Cooking, Movie Theater, and Cabela’s!

Everett and Lyla love helping me in the kitchen.007efbblog008efbblog

I bought this headband from Hobby Lobby and Lyla was really excited to wear it, grabbed it out of the bag as soon as we got home and put it on with the tag still attached.044efbblog

Friday night we watched Faceoff! 091efbblog

We had a gift card for Hobby Lobby so I got a bunch of air dry clay for the kids. We spent hours and hours for a few weeks sculpting all kinds of things. Mostly Mario related but also little people and animals and random other stuff.095efbblog249efbblog255efbblog262efbblog

We had a gift card to the movie theater so we went and saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. I didn’t want to see it but I was outnumbered when we voted. haha119efbblog

Picking out treats ♥125efbblog126efbblog

I asked Sierra to hold Lyla for me while I paid.128efbblog

I love taking group shots by the auditorium.137efbblog139efbblog

Little kids ready to watch the movie!152efbblog154efbblog

Middle kids ready to watch the movie!159efbblog161efbblog

Big kids ready to watch the movie!162efbblog165efbblog169efbblog

Posing with this fun cutout sign after.174efbblog

Enjoying the piles and piles of snow!182efbblog211efbblog226efbblog

This was Sunday afternoon, the older kids were with their dad so I took Lyla to Costco just her and me!


She loved walking all through the store with my full attention and helping out as much as possible. She put most things in the cart and also wanted to help unload the groceries into the van!326efbblog330efbblog336efbblog

After a little over an hour we picked Everett up from his dad’s.358efbblog

And went to Cabela’s! Everett and Lyla LOVE Cabela’s!389efbblog395efbblog

Talking about all the fish.397efbblog402efbblog

Talking about all the taxidermy animals. (taxidermy: ew)415efbblog432efbblog

Everett talked to me a lot about these two bears fighting over the deer on the ground.441efbblog

They wanted to try out all the camping chairs on display.449efbblog464efbblog

We got keychain flashlights for all the hikes we’re planning for this summer.466efbblog

I tried on a couple t-shirts and a zip up hoodie. The kids played happily in the dressing room.475efbblog480efbblog

They were enamored with their reflections. So much they were kissing themselves a lot and of course kissing leads to licking like how puppies and kitties kiss because Lyla is super obsessed with puppies and kitties! (babies and kitties are her favorite things)483efbblog493efbblog497efbblog

Those kids get joy out of licking their reflections and I get joy out of ALMOST catching up on my blog! I’m now getting into March’s pictures! Woohoo!

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  • Fun, fun, fun! have any ideas for your birthday gift yet?? I love you! Can’t call you because your mailbox is full 🙁

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