come in my room and sleep on my floor (“we’re scared!”) and it’s often enough that I felt bad for them on the floor and got them these. During the day they drape blankets over them and pretend the bottom bunk is a fort 🙂

You can find them using this Amazon affiliate link. (Cost is the same for you with my link but gives me a few cents and as a single mom of six, I could use even a few cents. haha)

I have a lot of other camping gear that’s really space saving and useful for a large family, let me know if you’re interested in a future post about that!

Library Trip!

We went to the library to load up on books! I follow Sarah Mackenzie at Read Aloud Revival mostly because she’s so cheerful I feel inspired with positivity any time she posts, and I finally got around to printing out one of her book lists to bring to the library and we’ve read the books already and LOVED them so I’m an even bigger fan now and highly suggest following her and checking out her book lists! Even if you aren’t obsessed with books, she’s just so fun to follow on instagram, so cheerful!

We love the library so much!












These were the first ones we read. So fun! (We’ve already owned/read I Want My Hat Back, Rosie’s Walk, and Turtle Splash but checked them out anyway!) 

Little Artist

Lyla loves coloring. It’s one of her very favorite things to do, maybe even her most favorite. I discovered that Crayola oil pastels are the perfect coloring tool for toddlers, they show up very rich and vibrant. Lyla LOVES them! She asks for them more than anything else and she not only colors but loves to take the oil pastels out of the packaging and then line them back up in it 🙂

Love and Hate

Everett and Lyla have a relationship that is totally different than Brooklyn and Sierra had and Payson and Ember had… they argue and fight more than they play together BUT they adore each other and do play. They just struggle because Lyla is a very bossy little sister! Lucky for her Everett is pretty darn patient for the most part. They are hilarious when they fight. 99% of the time they are both laughing on and off through each argument and are quick to smile and play together as soon as it’s over. Once in a while they have a *real* fight where neither is willing to budge and I’ll step in.