The Week of Valentine’s Day 2019!

Look at me freaking blogging AGAIN! Daily-blogging goal, here I come!!

I’m just going to jump straight into these photos because I was so crazy busy today (homeschooling and mommying) that I don’t have a whole lot of time and I still feel vulnerable from my last blog post AND I just uploaded a video to youtube (whaaaa? Who is back online again? Me!) in which I edited poorly and left a clip of me getting dressed and it shows a little of my stomach and my body dysmorphic disorder is raging. haha! Eeek. But I’m leaving it because 1) I was raised in the LDS church long enough to feel like showing anything of my body was sending me straight to hell even if I was doing it in the OPPOSITE of a sexy way and I want to cut that fear out of me! And 2) that is what the stomach of a woman who is 35 and has had six children and ate Cabela’s fudge for a week straight looks like. haha. And it’s OKAY for me to not look like a supermodel. I never have and I’ve been happy anyway.

Lyla is still making messes, guys, don’t worry. Don’t worry about a clean apartment over here, Lyla will make sure that doesn’t happen.

I took this picture for a reason but a month later captioning it I don’t remember what that reason was. The girls are cute though. ha

I wanted to remember what my van looks like during the long winter months (FILTHY!) so I snapped this and I’m SO glad because just now winter is finally ending and I’ll wash it and this will be a fun memory!

About to head to school!

We went to Fred Meyer to get Valentine’s for Payson and Ember’s class parties. Lyla LOVED the Valentine’s gifts and decor and tried out every single pillow in the area.

The cards Payson picked out for his classmates.

Everett was thrilled by the whole idea even though he didn’t get to get cards. He talked about next year when he was in school and gets to pick out cards!

Still with the pillows.

Ember picking out her cards.

The boys rough housing with all the plush toys.

It’s tradition that I get the kids Valentine’s from me. We got these chocolate heart boxes and a few other things 🙂

Then I really had to go get Lyla new shoes because she outgrew her last pair of boots and threw the other pair in the lake.

She wanted to try on every single pair in the store. I think I ended up letting her try on at least five pairs and she ran and skipped and hopped up and down the aisles very happily with a huge grin. She loves shoes.

The kids all loved these seats.

This is a familiar sight. Four long months of almost nonstop snow. Blah.

Payson has been working through a lot of emotions about the divorce and has talked to me daily about it, one thing that helped him was putting pictures on his wall of him with each of his family members AND a group picture with me and all of them. He likes looking at photos and knowing that his family is still his family and always will be even if we live in two different homes.

Filling out their Valentine’s cards.

Everett worked on his preschool curriculum while they did that. (That’s not an affiliate link)

And Lyla always joins him.

This was the day (one day each week) Payson and Ember went to school and Sierra, the little kids, and I painted.

Legs make for a good canvas.

After a bath to clean up the paint mess.

After painting and a bath we made homemade playdough!

Everett and Lyla are both obsessed with all sorts of playdough so they were really happy and played with it for at least an hour!

Lyla loves to make balls of dough or snakes and calls them mommy, daddy, and baby. She calls everything mommy, daddy, and baby. Specifically she always says, mommy, daddy, baby, Lyla baby. So she pretends anything in groups of three or more are her and me and her dad.

I adore Everett and I adore our one day a week quality time days! It’s so nice to be with just him and Lyla occasionally and give them better attention!

He and Lyla made brownies with me. I didn’t take pictures of the process but I took this picture of him cutting them for the family. And tasting them!

The day before we’d got our Christmas presents from grandma in the mail! Each kid got a gift card to Barnes and Noble!!!! Our favorite place! Or in the top three of our favorite places at least!! We were thrilled! So we went to pick out books and toys.

The girls have phones but no service. They just use their phones for games, writing, pictures, and videos.

Everett had to go potty and they were excited to be in the bathroom. I love them so much.

These two loved looking at the toys! They played with almost every single toy in the place!

Lyla had this giant beanie boo for quite a while. I thought she might end up picking that for her toy but eventually she chose something else.

This chair!!! She was OBSESSED with this chair!! She sat in it most of the time. She leave and grab a new toy occasionally and always come back to sit in the chair with whatever she was playing with.

Lyla loves all toys. A lot.

All the big kids were there picking out toys with their gift cards, too!

Back at home we watched Face Off together. (That’s not an affiliate link)

Lyla was so excited about the camera being on the timer setting that she ran back and forth taking pictures more than a dozen times. Everett had got hit in the face in this picture and I was comforting him! 

One day as I’m trying to put away laundry, these two invade. They always jump all over the bed while I sort laundry. And Lyla likes to unsort and unfold the laundry and especially loves to pick up the piles I’ve made and throw them all back into the laundry basket together. haha

The end!

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